19 Secret Desires

With his front still pressed against Noelle, Haru removed his hand from the back of her head and curled his fingers around her neck instead. With his other hand he traced his fingers down her back and then grabbed a hold of her waist through the open dress.

Noelle's body heated but her conscience remained alarmed. They were in a public space with many people passing by. Did Haru really have no shame? Noelle quietly spoke out against his actions "Haru we are not doing this. And why here of all places?! Let me go. Now."

"If you're so against it, then why are you pressing yourself against me?"

What? She wasn't- she looked at where she stood in the mirror and noticed Haru had already taken a step backwards. Noelle was the one forcing herself against him. Her body must have moved on it's own because she had no idea that it reacted that way.

She was flustered and beyond embarrassed. At a loss for words, all she could think to do was accuse Haru "You...this is your fault! Let me go, I want to go home."

Haru tightened his grip on Noelle's neck and brought her head close to his mouth. He licked the tip of her ear and whispered heated words "You'll go when I say you can."

He moved her head forward and commanded her "Put your hands on the mirror."

Noelle put her hands on Haru's hand instead and tried to pull it from around her neck. Why was he always doing these sorts of things to her? In public places of all places. Technically this was sexual harassment again! Noelle was clearing saying no.

Her mouth was saying one thing but her body clearly had an opposing reaction. She didn't want Haru to listen to her, she didn't want him to take his hands off of her. But he had too. Not only were they co-workers but they weren't together either. She didn't want to keep letting him use her body so casually.

Excitement was buried in the back of her mind and in the bottom of her heart. Noelle's conscience made sure to keep it hidden as she decided to hold her ground. He would continue to think he could get away with things like this if she continued to tolerate it.

"Let me go, Haru. I will make a scene if I have-"

"Fine." With those words Haru pulled back his hips and slammed into Noelle. She gasped loudly and put her hands on the mirror to prevent her head from slamming into it. Even though Haru had her neck supported with his hand, she didn't want to risk a concussion from his hard thrust.

He continued to retract his hips and collide his front with her lower back. Noelle bit hard on her lip to be quiet. There seemed to be no way for her to get out of this and she didn't want to draw any attention near them.

Haru grunted as his heavy slams against Noelle aroused his senses. But that wasn't enough. He wanted, no, he needed more of a reaction out of her. He tightened his grip around Noelle's neck and forced her head up. He wanted her to look at him through the mirror and see just exactly what he was doing to her. Only he could do this to her.

He decided to pause on his movement and focus on Noelle instead. He slipped the hand he had on her waist lower so that it reached her underwear. He gave her a daring seductive glare through the reflective glass in front of them. Noelle's head shake was deceiving because her eyes spoke plenty. They bashfully gave Haru permission to continue with whatever he had planned.

Haru moved his hand downwards and placed his fingers over her sweet spot. The syrup in her underwear made it easy for Haru to slide his fingers over her and then into her. He started with one finger. Noelle whimpered and balled her fists as his slender finger entered her. She had never had anything inserted in her so the sudden insertion of his fingers caused discomfort.

Haru noticed that his one finger fit snug between the walls within her. He looked at her knowingly. She was really so innocent. He didn't want to hurt her so he decided on using the one finger rather than three like he planned originally. He pulled out his finger slowly before pressing it back in.

He observed Noelle through the mirror and saw her pained expression. He leaned forward and spoke in her ear "Bear with the pain a little longer. It'll feel better soon." He placed a kiss on her ear and moved his finger faster.

Noelle took in a sharp breath due to the sudden change in tempo. The movement inside of her was uncomfortable but the pain started to fade away slowly. After a few more strokes, the pain seemed to vanish completely. She let out a fragile moan and exhaled the breath she had been holding. Haru felt her walls open slightly and dared to enter another finger. He was curious to see how much she could take. He slipped in another finger which caused Noelle to release the low moan she was holding back. Because of the tight grip he had on her neck, Noelle couldn't release that much sound, which she was somewhat thankful for.

There it was. That's exactly the sound Haru wanted to hear. He smirked seductively and entered his fingers even faster. At this rate, Noelle wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. The tingling sensation she felt in her area was becoming too intense.

Haru loosened his hand around her neck so he could feed on her sounds. Noelle bit her lip harshly, desperate to keep quiet. The pain from her lip mixed with the immense pleasure from Haru's fingers put tears in Noelle's eyes.

Haru was obsessed with the erotic sight of the woman in front of him. Her eyes were now red from the tears pooling around her waterline. They raced down her face and stained her fluorescent flushed cheeks. It was a sight to see. Haru passed the stage of being turned on. As he continued his movements, he pressed against Noelle again and locked eyes with her through the mirror.

The heat from Haru's gaze melted Noelle's mind. The way he looked at her was beyond sexually stimulating.

Seeing Noelle so aroused caused Haru's bulge to grow. More...he needed more. He pumped his fingers in and out of her at a surprising speed.

Noelle couldn't hold her voice back anymore, her body was experiencing too much stimulation. She removed the sunken teeth from her lip and spoke meek words "Please…" she needed to tell him to stop. She couldn't take it anymore.

"...please don't stop."

After a couple more minutes, Noelle reached her peak. Her body went limp from the sensation vibrating through her body. Haru removed his hand from her underwear and gripped her waist firmly so he could support her. He sat her down on the bench in the fitting room before getting on his knees in front of her. She was too dazed to notice, she panted as she still recovered from what just took place. That was the best her body had ever felt.

Haru laughed lightly before teasing her "That didn't take long."

Noelle finally regained her senses and looked down at the bright eyed man in front of her. She noticed his fingers and how they were covered in her liquid. She panicked "I'm so sorry! Here, use this to wipe your fingers off." She pulled a tissue from her handbag and offered it to Haru. He accepted it and Noelle sighed, relieved.

But the tissue wasn't for Haru's fingers. He placed his fingers near his mouth and sensually licked off the residual liquid. He loved her taste. Disgust was obvious on Noelle's face "How...how could you eat that?"

"Because it came from you." He responded as if it were natural to do that. He brought the tissue Noelle gave him to his lips and placed it on the tip of his tongue. Noelle was confused but finally understood his actions when Haru extended his hand and pressed the tissue against her bitten lip.

"You're bleeding. Why did you do this to yourself?" Haru's voice showed signs of concern.

Noelle stayed quiet and allowed Haru to silently help her. When he was finished, he threw the tissue into the hanger filled garbage bin in the corner.

"Let me help you clean up." He put his hands on her thighs and attempted to slide the dress up. Noelle was glad the dress wouldn't slide up any further, she would be way too embarrassed if Haru tried to wipe her.

"I can do it myself. I'll find a bathroom. But…"

"But what?"

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"...the dress really is stuck."


Haru struggled for a few minutes but he was finally able to get the dress zipper down. Noelle made him turn around so she could slip back into her original dress. She threatened to quit if he peeked so Haru playfully did what he was told. She didn't feel like trying on any other clothes so she decided she would just buy them. Whatever didn't fit she would give to Li.

After they were both situated and everything was gathered, Noelle opened the fitting room and stepped out. Her jaw dropped when she saw the sight in front of her. There was an audience of about 20 people with phone cameras pointed at them. They spoke loudly as they snapped pictures and took unwarranted videos. The women in the crowd looked at Noelle with contempt while many of the men applauded Haru. Haru sighed and rolled his eyes.

Noelle looked at him with disbelief. Was that the only reaction he could give? These people were recording and listening in on what they had just done and all he could do was sigh? He might be careless with his reputation but Noelle cared heavily about hers. She brought up her hand and attempted to shield her face.

Haru looked down at Noelle and noticed the obvious signs of shame and embarrassment. Normally he would ignore paparazzi or anything of the sort. But seeing how Noelle was bothered, he decided to do something about it.

He reached in his blazer pocket and pulled out his wallet. He grabbed more bills than necessary and placed them in Noelle's free hand. He leaned and whispered in her ear "Go to the front and purchase. I'll take care of the situation here." He gave her a dependable nod and Noelle sped off. She was too embarrassed to stand there and bicker over the money he handed her. She just needed to get home.


They were back at the car and Noelle wordlessly entered. She reached behind her and placed her bags in the back seat. Haru entered the car and studied the expression of the quiet woman. He placed his eyes back on the scenery in front of him and started the car.

"Seatbelt." Noelle put on her seatbelt and crossed her arms.

Haru backed out of the parking lot and drove in the opposite direction the store was in. He memorized the address of where she stayed so he knew how to get back to her friend's apartment. He drove silently as he felt slightly guilty. It took a lot to make him feel empathetic towards anyone but when it came to Noelle, he truly cared. He didn't want anyone bullying her online so he made sure to nip the situation in the bud before it became some big news report.

They drove a little ways and finally reached Yu's apartment. Noelle quickly unbuckled her seatbelt.


Noelle sat back in her chair and looked forward.

"Are you okay?" This was the first time in a long time that he was asking anyone that question. He wasn't sure what response she would give him.

The audacity, so now he suddenly cared about her and not himself. He didn't care when she was telling him no in the fitting room. But he cared now that her reputation was on the line? He only cared for his own convenience since she worked under his company.

Noelle was frustrated that she gave in so easily to Haru's touch. It was partially her fault too.

As angry as she was, she wanted to remain kind and thank him for what he did for her. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm her nerves.

"Thank you for taking care of me last night and for buying me new clothes. I'll pay you back when I can."

She reached in the backseat and grabbed the bags. She opened the door and stepped out of the car. Haru watched silently as Noelle walked inside of the apartment. He decided to be quiet and let her leave freely. He could take her being angry with him, in fact he didn't mind that. What did bother him was how she was publicly humiliated for something he did. As a man, he would be applauded or brushed off for committing sinful acts in such a public place. But as a woman, especially a foreign woman, Noelle would have to face adversity if her reputation was tainted because of this. He couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

Haru was surprised at the thought. He was usually too proud to feel guilty over anything. Ever since he met Noelle in person, the way he once was started to peek through more and more.

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