4 running smoothly

My routine was same every day. After waking up at 5 a.m I washed my clothes. Then I prepared breakfast and packed my lunch. After getting ready I ran to college,after mugging I left for my job. From 3 to 7:30 p.m. it was the same work schedule everyday, after coming up had to study the day's work. Normally I slept around 12 every night. That day at college - my two best friends Willy and Chloe finally convinced me to hang out after college. I took a day off and went to a movie. Watching movie was also a luxury for me. My whole day I had watched my mother struggling for pennies. It gave me immense gratitude for God.

Next day at work Liam called me and informed me about a big project about a book. He told me that Derek want me to work for it. If this project works-I ll get a huge increment.

I started working on it. With my hectic college schedule and work I almost became like a machine. Some weeks passed by, and I hadn't called my mother. I finally completed the project after 3 months.

That morning I took off from college to present my project in morning meeting. Derek was also there, everybody asked questions regarding the presentation. After presentation Derek called me in his office. He told me that we need to go to L.A to finalise the deal and meet the client. I was shocked, and instantly refused. He explained me that only I knew the basics and the storyline, so it's important for me to be there. I decided to talk to my mom about it.

"I called her and told her about the situation and that I am scared." She pacified me and asked me to go for it. Her voice and sacrifices gave me the " confidence" - I needed for the time. I informed Liam and started my preparations. I didn't have any formal clothes but the office provided me with a budget . First time I shopped alone and that too without looking at prices. I bought two white and turquoise blouses with pencil skirts and a jacket. I went for flats with it. I didn't knew how to apply makeup so I just went for a lip shade with contour.

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