10 Simon Says

Everything was moving so fast. One moment Noelle's back was against the wall, literally, and the next her knees were planted in the carpet as she sat in front of Haru.

How did she end up like this?

A few moments prior, Haru tossed Noelle over his shoulder and brought her to the nearest room, making sure to close the door behind him. Noelle protested but didn't dare hit the man carrying her. He was quite tall, she might not have survived the fall if he were to drop her.

He sat on the edge of the bed and with demand he ordered Noelle in front of him.

"Come here." he opened his legs and pointed to the spot in between.

Noelle scoffed "Don't get a big head since I let you bring me in here. Why would I listen to you?"

Haru smirked, he was both amused and turned on. Her fiery attitude aroused his mind and body. He loved her challenge, it would be fun to break her to the point where she needed him. He wanted her body, her heart, her mind and her soul to desperately depend on him always. This would be fun.

With a louder and slightly harsher tone Haru responded "Behave."

"You can come here at your own will or I can make you come here." he placed his hands on the bed and leaned back slightly.

Haru's eyes gleamed with seduction. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth as he maintained eye contact with Noelle.

That look, he was doing it again. That look gave Noelle goosebumps. It was seductive with a hint of danger behind it. He was the type of person she needed to stay away from. But something about Haru made Noelle want to get closer. He was like a hungry lion in the jungle and Noelle was the curious mouse that happened to be passing by. That would make her his prey but wouldn't that also mean she'd be his salvation? She was losing her breath as she found herself being sucked in.

Noelle scratched her head and sighed "Man you're so difficult."

She stepped to her designated spot between his legs and crossed her arms.

"Okay? So what did you need to tell me here that you couldn't tell me when I was over there? You're going to be the one explaining to my manager why I was late by the way."

Haru leaned forward and looked up at the beautiful woman. Her mouth was telling him one thing but her eyes were convincing him of something else. They were testing him as if asking "How far will you go?". Her eyes were beautifully intoxicating and Haru wouldn't ever have to look away. That is, after he claimed her.

He gave another order "On your knees."

"On my knees..?" It took Noelle a moment but she finally caught on. She'd seen enough movies to know what "Get on your knees" meant.

She took a step back intending to back away but Haru was faster. He grabbed her wrists and forcefully pulled her to her knees in front of him. He grabbed her hair so that she couldn't move.

"That freaking hurts. You never touch a black woman's hair. What's wrong with you?!" She wanted to struggle but the hold he had on her hair was too great. It hurt too much to move.

With soft fingers, Haru lifted Noelle's chin so that her eyes reached his.

"Your attitude has my body all fired up. Are you going to take responsibility?"

He released her hair and slid his hands down her arms. He grabbed her hands and placed them on his knees. "Keep your hands here and don't take your eyes off of me. Got it?" This time his voice was soothing. Noelle really couldn't keep up with the sudden attitude changes.

There was a moment of silence as they studied each other's eyes. Noelle's cheeks were steaming, she was embarrassed to be looking into his eyes this long. Though they were beautiful. She could see the hint of danger she saw before but also something greater. Compassion and...love? It didn't make sense. Why would his eyes be telling her that? Before she could pull away her gaze, Haru broke eye contact by looking down at his zipper. He began to undo his pants and Noelle's eyes followed.

Haru looked back up and placed his index finger underneath her chin "Aht aht, keep your eyes up here. This is your punishment, you don't get to look."

Punishment? As if she wanted to look at what was down there anyway. She didn't ask to be put in this situation. But she had to admit, she was a little curious about what he was carrying. She realized that realistically, she could probably leave at any moment. She should have left but she was honestly too eager to leave. The anticipation of what he was planning to do excited her.

Noelle's thoughts scattered as Haru pulled out his member. How could he so casually pull that out?! Noelle couldn't see clearly but in her bottom peripheral vision, she watched.

He put his hand out in front of Noelle and looked at her expectantly. Did he expect her to read his mind? How was she supposed to know what he wanted if he didn't talk?

"What is it?"

Instead of giving Noelle a chance to figure out what he wanted, he thought it would be much more enjoyable to teach her so that she would know for the future. Haru grabbed the back of Noelle's head and tilted it upwards. With two fingers he placed them in her mouth until he could feel the back of her throat. Noelle gagged. Was he trying to kill her?!

Haru stayed like that a moment, swabbing his fingers around her mouth before pulling them out. He placed the hand on his member and with the saliva he collected, he began to pump slowly.

Noelle coughed. Was he really doing that in front of her?! He was no longer a pervert. He was worse than a pervert. But what else was she expecting him to do? She shouldn't be so surprised.

Haru's breathing quickened as he eyed the curious woman in front of him. Just the way she looked at him was enough to get him off. This wouldn't take long. He continued to pump, not breaking eye contact with Noelle.

Noelle started to squirm underneath his gaze. This was extremely intimate. Maintaining eye contact with him as he pleasured himself was not what she thought he'd have her do.

Noelle's thoughts were interrupted as Haru's soft moan reached her ears. He gritted his teeth and took in a sharp breath. The sounds he was making was enough to activate a feeling of euphoria within her. She was getting turned on. She so badly wanted to peek. She wanted to see clearly just once what he was doing.

"This is what you did to me." He did it again. He started to pump faster.

This was too much stimulation for Noelle. Her area was throbbing as she watched the flushed Haru. His hair was disheveled now, adding to his bad boy demeanor.

"Keep looking at me just like that." he breathed and smiled softly.

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Was she making him feel this way? She was flattered that she could arouse someone so much. She couldn't recall making anyone feel anything for her in the past so this was a new feeling for her.

After a few more minutes of continuous pumping he climaxed. He closed his eyes and shivered as the sensation took over his body.

Noelle used this opportunity to glance at what he was playing with the whole time. It was big, scary big. What girl was going to want that in her? At least it didn't look bad. A smooth pale base with a bright pink tip.

Haru came back to his senses and looked at the wide eyed Noelle "You like what you see?"

So arrogant.

"I wasn't looking, you moved and your junk just happened to get in front of my face." She didn't even believe what she was saying.

Noelle stood up and grabbed the pack of wipes on her desk. She offered them to Haru making sure to avert her gaze. Haru grabbed the wipes and tossed them on the bed behind him.

"I won't be needing those yet."


Before Noelle could object, she heard the front door open.

"I'm home"

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