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Chapter 5 Bandit And Big City

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As Sin made his way down the mountain and into the outside world, he felt happy because once he got to the city he could have something else to eat beside fish, and talk to other people.

"Man, I can't wait until I get to the city. I'm never eating fish again." I mean try eating fish for two years straight, you'll get tired of it.

A/N:I'm going to make you eat more fish.

Sin: nuh uh

A/N:Yeah uh

Sin: nuh uh

Anyway, I continued walking east, until the next day after sleeping on a tree of course.

The Next Day

I resume walking until finally after walking for half a day, I came across a road. I looked in front of me, and saw a group of carriages.

"Merchants perhaps? They have guards too, probably a group of mercenary" I thought to myself as I saw men with armor on and were riding horses, surrounding the carriages

"Hopefully they nice enough to let my ride with them, I don't know how long it'll take me to get that big city. I begin approaching the carriages, once I'm close enough I call them out.

"Hey, can I ask you guy a question?" I said to one of the men guarding the back, He turn around, and look at me then point his spear at me.

"Who are you and what do you want. Are you a bandit?"

"Calm down, I'm not a bandit. I'm a traveler, heading east to that big city and I was wondering if I could catch ride with you people." I said to the guard, with as much honesty as I could.

"I'll have to ask the Merchant, so don't do anything. You two watch him." He said to the other guards, and left to the front of the carriages.

Then the other two guards pointed they weapons at me, "These guys seem a little on edge, they said something about bandit. Do they think I'm one of them?" I said to myself in my mind. Eventually the guard came back and said that the Merchant would like to see me.

At the front of the carriages

Once I got to the front I saw the Merchant, he was a old man with white hair and beard.

"You said you needed a ride to the city, but what are you doing by yourself you look young. Do you have any parents?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I need a ride to the city. If you have any room left. As for my parents, they passed away awhile ago to a disease." Once I told him that, his face turned sad as he was remembering something.

"I see, am sorry for asking then it must have been hard. I lost my daughter a couple years ago to a disease too, I'll let you ride with us this we are going pass that city." I felt a little bad for lying.

"Thank, but I have another question. The guards said something about bandit?" I ask the Merchant to which he seems a little hesitant to tell me.

"Yes, ruthless Bandits have taken Refuge and the mountain ranges in this region. The Midland army has their hands full at the moment with the war."

"Thank again for telling me this."

I said to the Merchant as I got into one of the carriages, with that we started moving again.

"Okay, so I'm in the kingdom of Midland that good. If I didn't ask to catch a ride I wouldn't know how long it will take to get to that city. Plus I only have three more years until Guts joins the Band of the Hawk, I need to find information about where the Band of the Hawk is located." With that night fall came around and everyone was either asleep or beside the campfire.

At the campfire

"So boy what your name?" One of the guards asked me, he seemed to want to know. "It's Sin." I said to the guard.

"So, young Sin what with that mark on your forehead?" The guard curiously asked.

"I was born with it." I said confidently.

We continued talking until eventually everyone was asleep, and with some guards on watch duty.

Everything seems fine until the bell ringed, the bell that signal of an enemy attack.

"What the hell, what going on?" I wake up and grab my katana then go outside my tent, I see people fighting. "At this time? Bandit. "

Two bandit come at me with they sword out I take my katana out and block they sword.

I jump back to get some distance and get into stance.

*Breath In*




Sun Breathing 9th form: Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance




*Slash *


*Breath Out*

Both of they head fell off their shoulders, I look back and see their dead body with no head. "That was the first time I'll kill someone, but I'm not naive. I'll have to keep on killing if I want to survive." I start running to the Merchant tent, they're about 15 Bandits surrounding the front of his tent and 10 guards protecting the old Merchant.

"What the hell happened to the other guards, don't tell me they dead. I'll take out as many as I can before they notice I'm here.

*Breath In *




Sun Breathing 9th form:Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance



*Slash 5x*

*Breath Out *

I tried to continue but a big guy stopped me.

"What the hell, dying to a little brat!!" The big guy yelled out, catching the attention of everyone. "Sin, is that you!?" The old Merchant asked. "Yeah, I'll help sine you helped me out!" We both yelled out because in between us was 10 Bandits, I only got five of them because they were off guard and now I have to deal with this big guy but the playing field is now even with 10 guards and 10 Bandits. They can protect the old Merchant. I said to myself as the big guy started to say something.

"Little brat, you killed five of my men. I'll have to kill you for that."

"I'll killed seven of your men actually, want to be the 8th?"

"You brat I'll kill you!!"

He started swing his axe down at me, but I jump back in time. The impact made a dust cloud, I took this moment of blindness and attacked.




Sun Breathing 1th form: Dance




He saw it coming and try to block with his axe, but I was aiming for the wooden part of his axe, the handle. Now that his weapon is broken.




Sun Breathing 8th form: Sunflower Thrust




* Pierce*

My sword pierced one of his eye and went into his head.

*Breath Out *

"What the hell is this kid?" Siad the shocked Bandit as he saw, the biggest guy in his group died. That other guards finished the bandit up.

"Are you alright Sin?" One of the guards asked. "Yeah, is the old man Merchant still alive?"

"I'm fine, be I'll got to say I'm impressed Sin you took down that big guy."

"Considerate it my thanks for you giving me a ride."

After all that happened, the group began their Journey again.

One week later

"Thank for taking me here old man." I said as the carriages went towards a different route.

I'm finally here, I turn around to see a big city with walls all around it I head up towards the gate and head inside the city.

"First, I need to find information. But where?"

I said to myself, I know just the place a Tavern. After walking around I found a Tavern, as I head inside I see everyone drinking,I head up to the desk.

"Hello, I'm look for information." I place down a silver coin. He look at me then asked. "What do you want to know?"

"I'm looking for a band of mercenary, called the Band of the Hawk. Have you heard of them?"

"Yeah, I have heard of them they're skilled. Hell that is one of them right there." He points to one of the tables.





My luck is insane, that is...

To Be Continued