4 Moving forward

After the morning fiasco, Stephen carried out his work smoothly. He attended back to back meetings, reviewed a mountain pile of proposals and checked the stability of his group of companies. Everything was fine as it should be but somehow his days felt lacking. While at work, he didn't even notice it was almost dinner time. He didn't even remember if he had lunch.

"There must be something more," he thought.

He stopped looking at the document he currently held and took a look outside. He can see the last vestiges of light fading in the horizon. The view from his office was priceless. It fits perfectly with his status and prestige. Stephen is the king in this concrete jungle. He who holds the most power felt lost as he stared at the sky. After a few moments in reverie, he realised he felt empty.


"Where do I go from here? More projects, money, assets? For whom am I doing this? For myself? I already have more than enough," he sighed internally.

Anybody who would stumble upon this scene would say that Stephen indeed looked melancholic. A lonesome, melancholic king. He lost his interest in the remaining work he needed to catch up on and decided to call it a day.

A knock brought him back to the present then revealed Ron carrying another stack of documents.

"President, I have the revised contracts already printed out. Shall I leave it at your desk?," Assistant Ron politely asked.

"Ron, I want to leave the office early today," Stephen replied.

The assistant was flustered. He was shocked by what his boss told him. He stared at President Stephen in a state of bewilderment then after a few moments offered a kind smile.

"It is high time you give yourself a break, President. You have been working hard these past few years. You ought to take some vacation leave," he said to Stephen.

"I guess I really am that workaholic, huh?"

Assistant Ron couldn't help but feel that he's trapped between rock and in a hard place. He felt uneasy in answering his question.

"It is because of your efforts that this company is where it is now. You have supported lots of families under your wings."

" Are you trying to change the topic? Forget about it. I want to take a walk outside. Let Paul drive the car back home first."

"Are you sure, President? Will you be alright by yourself? What if you get lost?"

"I didn't expect that you are a worrywart, Ron. I will find my way around. I did live in this city for the past few years."

"Understood, President. I hope you will have a nice evening."

Stephen issued a few more instructions, took his jacket and wallet then left his office early for the first time.

Ron carefully put the papers on the desk and walked back to his post still bewildered on his boss' current actions. The assistant has been by his side for a long time already thus he knew him to a certain extent. He was really caught off guard but nonetheless hoped the President will find someone to treasure soon.


After Rosalie decided to take the Assistant 's offer, she went ahead and enjoyed the hospitality the Boss offered. He didn't expect the owner to be kind to someone like her. It definitely is something new to her. She took her mirror from her satchel and was horrified to see her face.

" How can a person get more puffy from crying so much? I look so bad," she murmured.

Taking some tissues to clean her face somewhat, she noticed that her eyes were redder and more swollen than before. Rosalie felt that those in heaven were abandoning her. She felt so helpless and lonely in this big city she had recently moved into. The girl can't help but pity herself some more.

"No,no,no,no! Get a grip of yourself, Rosalie! You decided to take this challenge for you. No backsies, Rose!," she talked to her reflection.

She slapped her face until she felt it stinging feeling silly after all the thinking that she did. How can she let one person ruin her career, her future? It is high time that she get smart.

"I got a good job in this big city by my self. I am a strong independent woman. The boss is kind enough to give me a day off. That's a good start, isn't it? Yes, it is," she nodded to her reflection and tucked the mirror after.

She got this, no more thinking about bad stuff. Rosalie checked her phone and noted that it's already lunch time. Her stomach growled loudly as if saying the cookies a while ago was not enough. She paused and she shivered at the thought of walking on the lobby once again.

" Who cares? I'll be working here fo a long time. It was not my fault. No need to be embarrassed about it," she thought to herself.

Rosalie carefully opened the doors and felt relief that nobody paid attention to her. She walked fast towards the building's entrance. The girl was overjoyed with her successful mission and decided to eat a tasty lunch. The hot sun, the noisy cars and crowded streets didn't bother her as she decided to let this day pass by like a bad dream.

" It will be better tomorrow!," she thought happily.

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Each step she took was lighter while she thought of the promising future ahead.