6 Chapter 6

Emilia) Guts what is going on?

Guts) Hard to explain....Hey pipsqueak distract this bitch.

Puck) Yessir! Lia let's believe Guts.

Emilia) I....Ok!

Puck started to shoot ice towards Elsa who was easily dodging them while slowly getting near.

Elsa) Dunno what you plan...But Guts dear I will catch you~!

Guts) Tch...Crazy bitch....

He slowly got near Felt and Rom.

Guts) Hey Brat you and Old man should run while I distract her.

Felt) I'm not Brat! I'm 15! Hmph! I won't run.

Guts softly smiled towards Felt and put his hand to top of her head.

Guts) I know that you are strong but you should believe me.

Felt)*blush* I...I..I....

Suddenly Felt became crimson red while was trying to say something.

Felt) Hmph! Fine!

Rom) Let's get out of here quickly!

He grabbed Felt and started to run but Elsa noticed them.

Elsa) Not in my watch lil girl.

She was about to cut Felt's neck but Guts send three bows by the help of his prosthetic arm towards Elsa.

Elsa) Huh? You can do even this~! I'm getting all wet!

She got distracted to Guts and aimed for him.

Puck) Hey I'm here!

He send an ice wave towards Elsa making her burried in ice.

Emilia) Is she dead....

Puck) I think s—

Suddenly Elsa got out of ice and wanted to do a surprise attack but Guts managed to cut off her hand with his knife.

Guts)*sigh* I tried my best to not do this...you are forcing me to kill you ya know.

Puck)*thinking* His movement was so fast!? I didn't even see it!

Elsa instead of screaming started to laugh more louder

Elsa) You were not going all out? Hahaha I can't believe that human can be this strong.

Guts) Huh?

Suddenly Elsa's hand started to reginirate.

Elsa) Too bad it won't work on me.

Guts) So you are not human.

Elsa) Eh? You are not surprised?

Guts) I had seen worse.

And he wasn't lying... during his life he killed endless amount of apostles. He even killed kids who were possessed by devil fairies....this was worst experience. He was fighting against a corrupted church led by Apostle....they were torturing woman in special torture room... Hundreds of kids were murdered... millions of woman tortured and raped near there husbands' eyes....he saw things that would make anyone suicide....

In his childhood he was sold by his father figurine Gambino and was raped by the bastard who bought him....Guts had it rough since childhood...but he killed the bastard and Gambino as well....there is a saying "Men shouldn't cry" but this doesn't count for Guts he has all rights to cry... he has rights to kill...he is embodiment of pure will and strength.

Emilia) She can't be killed....how can we win against her.

Guts) No it is opposite. Look at wound on her cheek.

Emilia) It didn't healed?

Guts) As I thought. My sword isn't a simple chunck of metal.

Puck) Wait a minute....!?

He saw it....souls of millions apostles killed by Guts. His sword was soaked in blood of his enemies. They all were screaming....the sword which can kill even immortals....come to think of it Elsa was reminding him of god hand he met during the collision of worlds...she was about to **** poor Guts but thankfully he escaped....

Elsa) So your sword can kill me.....it is even more temptating!

She got her daggers and threw them towards Guts who with the swift move oh his prosthetic arm deflect them but he didn't knew that Elsa was planning to sneak the sword from him.

Elsa jumped towards the place where his sword was and wanted to lift it.....but...

Elsa) Why I can't lift it....It is impossible to lift....

Of course it was impossible...This sword weights more than ton.... normal human can't lift it...but it's Guts we are talking about.

He lift it with one hand while threw Elsa off.

Elsa) It's impossible! How can you lift it so easily....

Emilia) Guts's strength really frightens me...

Puck) This sword soaked in blood and flesh....just how much he killed.....

They both were fazed by Guts's strength while he slowly started to come near to Elsa.

Guts) I don't wanna kill woman so better go instead of fighting.

Elsa) You are suddenly so generous...but target is target!

She jumped up using nearby table as trumpline and aimed her Dagger to Guts artery but suddenly the flying sword stopped her.

Reinhardia) Guess I came in time.

Guts) Huh? Aren't you that girl who helped me with those bitches.

Reinhardia) Quite a special way of addressing knights....

Guts) So you followed me?

Reinhardia) Hmm I followed you because we are friends aren't we?

Guts) Are you freak or something? I met you just today.

Reinhardia) We are friends and already having argument...as expected we are fated buddies.

Guts) No you are just having illusions.

Reinhardia) Jokes aside I was brought here by her.

She showed towards Felt and Old man Rom.

Felt) Guts are you alright?

She said worried bout Guts while ran towards him.

Guts) Huh...brat you did well

Felt)*blush* I'm not Brat.....

Emilia) You know Reinhardia?

Guts) Meh Kinda.

Reinhardia) Hursh!....But I see you have some problems here....

She looked towards Elisa as Elisa was strictly looking towards her.

Elsa) Bitch....you think you have rights to call Guts your friend.

Reinhardia) My apologies Miss...but you are quite famous....many people died because of you...so you are ready to get arrested.

Elsa) My My....I guess I should run than....I won't be able to win Guts and if the royal knight Miss Reinhardia Van Astrea the hope of Astrea household will fight against me....I bet my life would be in tiny thread.

Guts)*thinking* She didn't get all out in our fight....she is strong enough and have my utmost respect to her abilities.

She threw her daggers as jumped to out of house.

Elsa) Guts-chan~! I will definitely come for you~

Guts) Agh...this crazy bitch is nuts....

Reinhardia exhaled as well as Emilia while Puck disappeared due to time being night.

Puck)*yawn* Lia....time....

Emilia) Oh you are right Puck sorry to keep you waiting.

Puck became dust and entered the crystal.

Reinhardia) Phew! That was quite a fight right Guts?

Guts) You did nothing tho.

Reinhardia) Haha you are right.... Anyway what are you gonna do next?

Guts) Hm?

Reinhardia) You helped out Lady Emilia and I bet you don't have money with yourself right?

Guts) Well I didn't even thought bout it.....Hmm I don't know...I will find a way to go back to my homeland.

Reinhardia) Homeland?

Guts) It doesn't matter.

Reinhardia) Haha...than how about to become royal knight. Considering your skills you will be worth a general or maybe even grand admira—

Guts) I refuse.

Reinhardia) Eh!?

Guts) I already served royalty in my youth and would never repeat my mistakes.

Reinhardia felt the pain in his voice...too bad she didn't knew about his past...the day when the hawk band retrieved Griffith and the day before Eclipse. They were running away from chase...in that day Guts defeated his second Apostle tho by the help of Zodd.

Reinhardia) Wait than how old were you when you served it?

Guts) Not sure but 15-16 years I'm not sure myself.

Emilia)*thinking* Whoah...Guts had been in serve of king in such a young age?

Reinhardia) It's quite unexpected and too bad.... someone with experience like you would be really good....

Guts) Sorry bout that... anyway... I'm gonna go than...

Emilia) Wait! Guts...please can you come to my place than.....

Guts) Hm?

Emilia) I don't wanna be in dept to you...so please let me repay you!

Guts didn't wanted but he knew that this girl was stubborn. So he agreed.

Guts)*sigh* Ok....

Emilia) Yes!...*blush* I m-meant...very well...

Felt than came towards Emilia.

Felt) Hey.. I'm sorry that I did it....

She said as gave the insignia to Emilia which gained surprised look from Emilia.

Emilia) Thanks I guess....

Reinhardia) Wait a minute!

She saw that stone in insignia was shining in bright red color.

Reinhardia) Guts...Lady Emilia... I'm sorry but...

She grabbed Felt's hand.

Reinhardia) I should take her

Felt) Hey... Lemme go!

Reinhardia)sorry Miss Felt but....

She using her magic made Felt unconscious and she fainted.

Guts) Huh...it isn't very knightly you know.

Guts was about to attack Reinhardia but she stopped him.

Reinhardia) I know but this matter is between my family....

Guts)*sigh* Just go than...but don't hurt her.

His tone was serious as everyone felt that bloodlust.

Reinhardia) If you excuse me than...also Guts... I'm looking forward for our battle.

She disappeared while Emilia and Guts were left alone.

Emilia) Umm Guts....

Guts) M?

Emilia)*smile* Thank you.


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