Being the Devil's Obsession Book

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Being the Devil's Obsession


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He leans to kiss her but she averts her face,"I can't do this." He gets angry. He grabs her hair,"Why? because I am not Rahul ? That's why?Or I cannot please you like him?" Aditi's eyes widens in shock and fear,"What are you saying..?" He suddenly pins her down and then the next thing he does leaves her mute. He rips off her dress and bites everywhere leaving his marks. Kisses her harshly. Thrusts her making her scream. "YOU ARE MINE. YOU NEED TO DO WHAT I TELL. AND IF YOU DISOBEY ME OR DONT LOVE ME THEN I WILL OBVIOUSLY HURT YOU. I LOVE YOU. SAY IT. SAY IT ADITI." "I..love..yo-u,"she cries. He was obsessed about her. He couldn't see her in pain. From childhood he had protected her. Now he wanted to make her his forever. And he even made it.