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Beloved Writer


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**Due to this book needing to undergo major editing, it is currently on hiatus.** After impulsively leaving America five years ago due to the death of her mother, freelance writer Noelle Adelaine struggles to make a living in Japan. Even with the help of her best friend, Yu Ohara, Noelle is just barely making a living. At the age of 24, she wonders if and when she'll ever have the writing career she's always dreamed of. That is until she receives an unexpected call from the biggest publishing company in Osoka, Japan. Run by none other than Haru Hashimoto himself. Little does Noelle know, Haru has a hidden fascination with the foreign woman. With the secret agenda to claim her heart, Haru has only one goal. To make her his. ------ From dealing with work, managing her dreams and now a dominating Ceo, Noelle is left with her time and heart full.


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