8 Chapter 8

Roswaal) Our first meeting was quite unusual don't you think Mr. Guts.


Roswaal) Not quite of a talker are you?

Emilia) Roswaal...he is the man who saved me and brought back my insignia

Right now our group was sitting near the table all together. Ram and Rem because of them being maids were standing. Guts surprisingly had a huge appetite due to him not eating properly for years....

Guts) I missed good food....

Roswaal) Seems our guest is enjoying the meal Rem,Ram.

Guts) That's amazing. You are really good at cooking...umm tho I dunno who tf did it.

Ram) It was Rem. She is really great at cooking.

Guts) Huh. So one can cook really well while other can clean good right?

Rem) No. I'm good at cleaning as well.

Ram) I can cook boiled potatoes *sparkles of proudness*

Guts) Is it something to be proud of? Anyway. Maybe you would already enlight me what the fuck is this insignia and why people risked there lives for this.

Roswaal) Kingdom of Lugunica... specifically saying King and his family made a contract with dragon long time ago but not so long time ago....Whole royal family disappeared.

Guts) Tch. Nobles are pain in ass in every world.

Roswaal) World?

Guts) It's just a saying....

Emilia) I was choosen as candidate to become next leader of Lugunica kingdom...so I'm not really experienced but if I had lost the insignia....

Guts) I see...how can we trust kingdom to someone who can't keep her insignia...The nobles love to make a ruckus out of nothing.

Guts's words like bow pierced Emilia.

Emilia) Can't keep my insignia.... useless....

Guts) Umm....

Puck)*sigh* She is having her troubles don't mind.

Guts) I see....

Roswaal) Anyway dear Guts you may wish for anything you want. Remember your denial isn't a choice.

Guts already knew that he should come up with something which won't make him feel like total pushover so the only thing he came up with was only one option.

Guts) Huh...ok. Firstly don't call me dear it sounds strange and second I don't want to trouble you all considering that I don't have any money and place to sleep...so how about hire me.

Roswaal) Haha quite deligent chouse dear Guts.

Guts) Stop calling me dear freak.

Roswaal) Haha would note it. Anyway Ram and Rem would hand you uniform. From today onwards you are butler of this Mansion.

From mercenary and Apostle killer to a butler...quite unexpected outcome of live but this is the only choice he had.

Guts) Come to think of it you both aren't quite of talkers.

Rem) You too isn't a talker yourself.

Guts) Well I am speaking with actions rather than words.

Ram) You seem more like a barbarian rather than butler...I wonder how will you look in outfit.

She opened the door to a wardrobe and started to search for the outfit.

Guts) Nah...I don't think that any of this costumes for pipsqueaks would fit.

Rem) You are right....

Ram) We don't have other choice than to take your measurements.

Guts) Ok if you say so.

Rem got the measuring tape. And started to take measurements while measuring she unintentionally thought that she was touching a rock. Stone like muscles of Guts were really amazing...I doubt that there is a man more experienced and stronger than Guts on battlefield.

Rem) It's all done... tomorrow your uniform will be ready. As for now Ram will show you around the mansion.

Guts) Sure!


Rem got to her business while Ram was showing around the mansion.

Guts) Hey pink I have a question.

Ram) Why are you calling me pink?

Guts) Well you are pink haired aren't you. It is rare in my lands to have colorful hair.

Ram) And it's rare in here to see black hair.

Guts) Whoah. Quite of a difference between lands.

Ram) Sure you are right. So what's with that question you was eager to give?

Guts) Well you and your sister seem really close...Do you care for her?

Guts didn't know himself why he was giving such a question but Ram plainly looked towards him.

Ram) I care for her more than I care for my pitful life. She is my only family.

Guts) Family huh....

Guts was always curious about family. He always remembered the day of his birth.


The dark and dirty clouds....the huge tree with eleven hanged by rope bodies. And a corpse of woman whose blood was soaking out of her stomach...near her was laying a baby with half dead and slim body with black hair...that was Guts. The baby was calm even tho was literally swimming in his own mother's corpse.

Meanwhile the Mercenary group was passing by and saw the baby.

Gambino) What a sight. Baby who is calmly sitting in it's own mother's blood....

Suddenly one of the woman out of group who was Gambino's wife Shizu got off the horse and grabbed the baby.

Gambino) Hey Shizu....what will this give you? Don't waste your time.

Shizu) No! This baby...it is my son now.

Gambino)*sigh* Ok than....

The Guts found his new family and years passed...Shizu was taking care of him so he will grow healthy child. When he was 5 he was already participating in full fledged wars as an Wepon deliver.

Gambino) Give me spear Guts!

Guts) Y-Yes...

Young 5 years old handed the spear with which Gambino killed the nearby soldier. The soldier seemed to stay partially alive.

Gambino) Hey Guts.

He threw a knife towards Guts's legs.

Gambino) Finish him.

Guts) B-But....

Gambino) This is battlefield. Either you die or stay alive. Be quick.

Young Guts didn't had choice but to listen he got knife and approached the wounded soldier.

Soldier) I have wife and child... P-Please spare me.

Gambino) Shut up! Guts! Be quick!

Poor Guts got a knife and pierced the neck of wounded soldier. This was his first kill...the kill of wounded soldier.


Guts) Family might be a good thing....

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