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I thought the author dropped it BUT THATS NOT THE CASE. The series is continuing on Royal Road so head over there if you want to keep reading. Anyways, it’s been great so far and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new.


I just read this book from another sites and this is really good, I don't know if you're the real CasualFarmer or just someone taking his name and novel pretending to be him. Now on the juicy parts of the novel, this one practically deconstructed and played the whole usual Xianxia tropes and also people here have "common sense" and they're not idiots, that's the only thing I can say as anything else well be spoilers also please give this novel a try because trust me this one is really good. . . . . . Also Meiling best Waifu!!!


Now normally I wouldn't even consider giving someone a 5 Star. But This story is AMAZING. A deconstruction of Xianxia tropes and stories. A Mighty Cock and his Great Master. An amazing story.


a favorite found on a new site. I can't wait to see it all caught up, and expanded its already on a number of other sites. I hope the income from here will encourage even more chapters!


Honestly a really nice and relaxing story so far. I love the interactions and how real they are. Plus, the animal segments are just amazing!


definitely one of my favorites i have found i stumbled upon it on youtube but the channel stopped reading it so finding it on this app is great im listening again to catch up to where i was and even though im not a fan of robot voices this is one i can still listen to and get drawn into the story.


I love this piece of art, the story is so well paced. The characters are given life with their unique characteristics. Also, Jin's attitude toward ultivating is so refreshing. I love this.


this is honestly an absolutely joy to read. delightful at every turn as it thoroughly deconstructs xianxia tropes. it's a spectacular slice of life which somehow is both Isekai/world-builder and cluelessly OP protagonist who just humbling farms his land without realizing that his farm has turned into a cultivation holy land, his farm animals are the strongest cultivators in the province,and maple syrup and poutine are what every xianxia has been missing all along. pleasant, optimistic, peaceful, with characters who are wise and loyal. Toy Story meets Release That Witch meets.... something. also, a beautiful and holistic perspective on land treatment, very surprising in this genre. 👍


I wound rate this 1.6 tbh but am not a monster I reached chapter 17, you might think this is not far but the way the author tells the story is boring. nothing really happens in this story and the cultivation to the point where all the level ups happen in a paragraph every 5 chapters. this makes it feel like a fast-food story


Finally a transmigration novel where the mc feels like an actual human being! Trully a breath of fresh air. 5stars is not enough imo.


This is a breath of fresh air. I got into contact with this from other sources and thoroughly enjoy the story's development and each of its people.


me ha gustado mucho este libro. super recomendado para pasar el rato. los personajes se van desarrollando bien y le veo mucho potencial a la trama.


I'm not sure why you stopped updating here, but I'm giving you some stars because this story deserves it, even if I'll continue to follow it elsewhere. One can never have too many genre-defying reconstructions.


this is an amazing story. a must read. this is an amazing story. a must read. this is an amazing story. a must read. this is an amazing story. a must read. this is an amazing story. a must read.