5 Chapter 5

As Guts knocked the door and the door was opened by huge old man with a bat in his hands.

Old man) Huh? Who are you?

He said looking towards Guts who was even taller than him.

Guts) I wanna talk...can I enter?

From Guts's words it was crystal clear that he should enter or something bad might happen.

Old man) Ah...Y-Yeah....

He said scared as his instincts were telling him to listen this guy or he will be killed in a second. Anyways Guts entered as saw a bar table.

Guts) So this is a pub? Huh... isn't it too old....

Old man) What would you like to drink?

Guts) Beer...I would like a cup of beer.

Old man) O-Okay...

He got towards the huge tank of beer and started to pour some into glass. During his young days this old man was known for being a famous thief...and during all those years he gained one important skill...the awareness of danger. And for the first time in his life..he is feeling this...the fear... coming out from the man sitting near him.

Old man) H-Here is your B-Beer sir.....

He grabbed the drink and in a split second drank it.

Guts) Hoooh! That was refreshing yet shitty beer!

Old man) Really? Hahaha.....may I know what businesses brought you here....

The atmosphere changed as Guts strictly looked towards old Man.

Guts) Felt.... I'm here to meet Felt.

Old man) O-Oh....*thinking* Dammit Dammit Dammit! Foolish girl....I don't know what she did...but she pissed the wrong person.....

Guts) She stole one important thing which belongs to certain girl and so I would like get it back.

Old man) Of course sir! We just have to wait her here.

The time had passed and the atmosphere was getting tenser... Suddenly the door was knocked.

Felt) Hey Old man Rom! It is me!

She revealed the old man's name while he upon opening the door frightfully looked towards her.

Rom) Damned brat...what the hell did you do!?

Felt) Eh?

Her eyes caught Guts sitting in from sit.

Guts) Yo.

Felt) You are that guy from before right?

Guts) Seems so.... anyways in your age stealing isn't the option you should choose you know.... better give me the thing you stole and I will go.

Felt) Huh? Are you dumb? How can I give it back so easily?

Rom) H-Hey! You shouldn't mess with this guy....he is out of your league....

Felt) Nah. I was ordered to get it...so till my customer won't show up I won't give it...but I guess you can trade it with something equivalent.

Guts) Such a brat and already living like adult...Cool than...How about this.

He got out his prosthetic arm while Rom and Felt became surprised.

Felt) Whoah! What the hell is that!?

Rom) Not sure...but this thing is instead of his loosen hand....

Felt) I don't care for use...but rather the price...how much will you give.

Rom) Let think....it is worth 50...no 100 giant coins.

Felt) H-Hundred!?...Ehem! I firstly need to wait for customer to show up...or my reputation will be down bad.

Guts)*thinking* There currency is a bit like in my world tho with little changes...but the sum seemed like a huge one...

Suddenly the door was opened by unknown woman in kinda revealing dress. She slowly entered while graciously walking towards Felt.

Guts)*thinking* This chick...she seems strong.

Elsa) Nice to meet you. My name is Elsa Granhiert. I came here for order we ordered.

Felt) Yeh it is with me...but you have a opponent.

Elsa's eyes caught Guts who was sitting there and not even caring to look towards her.

Elsa) Ara Ara such a strong and handsome man... I'm curious why you need it.

Guts) For personal uses maybe.

Elsa) Such a cold answer....

Guts) Huh I didn't noticed...

Elsa giggled at Guts while deep inside she knew that this man wasn't simple at all...in fact Guts was a real embodiment of power. For a normal person to lift a one ton sword with one hand is impossible...and even Guts's stamina...he walked 2000km without stop or any rest and didn't even felt tired. He was monster in a human shell.

Felt) Let's start the trade...the man here gonna give 100 huge coins I'm curious what about you.

Elsa) Whoah...this sum us definitely something I didn't expect.

Felt) So you are saying you don't have enough money.

Elsa) Unfortunately my customer who ordered me to get this insignia give me only 10 huge coins...such a loss.

Felt) Yosh! With that being said the winner is Guts.

Guts) That was quite some trade Miss Elsa...no hard feelings k?

Elsa) Oh no... It's the fault of my customer for being so greedy.

Guts) But you know...the way you give up was like you know that insignia would be yours.

Elsa) M? What do you mean?

Guts) Well you could get this insignia by many other methods....for example....

Guts kicked the table using it like shield in order to deflect Elsa's sudden attack.

Guts).....Kill us.

Elsa) Oh my~ I was discovered quit fast how did you noticed...

Guts) Human emotions can be hide but bloodlust won't....

He rushed towards her and with a kick of his leg made her fly.

Felt) What is going on!?

Rom) This bitch...she wanted to kill us and get insignia...tho even I didn't noticed that....

Elsa got up from the dust while shaked her hands.

Elsa) You don't have mercy even on woman....

Guts) Fight is a fight. One wrong move and you will be killed and it doesn't matter whether it is woman,child or any other human.

The experience Guts had during his battles always was handy. He know that the best way to stay alive is to give your best.

Elsa) Very well than.... I'm gonna enjoy your death!

Guts) Tch...crazy bitch.

He started to dodge her attacks while she was moving with incredible speed.

Elsa)*thinking* This guy...he doesn't even cares for my attacks.

Guts) Boring.

He moved his ankle and plastered it to Elsa's stomach.

Felt) He is so fast!

Rom) This guy...he is experienced warrior....

Elsa) Haaaah!....Haha...hahaha...ufufuffu...

Guts) What's so funny bitch.

Elsa) No just...your huge sword in your back...I bet you can't use it in small area as this.

Felt) She is right! Despite it's power and size such a sword can't be swinged in such a small place....

Rom)*thinking* No... it's opposite...it depends on skill of user... even such a giant sword can be used due to experience and skill....but it's impossible for a normal human.

Elsa got back to her fighting stance and rushed towards Guts.

Elsa) Your useless sword won't help you!

She rushed towards Guts and in split second was in his back.

Elsa) Hahaha....it was interesting battle but guess I wo-!?

Suddenly the blood started to drip from Elsa's left cheek.

Guts) For a woman you have incredible durability....but you forgot main rule of fights to death....

Camera zooms out showing Guts holding his sword with one hand.

Elsa) I-Impossible....How!? Such a huge sword can't be used this fast! I didn't even saw you swing it....

Guts) I can use my sword in any area...believe it or not but you picked wrong opponent.

Elsa suddenly felt the immense power coming from Guts. The man who was worth and army of armored soldiers. The experience,the power,the skill... everything was in it's superiority.

Elsa couldn't help but feel it...the power of true man.

Elsa) Hahaha! *Licks lips* I love you Guts.

Guts) Huh? The fuck is with you woman?

Elsa rushed towards Guts and maniacally laughing was sending rain of attacks towards him.

Elsa) Such a man! Such a power! I want it...I want you all!

Suddenly she threw off her daggers and jumped towards Guts's face.

Elsa) Let's get married.

Guts) Agh...get off me crazy bitch..

He threw her off while she was fiercely looking towards him.

Guts)*sigh* I am getting tired of this....

Elsa) Let's see how you will fight against this....

She jumped off and was aiming for Guts's neck....but... suddenly the giant ice spear passed between Guts and Elsa revealing Emilia and Puck.

Emilia) What is going on?


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