Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. Book

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Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.


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She surrendered her dreams, her body and everything she had to him turning into a personal slave for him and his mother and yet he betrayed her. As if that was not enough she gave her life as well. Fortunately or should I add unfortunately......? She reincarnated into the body of Ru Shi. Instead of rallying around and claiming revenge for the body's owner calling hell on earth to the step-mother and all offenders she decided "I think dying is better, it's not like we lose anything". She met a huge other-worldly cat; 'well he's cute and it's not like am losing anything.' She met a handsome ojisan who said he will provide everything she needs; 'well since am still alive am not losing anything'. Then she met someone else...... 'well this time I might lose something'. Story set in a Fictional Era.