1 : ⚡PILOT⚡

It was first day of school and Gian and Noel are talking,laughing,speaking loudly but someone enter's the room that gets the attention of both,a simple girl whose not to talk, Gian and Noel wants to know who is that girl gets their attention but the teacher came...

''Okay class im teacher Arlyn,Arlyn De Vera for the whole year i will be your adviser so if you have problem in the class tell me okay?'' teacher said.

''Yes ma'am'' students replied.

"So now because its our first day in school i will let you introduce your self in front of your new classmates okay?" teacher said.

So the other students introduce their selves and...

"Okay next" teacher said

" Good morning classmates i am Gian Carl Cordoves i am 14 years old and i like to play with my family" Gian said.

"Next" teacher said

"Good morning classmates i am Noel Dela Vega i am 14 years old and i like to play basketball"Noel said.

"Thank you Noel,Next!" teacher said

"Good morning classmates i am Shane Cesar and i am 14 years old and i like to read books"Shane said.

" Oh she is Shane,she's beautiful right Gian?" Noel said.

" Yes Noel she is so beautiful" Gian amazely said

" I think i like her Gian" Noel said.

"Oh really?" Gian confusedly said.



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