1 The Stranger

The year had been a very difficult one, but Mo was optimistic that the situation will change.

As she crosses the road she notices someone coming towards her from her left side.

She didn't look to see who it was until the person tapped on her shoulder. As she spun around she came face to face with a stranger from two years ago. Their eyes locked and all the memories came rushing through her mind.

"Jay" , what are you doing here?, Mo asked.

"Mo", Is that really you, you , wasn't sure when I saw you cross over here, how are you, you look...different..!

Thanks, I guess. You still haven't answered my question.."

Oh , I'm just exploring places, and you?

Uhm, I...I'm just here on holiday.

They stared at each other for a while until she broke off the gaze.

"I better run, it was nice seeing you ", said Mo.

"Likewise, how do I get hold you, can I have your number?, asked Jay.

"Uhm, you can find me at the bookstore"

The bookstore?... and she was gone before he knew it.