1 Prolonged

Benjamin , Ben for short is the only omega of his pack his abusive dad beats him. His mom is not in the picture anymore for unknown reason ben thinks his mom left what will the truth hold . What happens when he meets his mate and what happens after the rejection of his mate who is the alpha of his old pack what will come when his father comes to get him from the Michael's pack just before school. Michael is a mess without ben what will happen when he sees Ben again .

ben didn't want to be back two years pasted from his rejection he knew him and Michael was dying he could feel everything michael did and felt . What if his new alpha see that ben is dying off and finds out his old pack name and contact them to get Michael help. Ben doesn't tell alex that his old alpha and father that they are coming to get him so michael and him can be happy together.

What will happen when Ben find out he has powers . What are of his mom never die what if his dad always been working with the rouges the whole time trying to be come the alpha of the pack .

Will Michael make it up to ben ? Will ben found out the truth of his mother and his other side . Read to find out in being mates to the alpha

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