1 Chapter-1 Twins

Two loud Thumping sounds come from the bottom of the plane followed by repeated Whooshing noises as it takes off.

"Hey Ren, what do you think our new school will be like?" Kale asked with a nervous look on his face.

As a slight grin starts to grow on Rens face he says "Kale, if you grip the arm of that chair any tighter it might snap in two." "Besides, planes are one of the safest ways to travel."

Releasing his grip kale says "I still don't trust them."


A few hours later.

A loud screeching noise woke Ren and Kale up as the plane landed.

Stepping out of the plane they where greeted by a loud female voice over the PA system saying "Welcome to Haneda Airport."


Kale sighed shortly before saying

"This is where our bus is supposed to be right?"

"Yeah." Ren said looking up from a book that he'd been reading.

"Then where is it?" Kale asked.

"That's a good question." Ren said pointing at where the bus should be.

After waiting a few minutes the bus pulled in.

"Hey it's here." Kale said while hitting Ren.

Looking up from his book Ren says "Alright, grab your stuff and let's go."

Stepping onto the bus Ren saw some open seats in the back.

"Hey, let's grab those ones." Ren said while pointing at the seats.

Because Kale got there first he took the seat next to the window so Ren had to take the middle one.

Once they get settled Ren opens his book and as he begins to read he feels something tugging on his sleeve and hears a soft female voice saying "Can I sit here?"

'I want to turn her down but it looks like there are no more seats.' Ren thought before saying "Sure."

"Thank you." The girl said as she sat down.

Beginning to read his book again Ren hears the girls voice again asking "What are you reading?"

Still looking at the book Ren says "A book."

"Kuk kuk kuk" letting out a chuckle the girl says "I know that silly but what book."

This time looking at her Ren says "To Live Is To Die."

"What's it about?" The girl asked him.

Looking back at the book Ren says "It's kinda in the name."


Ren felt a sharp pain in his left side as Kale thrusts his elbow into it and whispers in his ear "Be nice."

As Kale said that the girl thrusted her hand out and said "I'm Kaguya Yukki it's nice to meet you."

Looking at her hand Ren says "I'm Ryuuichi the pleasures all yours."

After Ren said that Kale hit him again saying "Please forgive him, I'm Kale and the grouch beside me is my brother Ren." He said while taking Kaguyas hand.

After Kale said that she started to stare at Ren looking him up and down then with a hint of glee in her voice she says "Our uniforms are the same that means we're going to be going to the same school."

Looking up from his book once more Ren thoughts are overwhelming his brain 'Shit, it looks like she's not wrong.' 'The Johnson Highschool of Advanced Learning a giant man-made island in Tokyo Bay that stretches 3 miles wide and 5 miles long.' 'Out of all the schools in the whole wide world she had to pick the one I'm going to.'

"Ren can you please stop looking at me like that it's getting uncomfortable." Kaguya said.

As Ren realized that he was starring at her the bus came to a stop.

"Well looks like this is our stop Ren." Kale said.

Stepping out of the bus the three of them are now standing at the entrance of their new school.

"Well you two better hurry up or your going to miss the entrance ceremony." Kaguya say as she starts running towards the entryway she looks back and says "Hope to see you two in class."

Both of the still stand there Kale breaks the silence as he says "Well you heard her we're gonna be late." He then starts to run after her.

Calling out to him from behind Ren says "There's no reason for you to be running we've still got an hour before the ceremony starts." But after he finished he noticed that Kale was already long gone.

"Stupid kid." Ren says as he starts walking towards the entrance as well.

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