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novel - Magical Realism



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Magic? What really does that word mean?? is it just the ability to command everything,the ability to do everything, the ability to be free Magic,am just your normal 16 year old teenager leading a completely normal life with my 14 year old brother, My mom is a Banker and at the top of her career,my dad is an author also he's making alot of money, my Grandma(we call her Grannyma)is still alive but sadly Grandpa (aka Grandpop)passed away two years ago. My Brother's name is Benjamin Jr(junior) Luke Waterhill,My mom's name is Harriet Barbara Waterhill, My dad's name is Joseph Benjamin Sr(senior),and I am Berly Lucia Waterhill,if u had guessed it or not,let me tell u a secret, promise u won't tell anyone???,okay I trust u..........AM A WITCH!