3 Chapter 3

Guts) Aight kid I don't want to be known as man who beat up a beautiful lady.

Girl) Don't overstimate me.

She send three ice spears towards Guts who with single move of his dragon slayer broke them.

Guts)*sigh* Didn't wanted to do so.

He said while slowly started to approach them.

Puck) H-Hey Emilia...be careful this guy is extremely strong....to move such an enormous sword with one hand it surely means something big.

He said revealing the Silver haired girls name.

Emilia) You are right puck...he is strong but I should take my insignia!

Puck) Fine....

Puck flew towards Guts and started to bullet him with ice spears...Guts easily was breaking them without even dropping a sweat.

Guts) Hey pipsqueak you remind me of one annoying fairy.

Puck) Don't know whom you are talking about.

Puck wanted to approach him but suddenly he stopped feeling enormous fear.

Puck)*gulp* What with this dark energy.....

Puck was a high spirit so magical sight was granted to him and the thing he was seeing was frightening...the source of power was coming from neck of Guts.

Guts) Ack...My sign is aching....

The sign on Guts's neck was his curse he gained after eclipse. It attracts apostles and dark spirits towards him...and the feeling which Puck was sensing is infinite amount of magic coming through sign.

Emilia) I-I....

Guts raised his hand towards Emilia and Puck. Emilia in fear closed her eyes and was waiting for pain but....it never came. Instead he pated Emilia.

Guts) You are strong kid.

He smiled towards her as she upon looking towards this strict man felt blood raising on her cheeks.

Emilia)*blush* Eh...umm...

Guts) I'm sorry to make you misunderstand me but I really didn't take your...insignia thing but I know who is it.

Emilia) R-Really?

Guts) Come on kid I will find the thief.

Despite the looks actually Guts was kind hearted man....the life as mercenary warrior made him mad...it won't be a lie if we say he killed millions of people....in fact the amount of people he killed can fill the whole city population.

They started to walk around city while Emilia was still thinking about this man.

She was thinking of why did this man didn't finish her off...the only thought that she had that this barbarian in reality is soft hearted man.

Guts) Come to think of it I don't even know your name.

Emilia) Satella...my name is Satella.

Puck upon hearing this name yelped a little.

Puck) Oh my....you have a worst taste....

Guts) Satella...huh..... Beautiful name.

Emilia) !?

Guts) Hm? Something is wrong?

Emilia) No No No everything is fine....

Guts) Good....

They were in centre of city and Guts was doubting that this was his original world even more.

Guts) Say....what is the name of this city?

Emilia) Eh? You don't know!? It is Kingdom Lugunica....

Guts put his hand to his cheeks while in deep thoughts had already confirmed that this wasn't his original world...

Guts)*thinking* I'm not sure but my theory might be right....I need to find why I was summoned here in the first place...

Emilia) Umm...you didn't said your name as well...

Guts) Guts...just call me Guts.

Emilia) Yes! Guts....

It was just a little question she had. She wanted to ask about his hand...why it was metallic...about his eye...about his scars...about his strength...It was infinite curiosity which she had...but most concerned was Puck.

Puck)*thinking* This curse on him... it's power is immense...he is living spirit attractor....

Guts) Huh...look there.

He pointed towards lost kid who was looking around and trying to find her mother.

Guts) Don't you mind if we help this kid.

Emilia was silent but than she immediately replied.

Emilia) Y-Yes you are right.

Emilia approached the girl while extended her hand for help.

Emilia) Are you alright?

Girl)*sob* M-Mommy...I lost her....*crying* Waaaah!

Emilia) H-Hey everything is alright....we will find your mommy and....

Girl) Waaaah!

The girl was still crying but it soon ended. Cuz of Guts head patting the girl.

Guts) Hey there kiddo...want me to ride you in my back?

Girl)*sob* W-Would you...*sob*.....

Guts)*smile* Of course....

Girl) Yaaay~!

He put her in his back while she widened her eyes from the sight. Guts was tall enough...around 2 metres long and his body was like rock....it was literally made of muscles.

While this all happened Emilia smiled softly while was thinking that Guts was really nice person.

Girl) Can I go down?

Guts) You are tired? Ok than...

He gently put her to ground while she held his huge hand and on other side grabbed Emilia's.

Emilia) Let's find her mom first...

Guts) Don't you mind? I mean your insignia thing...

Emilia) Th-That can wait...and...*blush* Sorry....

Guts) Hm?

Emilia) I mean I'm so—

Suddenly little girl screamed word.

Girl) Mommy!

And run towards the woman who was standing there.

Mom) Plum! Dear! Thanks to god I found you!

Plum) Hehe I met very good Uncle and sister.

She pointed towards Guts and Emilia.

Mom) Oh my...thank you both very much.

Emilia) No need to! We are glad that we helped you.

Mom) Thank you....Hope you and your husband will be healthy.

Emilia)*blush* H-H-Husband!? Y-You misunderstood! We are—

Mom) Haha such a youth....I also was embrassed at first.

She said going away but before Plum waved her hands towards our heroes.

Emilia)*blush* Haha...Sh-She thought that we are couple...haha...such a misunderstanding....

Guts) Yes...But I wouldn't mind such a beautiful wife as you....

This time his voice seemed calm and sad...

Emilia) Say...did you have someone you love?

The first thing which came to his mind was Casca...but...now he didn't know...she broke...her mind became broken after eclipse...that cursed day when she was raped by Griffith...the day when Gut's and Casca's child died....that cursed day....

Guts) Yes I had...but she is scared of me...

Emilia felt this...she felt this sadness in his tone... strangely but she sympathized to him...not only her but Puck as well...

Emilia) Seems we are similar...as for me I'm half elf.

Guts) Half elf.....

Emilia was waiting for his disgust but....

Guts) Cool. You are really beautiful like all elves.

Emilia)*blush* Hnnn~...Th-Thank you....

She blushingly turned away while Puck got out and rushed towards Guts.

Puck) Sooooooft! Punch!

He softly hit Guts's cheeks as Guts in confusion looked towards him.

Guts) The hell you are doing pipsqueak?

Puck) I hit you because of proudness.

Guts) Proudness? For what?

Puck) For making this Girl to show her cute side.

Guts) ???

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