4 Chapter 4

Emilia) We don't have any info till now.

Puck) It is more difficult than I thought.

They were standing near the fruit store while talking about Emilia's insignia.

Man) Hey! Aren't you going to buy something?

The green haired man yelled at our group as ge was pissed thaf non customers are near him.

Guts) Sorry there we are just searching someone maybe you may know the person.

Man) You surely have balls...to not buy anything yet ask a question.

Emilia) Sorry I didn't brought miney with me.

Man) Than leave...try to find yourselves a good job.

The man seemed stubborn about this matter. Guts had no idea what to do but nonetheless help had come.

Plum) Hey uncle!

Said Plum running towards Guts.

Guts) Huh? Weren't you with yer mom?

Man) Wait from where do you know them,dear?

Plum) I got lost but this kind uncle helped me.

Man chuckled before smilingly apologiesed.

Kadomon) Haha... sorry for misunderstanding seems that you are the guys who found my daughter. My name is Kadomon and I will help you with any problem.

Guts) Such a change in character.... Anyway we are trying to find blond girl...by looks she is 15....

Kadomon) Hmm...oh it might be Felt... She is famous for stealing things around here...I bet you will find her in the northern part of the city.

Guts) I see...thank you very much old man it is appreciated.

Kadomon) Huh? Old man? Look at yourself...how old are you?

Guts) Hm? I'm 24 years old.

Kadomon) The heck!? You are younger than me!?

Emilia) I th-thought Guts was 35....

Puck) Looks may decive sometimes....

Guts rubbed back of his hair in confusion not knowing the reason of there surprise.

Kadomon) Anyway! I hope ya all luck and find yourselves work and become customers!

Guts smiled softly before waving his hand.

Guts) Sure.

Emilia) Thank you Mr. Kadomon.


We that being said Guts and Emilia arived to place where Kadomon guided them.

The place seemed like a dead town...the scent of blood and fraud. This all might had seemed freaky for others...but surely not for Guts who was used to this....in reality he saw worst. He was covered in river of blood from his friends' corpses...he saw his love being raped before his eyes...he killed millions of people...He fought infinite amount of Apostles and always somehow managed to get out alive....He even fought a real dragon....and nearly won against immortal Zodd....in terms of power it was obvious that he suprassed any limit possible....not even death would dare to approach this mad man.

Emilia) You seem worried about something Guts...

Guts) Huh...no just remembered some memories.

Emilia) Are they good?

Guts) Not even slightest.

Emilia felt it...this sudden sadness....but she won't be able to do anything....she doesn't even know what did this guy passed through. But maybe deep inside she might help him....

Anyway they were trying to find someone to ask about Felt's hideout as they saw unknown man in cloak passing by. As he got near suddenly Guts's sign started to bleed.

Guts) This guy.....

He quickly got out his sword and aimed for man's neck but man stopped his Dragon Slayer with single hand.

Jumbo) That was close one....

Guts) Who tf are you!?

Man observed Guts for a split second before grinning crazily....

Jumbo) So you are the one who was choosen by her...hahaha.... interesting... It's my warning but if you will make mistake you freely can start over by death....tho you won't need it ...

He said just passing through Guts and Emilia with increadible speed...

Jumbo) The place you are searching is the old building straight the road..there you will find insignia...Black Swordsman.

Guts) No way....

Guts widened his eyes as only people of his world knew about his title.

Guts) Wait! Who are....!?

The huge Gust of wind blew blinding Emilia's and Guts's sight as moment after he disappeared.

Emilia) Who was that....

Puck) That man...he felt dangerous.

Guts knew that this guy was someone related with his appearance in this new world....but he didn't had choice but to believe him.

Guts) Let's move towards the place he mentioned.

Emilia) But this may be a trap.

Guts) No...if he wanted to kill us he would have done it by now...I doubt that ordinary human can block my sword with bare hands...

Emilia) You are right...also Guts....why did he called you Black Swordsman?

Guts) Just an old title from war...nothing much.

Emilia) War? Had you ever participated in war?

Guts) I was in a bunch of them.....

He made it sound like it no real deal but in reality...he was in almost every war possible...since his age of 5 he was already mercenary...His teachet as well as somehow father figure Gambino taught him the ways of war...tho he betrayed Guts and payed the price....

Puck)*thinking* This man is totally not ordinary...even he smells with blood...a lot of it...and not all the blood on him is human....

Guts suddenly stopped near the shabby mansion.

Guts) We arrived...

Emilia) Is it this place?

The building seemed horrible as it was got from horror movie. The aura also seemed unease there so Guts was prepared for any unexpected outcome.

Emilia) Let's mov—

Guts) Stop.

Emilia) Huh?

Guts) It might be dangerous inside... don't worry I will deal with them and will bring you your insignia.

Emilia had many reasons to not believe him but...she already knew that he didn't cared for her insignia...she knew that he was helping her out in free will and was ready to wait...she believed him.

Guts) I will be right back,Satella....

He was about to go but....

Emilia) Emilia.

Guts) M?

Emilia) My true name is Emilia...

Guts softly smiled...

Guts) See you than...Emilia...Puck.

He slowly approached the door and knocked it. The door slowly opened revealing tanned skined old man with a huge body.

Old man) Huh? Who are you?


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