3 Heartbeat...

As Derek spoke I felt my heart got wild. He told me to make some changes and I left. Being with an alcoholic father I never had any interest in men. They kind of repelled me,but this was different. I calmed myself and drank water. I started on changes and the remaining pieces. And at 7:30 p.m. I left office. After reaching room,I freshened up and started to cook something for myself. Ma gave me supplies,I decided to make rice with curry.

I decided to study my notes so that I can cover up my college lectures.

Next morning after completing morning business and having eggs for breakfast I left for college. New lectures with new professors filled that day. At lunch I decided to call Mom,she was happy to hear my voice. She told me that my brother is busy with his practice and she is as usual busy in her chores. After college it was time for work. I saw the lift door closing,as I ran I collided with someone."Sorry"- came out of my voice.

I raised my head and saw him. Again that butterflies in stomach, "it's okay,bella,"

He remembered my name - we both leapt for lift. he gave me a smile,and pressed the button .

I got lost in my world as usual,I had this feeling of being watched so I looked at my right. He was watching me with intensity. I looked at clothes which were "simple blue top with faded jeans and diamond shaped earrings"

I found everything okay,I looked back and found him busy on his phone."silly me",why ll he watch you Bella? I sat down at my desk and saw some papers with topics and editing work. I busied myself...

Two months passed....

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I was having some problems with my health, my panic attacks were again increasing. I tried meditation and it helped me. I finally decided to visit mom. Home was as usual the same--father drunk in his alcoholic state,mom weak and working,my brother Samuel busy with his football practice. Quality time with mom helped me with my tiredness and stress of being overworked. After returning one day I fainted in office,when I opened my eyes I found myself in a office in which I had never been before.

"I instantly jerked and felt a hand on my forehead,"it was his hand"

"Are u okay bella?" - he asked me

I was continuously staring at him,he offered me a glass of water.

I took it and drank it thirstily,I tried to sit up and he offered me support.

" Yes sir! I am fine,it's just the weather"

"okay take care and if u need off u can take it" - just inform Liam

With that I left his office,I got freshened up and returned to my table. I saw some chocolates on my table with a note- "take care"

It automatically brought a smile to my lips. This was a new feeling for me,a man being caring and that too that rich with that much power. I am just an employee of his company yet he showed consideration. It showed his caring attitude..

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