1 The timid mouse


The shrill of an alarm disturbs the silence of a dark room.

Rosalie was startled awake and tried straightening out a slender hand to stop its maddening ring and viewed the alarm which read 6:30 a.m.

Her warm, amber eyes was now drowned in sorrow it seems devoid of all colors while its corners were rimmed in red and its lids puffy from crying all night. The usual lovely ivory hue of her face were pasty making her look sick and unhealthy. Looking at her now, everyone could see she had her heart broken.

"I seem to forget that he's not here anymore. I need to reset the time," Rose thought silently as tears run down her face again after recalling the events a day ago. It was set to be early because she needs to prepare all the things her ex-lover needs for work.

"What a disastrous Monday!" she grumbled.


Rose could still remember it crystal clear, the way how her 'ex-boyfriend' Josh assisted carefully a heavily pregnant woman at a convenience store which she coincidentally went to. The sweetness of the act was evident but Rosalie being in a relationship with him for 5 years argued with herself that it was just an act of kindness.

Josh Smith was known for being a man with a good character. It was what attracted her to him when they met during her sophomore year at college. He was the star Quarterback, a student that had good rapport with the professors and was gifted with a hair made of the softest silk, clear blue eyes encased in a good physique.

Josh was the dream guy for all the college girls and the best friend the guys could have. She even wondered why he chose her as his lover.

Rosalie Williams was not exceptional in any way. She is a midget with black hair and big brown eyes framed in a heart-shaped face. Everyone can overlook Rose, she's quite as a statue and so timid like a mouse. Yet despite all people's expectations, Rosalie has captured Josh's heart.

When everyone in college found out they were a couple, some remained silent, respecting Josh's choice, while others were furious. It was clear she was not a good match for their idol. Life was hard thereafter but she was willing to work it out because he was her first love.

Rose endured all the mocking and bullying. She kept quiet even when girls were flirting with Josh in front her. She believed he was honest and had faith in their love. He never forgot to assure her of his feelings every day. Rosalie's perseverance had paid off because they were still happy after their turbulent college years or so she thought.

Just a few months after they decided to live together, Josh broke her trust. She trailed her eyes on her lover discretely and was devastated after seeing him kiss the woman so lovingly on the lips. Still reeling from the events unfolding, she walks slowly to where Josh stands.

"Be careful dear, our child might get injured. I love you both too much to see you hurt," the man mumbles worriedly.

"I love you, too." replied the woman.

Rosalie felt her heart broke into a million pieces. She stood, a couple of meters away, stupefied and immobile from the scene in front of her. The tears flowed unbridled and a sob broke the couple's tender scene.

Josh turned around and saw her so shaken looking at them while the woman eyed her curiously.

"Rose..I'm sorry..," he started.

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She waited for him to continue an explanation or maybe she was asking for a lie? Anything about why this happened. How can he do this to her? Was she not enough for him? What did she lack?

She was a devoted lover. All his wants and needs was given without a complaint. She listened about his problems and was his confidant. Every time he felt down and insecure, she was always there to be his cheerleader. Every decision she made was done with thoughts of what is best for him.

The time ticked slowly as she waited for an answer but nothing came out of his mouth. Realizing that was all he could give, she looked him in the eye, letting him see every little thing that couldn't be said. The pain he gave was reflected on her tear-filled brown eyes.

Something inside her snapped then she delivered a crisp slap to his face. She hoped the sting will stay for a while and wished it will leave a mark. Rosalie straightened her back, gathered her composure and walked gracefully away from her unfaithful lover.

A throbbing headache brought her back to the present as she tried to think on what she will do now. They just begun to live together and the apartment's rent was fully paid for this month.

"I might as well get my money's worth out of this," she reasoned out. Rose tried to sit on the bed while looking around the room. Luckily, not all her things has been unpacked as they moved just last Saturday.

She felt like crying again. She even uprooted herself for him! They decided to prepare for their future by looking for a new job in the city but all she got were these damn puffy red eyes on her first day. Rose blinked a few times and angrily wiped her tears. She reminded herself that she needs to earn the money.

She decided to be a woman who can stand on her own. She needs to pick those pieces and be even stronger than before. Strengthening her resolve, she got up to prepare for a new day while hoping to find some painkillers to shut down the headache and maybe numb her broken heart, too. She can't help but think that's she's really unlucky or perhaps it's just the damn Monday blues?

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