1 1. Five Wishes

In a black void a young man with is floating suddenly the man eyes open." where am I, oh hello readers my name is atobe. so when the God is going to come". suddenly a middle-aged man appear in front of him in a blink of eye

(GOD)- Hello atobe kun! I am god and I am going to give you five wishes because of saving the girl.

Atobe: Really ! So my first wish is I want kai personality and looks from beyblade original series. and my second wish is I want to go in beyblade Burst world and my third wish is I want an god beyblade that can defeat any one and can do any attack with my thoughts and my fourth wish is to Lucifer from DC to be my bid beast and with all his power. and lastly my fifth is to I want to customise my beyblade before going to the world.

GOD- Oh! Pretty interesting Wishes you have taken! OK I grant all the wishes, OK by entartane me well OK byy.

Kai- First I want an black with dark red and with purple colour beyblade with two dark wings and my beyblade will be all type attack,defence,stamina and both side rotation. okk let's go.

In the mount Fuji a man can be seen standing.

Kai- Ahhh is it mount Fuji so where should I go first . Firstly I need a house to live and for that I need money ah I forget about my beyblade.

Kai look at his beyblade with a satisfying smile and name the beyblade Lucifer Morningstar.

Kai thinks to test his beyblade power so he move down towards the town to find a bey stadium.

In a ground where volt and shu practice he moves towards the stadium and start launching his beyblade "LUCIFER goo.

it's the end of first chapter guys and sorry for bad translation and please if u want more please suggest me a good storyline for this so it could be a bit better and again sorry for short chapter.