1 Chapter 1: The beginning of the end

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in gods? Or in one God? In this vast world there are beings of all kinds. Nothing is as simple as it appears to be. Gods, entities, myths, legends and many others are among us and may not be as expected.

Odin the father of all is long gone and who takes his place is his son Thor, the current ruler of Asgard. No one knows the whereabouts of Odin, the once feared, kind and respectable leader is presumed dead by many and some believe he has only gone into exile and will one day return. And consequently, Asgard and so many other worlds were never the same again. Since it was Odin who brought unity and peace for so many years, and now that explosive, peace-loving, warrior Thor is in his place, a war can break out at any time and everyone knows that in war there are no winners. and yes survivors. It's like a snowball… the problems get even worse. And Thor knew it very well, however much in his veins they plead for war and massacre, he knew that his comrades and citizens could not take it.

Furthermore, only Odin knows that Thor no longer has Mjolnir, his greatest triumph and the source of much of his strength is no longer in his hands. And such information would be of great value to Thor's enemies and especially to the realm of giants, before peace was established, mortal enemies of the Asgardians.

The Giants are beings that physically are identical to the Asgardians but that have similar strength and powers to the Asgardians, in addition they nurture despair, hatred and desire for revenge for the Asgardians coming from thousands of years ago, but thanks to Odin the father of all, peace was established through an agreement made by the king of the giants Lumnus, a man who shared the same ideals as Odin, there were even rumors that both were good friends after being seen drinking and eating together after meetings and even battles. This friendship made sure that over the years the peace between giants and Asgardians was reestablished between the kingdoms and even the coexistence between them.

But of course, not everyone was happy under these conditions, the human being and any other living being, even the most powerful has a heart, has feelings and from these same feelings comes hatred and rancor and both the Asgardians and so many giants will never forget the atrocities both parties committed to each other in ancient wars, and who can blame them? When you know that a child no longer has parents or a mother you can no longer caress your children because of past wars and with that the feeling of revenge and hatred that came from fear still exists in many people. However, the human being is fully adapted and often open to new ideas.

It was in this situation that came the genius of Lumnus who was the main pillar for the end of this infinite cycle of wars, he first at the height of the ancient war risked his life to talk to Odin and propose a long-term solution that would be possible only if both work together. Odin, the father of all, clearly with warrior blood running in his veins, did not believe and tried in this perfect opportunity to kill Lumnus and was almost done, since he had a serious wound, but kept the proposal standing for Odin and was so that he suspected that his proposal was not a lie or a distraction, Lumnus himself was convinced that it would work and that it was the best chance for peace. So, Odin, the father of all and Lumnus, the sage, joined forces and secured peace for long years.

But just as nothing is forever, today, in 2020 in the year of humans in Midgard or otherwise known as Earth, the greatest giant of all time dies… Lumnus was brutally murdered in his hall, leaving two children and a wife. Now without the father and family pillar. His wife Eva, an amazing woman who knew her husband from a very young age, actually her first crush, they both always worked well together and in times of war her advice and tranquility always helped her husband. The eldest son who is impulsive and irrational, Erik, but endowed with great warrior skills and who did not inherit his father's rationality, patience and intelligence and it is noteworthy that he was never a fan of the Asgardians and harbored a hatred that not even his own. father managed to control during his life. But, for the happiness of Lumnus, he had his daughter and he saw a lot of him in her… Eva as she is called, an incredible, rational woman, with such intelligence and endowed with such beauty that reverberated throughout the 7 corners of the world and because of that the same she received many marriage proposals but always turned them down, for her the beauty of a man is the last item, which made Lumnus very happy, unlike her mother who, as a husband, wanted a lasting peace and nothing better than a marriage between 2 kingdoms to achieve this, but despite this the love of both has always been mutual.

And so there the three of them were looking at Lumnus's brutalized fallen body in the main hall of the realm, where the king and queen received their guests from other realms or warriors were received for a grand celebration or even important gatherings and at the back of the hall there were the throne of the high court. Erik was pissed, over angry and screaming loud enough that people outside the hall could hear:

And I'm going to kill the bastard who did this to my father!!! AAAAAH CAN'T THIS BE HAPPENING? HOW IS MY FATHER POSSIBLE? HOW COULD SOMEONE DO THAT TO YOU?

And right next to Erik, bella and Eva are in tears and holding the body of Lumnus, the father and husband figure who was once so imposing is now gone, the greatest giant of all times, who was the main creator of the peace that today perpetuates. Eva starts putting her husband's head on her thighs and starts stroking him like the old days, the last gesture she could make before her husband passed on to another life, a very common gesture that Lumnus liked very much as it brought calm to he in times when he lost rationality or needed rationality to make decisions for the kingdom. While Bella holds her father's hand, to remember the time when she was little when she loved to walk the kingdom with her father, they both spent hours people watching, eating delicious snacks and Bella's favorite part, the flower shop, a once she loved to smell the flowers and the beauty and purity they brought, and then in tears, bella looks at her father and says:

Dad, I swear to you! I will continue your legacy even if it costs me my life. Everything you've done will not be in vain.

Bella then, about her father's blood, makes this promise to herself, a pact for life, which with her determination will do everything to fulfill, even if her brother does not share the same ideals, she knows very well that his help will be required. And as a last farewell, the three in their thoughts promise to find the murderer and avenge him.

Suddenly, several men enter, bewildered and not believing the news they have heard and they were important men, the dome or council of the king, who always stood by Lumnus to debate the future of the kingdom and other matters. There were at least 20 of them and their faces varied between sadness, crying and anger. It is not surprising since the dome and the king were always on an equal footing and without any indifference or rebellion to their king, but with this event everything can change, the kingdom can never be the same again. And then, one of the counselors decides to speak:

How can this happen? the king was always well guarded and surrounded by guards…

We have a traitor among us! It couldn't have happened that way!- One of the very angry advisers yells.

There's nothing right yet. We have to look for the killer as soon as possible. That bastard must still be inside the castle or nearby. Let's surround the borders and investigate everyone in this castle. No one will leave here without being heard and investigated. Quick, gentlemen, stop immediately! - This one who just spoke is one of the members of the king's council, his name is Einar he really wanted to cry but he had to contain himself because he knows very well that things are about to get worse.

Einar looked up and took a deep breath, he knew from that moment with his years of experience in politics and warfare that a war of thrones was to come, who would be the next king or queen of the giants? Will the board approve? Can the board very well break down at any time as well? and the biggest question of all… Who would have the audacity to kill the main authority of a kingdom? Too many questions that can put Jotunheim in complete chaos indefinitely, too many questions for few answers.

Meanwhile, in the realm of giants the news spread everywhere, like a small spark in a straw, all the fire spread and most of the citizens already knew that the king had been killed… murdered. Children in the street shouted:

King Lumnus is dead! Someone murdered your majesty!

And with this tone, several people were listening to the news and reacting, some showing a certain indifference, others cried a lot, because Lumnus played and saved this people for many, people are grateful for him and some even think they have a debt and the most patriots reacted angrily because the assassination of a king means a declaration of war and in war there are no winners.

The news arrives at a very famous bar in the kingdom, with an old-fashioned look, much like a western one, but in this bar, a warrior is sitting drinking his drink and calmly hears the news of a drunk next to him while shouting:

The king is dead? Impossible ? But how? - The drunk hears such news coming from someone who had just arrived at the bar and who purposely said this to the drunk in a low voice, but the plan to go unnoticed did not work, as the perplexed drunk screams to the point that most of the bar people listen.

The seated warrior listens to the news and is perplexed, to the point of getting up and walking towards the drunk who had just screamed. He pulls him by the shoulder and says:

What did you just say? is the king really dead? - The warrior puts his hand on the drunk's shoulder and because he has a strong physical bearing, he can't even pull him and without any notion of who he was talking to, the drunk turns towards the hand that pulls it and angrily says:

What are you doing? Take those filthy hands off me you animal!

Can you repeat what you said? Please…

The warrior tries to be calm and polite, purposely of course, he doesn't quite know that getting people's attention at the bar isn't the best option. And the drunk, gaining even more courage and wanting to impress… Yes, impress, there were women around the bar and who doesn't like being the alpha? And with that, the drunk approached the warrior and looked into his eyes and said:

My friend and I were having a private conversation. If you don't mind… I'd like to take it back.- The drunk then turns his back on the warrior and starts to go to his place at the table.

The warrior also didn't want to continue this unpleasant conversation, especially since the drunk smelled very bad and had a horrible breath. And then the warrior persists and asks:

Is the king really dead? Is it true?

The drunk then starts to get angry at the warrior's behavior and grabs him by the shirt and points his index finger in his face saying:

Here, you brat! Enough of that. You are very annoying. I won't answer you with anything just for having irritated me. You scum!

Just answer me the question and I'll leave you alone! - The warrior then looks at the friend of the drunk who told the news and directs the question to the same - Is the king really dead?

The drunk's friend was about to nod his head, positive for the question, but the warrior couldn't see the gesture, as the drunk entered right in front of him, blurring his vision. By this time, everyone in the bar stopped talking and drinking to pay attention to the conversation between the drunk and the warrior, the bar was completely silent and ecstatic about what was probably to come. and the drunk, now much more aggressive, says:

Congratulations. You gotta piss me off!


And suddenly the drunk throws a punch with his right and hits it full on. The warrior purposely throws himself backwards so that the drunk thinks that his punch hit him squarely and the warrior looks at the drunk and sees him holding his hand shaking with pain and he says:

Now I understand why you are such an idiot! With that head of iron… You have nothing there, your brain is just garnish. - the warrior, so he doesn't show much indifference and goes straight to the point with the drunk:

Are you satisfied now? You hit me full on. I guarantee it won't happen again. Can you answer my question?

Shut your mouth! You are disgusting!

The drunk, with all confidence and shouting goes towards the warrior to throw more punches this time. And the warrior chooses not to attack and just dodge. The drunk throws several punches, but none fits or touches the warrior and then in the last punch he throws him away, falling with his buttocks pointed to the floor and everyone in the bar laughs. The drunk speaks to the warrior:

So you have some tricks!

Let's get this over with. Answer my question and we can all return to our lives.

No way! I have to teach you a lesson.

The drunk, realizing that the warrior was far beyond what he imagined and that it would not be so simple to win, immediately pulls a knife from his boot. He always kept her there for emergencies. The warrior, realizing such an act, sees the need to effectively deal with the knife using a buckle that was in his pants. The warrior then proceeds to wrap such a black buckle around his left arm, which apparently was not the dominant one, and meanwhile the people in the bar wondered and whispered if the warrior could handle someone wielding a sharp knife.

Well… You asked for it! I tried to be kind…

The drunk tries his first charge towards the warrior, trying several quick cuts with the knife that is done through transversals, as this can destroy the guard and be too quick for the opponent's eyes. But thanks to the buckle, the warrior managed to avoid the blows. But at a certain point, the drunk began to target his vital organs and changed his handling. The warrior then realized this and made the Counter Attack more difficult, even though the blows were being avoided. Everyone noticed that the drunk pressured the warrior and that he would be stabbed by fatigue but in practice the reality was different. The drunk was getting tired, because the longer a fight with a force is, the more tired the user gets and the more the opponent can get used to the moves. The drunk, surprisingly, knew how to handle a knife. Likely he was a thug or part of a gang. Knowing his disadvantage, the drunk tries a dribble as a last move and stabs the warrior in the heart. Such an act was beyond exaggeration… Killing someone at the bar?

But, the drunk had to try this because otherwise he would lose. And then, when the drunk's knife was close to the warrior's chest, he chuckled and looked at the warrior, who was looking seriously at him and was startled. The warrior put enormous pressure on the drunk. He was bewildered and his legs began to shake. The warrior stopped the lunge to the heart with his left hand. Whose his arm was wrapped around the buckle. And with the metal part of the buckle that was used to attach the belt. The warrior disarmed the drunk and began a series of punches to his face. Every punch was a lunge. The drunk's face began to disfigure and bleed. The swellings appeared. Blood spurted and the drunk tried to punch the Warrior but he took him by the arm and put his face on the table and broke his arm and then he asked:

Do you regret not having answered a simple question now? In the old days you would be dead but a friend of mine made me change and be patient and kind…- the drunk tries to compose words but can't because with so many punches in the face, he couldn't formulate an answer.

Unable to have his answer, the warrior throws the drunk on the ground and in doing so, the drunk tries to hold the warrior's robes but suddenly falls to the ground a small piece of metal in a peculiar shape. This object was made of gold and shone a lot, it was shaped like a sun. A really beautiful object. The warrior did not notice that the object had fallen from his clothing. And he was distracted looking at the drunk's bruised face and at the same time looking for where the drunk's companion was. In this moment of distraction, some patron of the bar notices the object lying on the floor and tries to steal it away. When the subject picks up the object from the ground and looks more closely at it… He notices that it is not just any object. The guy was so startled that he let out a "What?" Loud enough for other people to hear and drop the object to the floor and then everyone in the room notices this scene and looks at the shiny object on the floor. The guy who once tried to steal it, is now on the floor on the ground and stuttering points to the same saying:


The warrior begins to run his hand over his body realizing that his brooch was no longer on his clothes and the same sighs heavily, as he realized that all the work to keep quiet went down the drain. People around the bar started whispering and a woman there called out the warrior's name:

Ragnarson?- another person present there replied...

It's impossible! Ragnarson has been dead for years!

It's him! It's Ragnarson! The only warrior who has gained the king's complete trust. The warrior to get that brooch. Only people from the top can do it. With the exception of Ragnarson, The Sadi… - Ragnarson realizes that his nickname that made him famous was about to be spoken and he in.a.angry tantrum yells:

Don't you dare speak that name, woman! - Ragnarson points towards her and scares everyone already scared in the room. - The brave warrior now has his name discovered by everyone and clearly many there know of his feats in war. What to do now? The identity kept secret has now been revealed… Someone from the bar then speaks:

Ragnarson, The Sadi… Cough Cof. Ragnarson is alive and among us.

It's incredible that with this event, the people present there totally forgot about the drunk knocked out on the floor and that there is a rumor that the king is dead. In fact, it's not every day that people have the opportunity to see a living legend beside them in a bar. This is the story of Ragnarson. He was the greatest warrior in the kingdom before he disappeared or for many he was dead. But he was standing there in a second-rate bar. And then a scream echoes from somewhere in the bar:

AD ETERNUM RAGNARSON!!! - such a famous cry for the kingdom long ago after Ragnarson saved several of his soldiers in an ancient war in which the situation was considered by all lost. But Ragnarson is no ordinary warrior. He is the strongest in the realm and perhaps of all realms. One of the most valuable assets of the king, who never tried to underestimate the same and that in the last war was recognized by Odin the Father of all, as the strongest warrior he had to deal with, until his son Thor had work against him. Clearly, he lost those fights and was on the verge of death, killing Odin and Thor is a near impossible task but of all… Ragnarson came closest. The scream was the least the saved soldiers could do besides thanks. Such a cry began to echo throughout the realm and Ragnarson began to be greeted like this especially when he returned from war or awards. Thousands of soldiers under his command owe their lives to him. Ragnarson besides saving them, gave them glory and recognition and many more things. But for Ragnarson it was never important… And in another corner of the room someone else yells:

AD ETERNUM RAGNARSON!!! - another person at the bar kneels down and also shouts:

AD ETERNUM RAGNARSON!!! - and then everyone in the bar starts screaming at the warrior who was in the center.


Ragnarson is not satisfied and starts to get angry and shouts to everyone around him:

SILEEEEEEEEEENCE!!! - And everyone present in the room promptly shuts up in the face of such an order and you can't hear anyone. And Ragnarson says:

I'm not even a shadow anymore than I was in the past. Embrace the new. My journey is already over. Embrace a new generation if you have one.

Then he starts to walk towards the drunk's friend when suddenly someone with weird clothes and a funny face enters the bar and says:

Did you know? The king is dead! King Lumnus was murdered in his castle. What's more, the borders have been closed and apparently a clue to the culprit has been found.

Ragnarson, hearing such news, approaches the man in the funny customs and holds him by the collar and asks:

Is this really true? Are you sure? - the man who was asked the question gets scared and feels short of breath with the warrior's strength and says:

Yes! I'm sure. My brother is one of the castle guards and he told me that just now.- the warrior then releases the man with the funny costume and he starts to breathe deeply, as if he had choked, pulling all the air he failed to capture while the warrior had his hands on your collar. The funny-suited man realized he wasn't dealing with just anyone. Despite a silly way, he knows how to read situations and that warrior who held him is very dangerous. Even more so there is dead silence in the room, with many people there looking at the warrior who held him.

Ragnarson takes his brooch back from the ground and puts it in his pocket but that movement was enough for the man in the funny suits to see the brooch too and recognizing the owner immediately and he says:

Impossible… Were you presumed dead?- Ragnarson then answers ironically:

Yeah… Life is full of surprises… What's your name?- Ragnarson asks the man in funny outfits who was still scared of him and he just answers me stammering:

Wi-Wi-Willian Rockshield…

Very well William Rockshield… You will take me to your brother immediately…

Why? What did I do? He must be busy right now….

No problem. I know you and he will help me...

Ragnarson then puts his arm around the back of Willian's neck and leads him out of the bar and he can't do anything but accompany the legendary warrior. The warrior lets go of Willian's arm and the two begin walking together towards the castle. Willian is still scared and still decides to start a conversation with Ragnarson. The risk of being killed by him still crosses your mind, it would be silly not to think so. One of the king's bravest warriors walked beside him and who had been incognito all this time. Willian realizes that Ragnarson is no longer the same as he once was, at least not aesthetically, most likely that's how he went unnoticed all this time. Ragnarson now has a thick beard and a scar on his face that he didn't have before. Willian tries to start a conversation by asking:

So… are you really Ragnarson ?- He asks the question knowing the answer very well but for Willia, one step at a time was necessary to approach a sour man like Ragnarson

Maybe… But doesn't that matter now?

What is your brother's role in the castle and what else did he tell you?

He's a low rank guard... so he's just on the lookout.

Standard procedure in these cases is to close the entire castle and not let anyone out… How did you manage to talk to your brother?

Well... My brother and I have been very fond of birds since we were children and we have an eagle. I received the information like this. My brother didn't want some guard to interrogate me with the chance to hurt me...

It makes sense… your brother just wanted to protect you…

Both walk towards the castle but find themselves having trouble seeing several guards approaching the people who pass there. Ragnarson and Willian couldn't get past there unnoticed. And right now, he wants maximum discretion. Ragnarson then pulls willian into one of the alleys and tells Willian:

We need to lose these guards and find a way to enter the castle or at least find your brother.

Look... I don't want to get in trouble...

You will be well rewarded.- And ragnarson gives Willian as proof of his good faith, a ring that apparently was worth a lot of money. And the same is not true of wealthy families and status. He accepted immediately. and Ragnarson told him:

Help me enter the castle and the ring will be yours...

Right… as soon as my dove gets to me I'll ask my brother to find us.

Willian in the alley right there whistles very loudly and unexpectedly and an eagle appears and makes a noise and appears, landing right on his arm, and Willian starts talking to eagle, thanking and caressing. Willian then writes in a note that he urgently needs to meet his brother at the usual spot and tells Eagle to deliver it to his brother. Ragnarson and Willian see the eagle leave, and the warrior speaks:

Very well… where is this place that we can find your brother?

it's outside the castle and my brother manages to go there unnoticed...

Okay… Let's use the sewers to get there. I don't want to be approached by guards as I know they will recognize me...

Sewers? Ugh!

Ragnarson removes the cover from a manhole near the alley they were in easily, as if it were nothing, he hands the cover to Willian who catches it and almost drops it, and with great difficulty secures it. Ragnarson orders William:

I'm coming in! You come in right away and cover!

Wait… Sir, is this really necessary? I can indicate the location…- before finishing the sentence. Ragnarson grabs William by the collar and looks deep into his eyes. A dark look. Willian froze. His piercing gaze made him understand that he could easily kill him there. That Ragnarson "The Sadist" was not to be trifled with. And the same told him:

Look boy… you will be rewarded… Your job is very simple. Just guide me to your brother and your job will be done and we'll never see each other again.

Willian nods in agreement, but still too scared of the warrior. Ragnarson enters the sewers and Willian pulls the lid, closing the passage and following the warrior.

On their way through the tunnels, Willian takes the lead and sets them both in the direction of his brother's meeting. The sewers are not good for Willian but the same can be taken. Thinking of the reward to come and that he needs money, since he doesn't have any special talents, he's just a simple worker.

Ragnarson and Willian walk, until he stops and puts his hand on ragnarson's chest and says:

We've arrived… I believe that from here we are close to the meeting place and we won't need to worry about the sewers and that horrible smell- Willian says this with a smile on his face and then Ragnarson scolds the same saying:

Don't let your guard down… there might still be guards out there…

Willian removes the drain cover and sticks his head out, noting if there are guards around or something, and then he looks at Ragnarson, nodding his head and giving a thumbs-up sign. Ragnarson helps Willian out of the tunnel and he goes right after and closes it with the sewer cover. Both are now on their way to meet Willian's brother and before that, Ragnarson puts his hand on his chest and they both stop moving and he says:

What was it ?

Look... You go ahead and talk to your brother first, I don't want to scare him or draw attention.- Ragnarson then covers his head with a hood, which a normal person would only be able to see his voluptuous beard.

What do you intend to do ?

Just do what I say. I will be hidden and when I find the right time to show up I will go. I have to make sure we're alone...

Ragnarson disappears from Willian's sight and he sees his brother coming towards him from afar. His brother starts walking fast and hugs William tightly. WIllian's brother was still in guard clothes, he wasn't physically large, clearly just a regular guard who makes daily rounds. And in tremendous emotion he says:

My brother… I thought something had happened to you… I'm glad everything is fine. The castle is crazy now, I almost can't talk to you… If I didn't have a good alibi I might be being interrogated or even tortured… But then… what happened

Well... Cornell... Do I need a favor from you?

What favor ? have you got into another mess?

No… I need you to talk to someone…

Ragnarson suddenly comes out of a corner and appears in front of Cornell and he is amazed, it doesn't take a second for Cornell to realize who is the man behind the hood, nothing more, nothing less than Ragnarson and with that astonishment, Cornell speaks :

Ragnars… - before completing the word, the warrior puts his hand over Cornell's mouth preventing him from continuing and having a chance to draw the attention of others around even if the place was deserted. While the brothers talked. Ragnarson checked the surroundings and came up with a plan for his goal, but before that he had to ask Cornell a few questions.

We don't have time for this… Answer the questions I ask… So… how did the king die?

From what I hear he was stabbed...

When ?

almost twelve hours ago… It was overnight…

Right… Any suspects found?

No… No… the top management believes it was an insider, but the option of having been an undercover giant has not been ruled out.

Okay… Take off your clothes now…

Cornell is negatively surprised and takes a step back also startled by what the warrior Ragnarson has just asked of him, he had heard that the warrior was heterosexual, so he tells the warrior ironically:

Ragnarson… I'm not really into these things…

I need your guard clothes to enter the castle. I'll infiltrate and look for evidence or anything that might lead me somewhere

What ? You are crazy ? What would the dome, princes and other warriors think of his sudden and even more hidden coming? You would be suspect number one for sure… It doesn't matter who you are in the hierarchy… Everyone is being investigated and interrogated. No one has privilege or presumption in the innocence of the king's death.

I'll be careful… It's not the first time I've infiltrated somewhere.

I do not know…

Ragnarson suddenly approaches Cornell and looks deep into his eyes. This made him even more afraid and he could even smell death. The warrior says:

King Lumnus was my friend.... He gave me everything I have... without him I was lost... So this attack on the king is very personal to me. The guy who did this will feel my fury. I will put every minute of my life into finding the killer and a cruel fate awaits.

The top wants the subject to be tried and there is a public execution.

I don't give a shit for the summit… Hand me my clothes soon

R-right… right…

Cornell cannot disobey the greatest warrior who ever lived in the kingdom. It was common knowledge that in war he was the king's strength, perhaps the left arm, the king's right arm had always belonged to another top member, a man who seemed the king's reflection and always advised him in government affairs. and war, and how Lumnus always valued wisdom and diplomacy more than strength. Ragnarson always knew that the king was kind and not a warrior, he never saw himself as a right-hand man but as a player in the future of the kingdom.

Cornell starts taking off his clothes and handing them to Ragnarson who quickly puts them on and leaves a helmet last. Maybe people don't recognize him as it's been a long time since he left the kingdom and he looks slightly different, with a big beard and different build, not necessarily fat, but he's lost his warrior bearing, but he makes up for it with speed and technique. In Ragnarson's vision, when one door closes, two more open in its place. He took it into combat, from the moment he got old and peace came. It has rusted for good. But never underestimate Ragnarson, The Sadist.

The warrior nods to both of them and goes towards the castle, the brothers are static watching the warrior leave and look at each other confused. And Cornel exasperated:

Mind telling me how you know one of the greatest and most dangerous warriors of the 7 kingdoms, brother?

well… I don't know him!

How did you find him and why did you bring him here?

Do you know the news you gave me through our eagle? I kind of walked into the bar passing on the news and he listened?

And did you tell him I'm one of the castle guards?

Hmm... Maybe... Kind of... Yes...

You are such an idiot my brother...

As he speaks, Cornel grabs your brother and the two start fighting, remembering their childhood. Belly blows, ear and hair pulling… Everything was worth it, except blows to the private parts and elbows and knees. Like most brothers, they were close and this kind of fight was normal. The fight would only stop when someone hits the opponent's hand several times. It means defeat and giving up on that fight. Cornell fits a lion choke on his brother William and says:

This is for you to learn not to be loud and stupid, brother! - Choked and unable to speak normally, Willian tries:

ah... ah... ah... I was forced... ragnar... dangerous

Heavens… Idiot. Is that all you have to say in your defense?

gah… grrr…

Wllian begins slapping Cornell's hand several times as a sign of submission, acknowledging his defeat. Both now sitting there on the floor look at each other laughing and reminiscing about good childhood times. WIllian starts asking:

With that victory of yours, we are finally tied. Something that hasn't happened for at least 10 years. That's 755 wins for each.

That. 300 of those wins thanks to your lack of attention to your left.

Shut up!

The brothers start laughing together. Meanwhile, Ragnarson is on his way to the castle and disguised as a guard, he already begins to see other guards passing by and due to the situation, they are too scared to remember his face and recognize him. The warrior walks to the great castle gate and finds two guards there at their posts and the warrior says:

I'm here for my shift.

The guards look at each other and with surprise say:

You don't know what the situation is at the moment?

I know it very well. That's why I want you to let me in.

Hakon… We can't let this man in.

The guards there were nervous and apprehensive about Ragnarson, who was dressed as a castle guard. But one of the guards, Hakon, began to realize that he knew that face, that man in front of him. The same man who saved him in the past and who owes his life to him. And then Hakon is paralyzed to the point where he doesn't hear what his mate and Ragnarson are discussing. He begins to recall that in which he participated in the past, when he was still just a simple soldier, but commanded by an outstanding general, Ragnarson The Sadist.


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