Betrayal Brings Us Together Book

novel - Romance

Betrayal Brings Us Together


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When Odessa’s twin sister, Orchid was saved by a stranger she gave him her number and a promise that she would do anything to help him in the future. A promise to her sister keeps her from seeking vengeance on the person who hurt her. Until after Orchids death she vowed she’d find a way to avenge her sister despite the promise. When Miles Devereaux’s best friend and band mate betrays him stealing both the love of his life and all their new music. Labeled as a fake and a thief when his bandmate claims the music has always been his and the girlfriend too. His life in shambles he stumbles across the card he got three years before. When he calls the mysterious woman he wasn’t sure what would happen but she immediately comes to the rescue willing to help him win back his pride and his career and adoring fans. But will he agree to her terms? Marriage in return for her help until he’s regained his life and career. Then a divorce and complete freedom