Beware Of The Twins
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Beware Of The Twins


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What is Beware Of The Twins

Read Beware Of The Twins novel written by the author Cleaning_God on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, magic, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Known to be a cold-blooded murderer of the Sicilian Mafia who died at the expense of protecting her twin sister, had opened her eyes once again in the body of a young lady living in a different world of 17th century of Graesha dynasty. The catastrophic path she was once born with will take a full turn as she'll start to live the life someone had left behind. *** Sheridan and Octavia were twins born in the modern era. They were the illegitimate daughters of the Vategaard family, however, despite this fact, Sheridan was the only one who grew up in the dark. Both were illegitimate, but Sheridan was the only one who received all the mistreatments. Her twin sister, Octavia, was someone full of courage and determination, thus, she refused to accept her faith and forged her own way to become someone honorable. With her overwhelming intelligence and talent, she became one of the most powerful and successful persons in the world that people started to look up to. While Sheridan was left alone in the dark, bathed with tears and blood, it occurred to her that she was someone that can never embrace the same bright light as her sister, thus, she decided to become Octavia's shadow. With her overwhelming respect for her sister, Sheridan swore an oath that she will protect Octavia no matter what. Even if it cost her life. Until an unexpected day came and Sheridan's oath finally happened. Sheridan protected Octavia until her last breath. It was fulfilling. At least, for all these years, with her illegal existence, she achieved something she could be proud of before she died. But, as much to her surprise, Sheridan opened her eyes again and found out she was alive. Or to be more specific, she was reincarnated back into the early 17th century of the Graesha dynasty and became the daughter of a duke. And with the worst-case scenario, an illegitimate daughter of the duke. More likely she traveled back in time and lived the life of the young lady Clemistine Venleighen Salvatore, the illegitimate daughter of the powerful Duke Liugen Leyson Salvatore. However, she seemed to be in a rather peculiarly bizarre world as wild beasts and magical creatures exist. But to make this ridiculous situation even more absurd, Sheridan—or rather Clemistine, learned she also had a twin sister in this world, Clementine Laureighen Salvatore, that she later found out was actually her reincarnated twin sister, Octavia, from her past life. However, the fact that her twin sister was living in a dungeon underneath the Salvatore mansion bothered Clemistine a whole lot.


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