2 Hopes...

She looked for a cheap room and accommodated herself. She decided to find herself a part time job. With her college in the morning - she had her evenings free. She enrolled in a writing course and applied for a job in a newspaper house. Her first day was too tedious for her because of her being introverted. Slowly evening approached and she rushed from college directly to work. She got a desk with a computer,paper and a pen. Her interviewer whose name she learned is Liam approached her with some topics. She had to write some features and then for final approval have to bring it to Liam. She was missing her mother a lot and she felt like crying. Why can't she be normal like other teenagers and just go with the fast paced flow. She started rummaging through topics and the details and soon she finished with two features. She decided to show it to Liam so he could pinpoint what else he needs in these writings. She knocked on his door and entered. A man in three piece suit was sitting there. He had light brown eyes with a clean shaven face. He radiated a charm and vibes of authority. Liam asked me the reason for being there,I handed him the papers. After reading he handed those papers to that man.

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That man took his time to read it and then introduced himself as my boss - "Hi! I am Derek,your new boss"

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