Beneath the Embroidered Brocade
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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade


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What is Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

Read Beneath the Embroidered Brocade novel written by the author littleredblossom on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is History stories, covering fantasy, mystery, femaleprotagonist, dark, gore. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A tale of a young girl as she goes on her journey... ~ Alternate synopsis (Chapter 13): "Let me tell you about something of mine old friend, something that I have never told anyone, not even the most loyal of my servants know. Will you listen?" "Do go ahead." "It started long ago when I wanted to find a way to allow humans to be free from pain and death. I was on one of my travels when I came across a little child, she couldn't have been more than an infant, presumably abandoned. So I took her in. I wanted to make an elixir that could eradicate all disease and allow a person to live on, for a long time." "You know that such a medicine is impossible, what you are talking about can only ever exist in the legends and myths." "Oh is it…" *There are slow updates Disclaimer: If you're in it for action scenes or fast-paced storytelling, this is probably not your cup of tea. ~ Title picture from Pinterest ~ Discord: https://discord.gg/pwcWpvJUva ~ If you like my work: ko-fi.com/littleredblossom


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Hello, this is the author here. I wanted to thank future readers for reading this story. This is just something that I thought of today and uploaded on a whim, I am not sure how this will turn out, nor do I know what will happen later on.


Not really a review just a complaint from a random reader. I would just like to say wish there was more in the description box about the story. Cause only way I start reading a book and from the picture and the description. But since there are some good reviews I'll give it a read and post a real review then.


I love this novel! It's quite refreshing. I have never read something like it, which makes this novel very unique. Each chapter are hard to predict😆which is good, makes you curious what would happen next. You guys should give it a try totally worthy of your time!!! This novel deserves to be in everyone's library.💚 Highly recommended if any of you are looking for something that are not a cliché kind of a story and simply amazing.ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ


Novel like this is very rare. Very well-written, real characters, vivid narration. I truly enjoy this novel and glad I found this hidden gem. Everytime I read chapters of it, I imagine myself reading under the warmth of a sunny afternoon of fall. Very contrary to the tone the story is set in which is: dark, deep, and mysterious. The gore elements were all vividly described even the minor characters appeared real with emotions, purpose and will. The MC is clouded in a veil of mystery. Her background unknown, her constitution, her wisdom which is odd for her age yet she also carries a hint of innocence and air of purity. I can’t predict how and what she will be in her *****hood and in the future. Very well fleshed-out character. I just love every single element in the story. I just hope our dear author will not drop this novel and will continue updating even if only once a week. 🙏🏻♥️♥️


Very steady n long term story ... I would like to preserve it's in the form of book... Looks like m watching different lifestyle through the eyes of MC... Good luck ahead.... be steady in writing 👍


Reveal spoiler


Good Story. I like the main character. She is quite cold but that is why i like her. It is better than most fantasy stories as those have the overpowered supersmart main characters who i hate. And the obnoxious male leads. Though i am confused who this books male lead is. I remember some forshadowing for the generals nephew but nothing more. The story also should be updated more often.


Hidden Gem! Realistic scenes, vividly written, great flow at the right pace. I could tell that this novel is great, though I'm still at the second chapter. I just hope that this novel would make it big and rise to popularity, so that our power would have these amazing novels. I'm glad I found this one, with me in the search of another good reads coz I'm quite tired reading some overrated bunch that will make you feel like your IQ deteriorates gradually. I hope reading from chapter 2 onwards wouldn't disappoint. Keep it up, Author!


Nice. Just a fellow reader supporting an interesting author by giving a casual rating. I really hope updates become more frequent as the author gains experience.


I don't understand anything. If I did, I would have given full rate. The story progress was slow. No don't mind me. I'm just giving my thoughts that's all.


Although I don't understand much I still read it. It just really makes you curious. Interesting tho 😂😂😂 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞


A great story two years in the making. For me the updates are good since I just found this gem. 😁 Think Three Kingdoms era laced with all its darkness plus some fantasy. Probably transmigration, but you gotta read it yourself to find out!👍💎


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I find the story really interesting unlike other mainstream ligh novels with transmigration and revenge plot. So far I really like how the story develops, can't wait for more chapters.


I love the story, it's very interesting and unpredictable. The character is quite cold, strong and curious which makes the story unique in its own way. The authors writing skill is excellent, the only shortcoming is the in frequency in updates..... nevertheless, I ll stick around and read to the very last chapter.


I love xue soooooooooooo much. She is a cold person and a total badass! A little confused by the stories development like wtf is happening. Is there a plot like ????????


Really good story. Keep writing it. Sometimes it's little bit confusing, but it still keeps me entertained. I really hope it's gonna be good through the whole book. MC is really interesting, and her new teacher is for now very mysterious.


Reveal spoiler


This is a very sentimental and calming story. I appreciate the great writing skills and how detailed the story is. I hope that the story will continue to update and new chapters will continue release. Keep up the good work author!


I think this story is doing good, if just that teaser will be replace by a good one it will attracked more readers for sure. And please update it daily..pretty pleaseeeeeee the story is getting interesting..


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