1 No bloodline

Jade City, city lord mansion.

Today was a big event in the jade city. It is the day when youngsters at the age of 16 years will come to the city lord mansion to awaken their bloodline. To cultivate one must have a special physique or one must awaken the bloodline in their body.

It is said that humans especially have unique talent to merge with the blood of foreign races. There are even peerless powerhouses that went beyond foreign bloodlines and created their bloodline. The descendant of these powerhouses is still considered the strongest genius on this continent.

When everyone is ready to awaken their bloodline, an 18-year-old boy entered the hall, as soon as he entered the hall everyone fell silent.

The boy looked somewhat skinny and wore ragged clothes with some dirt on them. He also had a gold medal with a lion carving as it was hung around his neck.

His name was Lin Feng. He came from a poor background with some privileges due to the action of his parents.

It said his parents saved a royal bloodline who was severely injured and treated them back to their health. That person was grateful to his parents for rescuing him when he is injured, so he gave them a gold medal with a lion symbol engraved in them. This medal shows the protection of the royal family and this can also show the favor they owed towards the holder.

This medal can be used to exchange anything regardless of the price within the empire. Hence, the person who has this medal gets the privilege of a noble.

As soon as he went towards the center of the hall, people started whispering.

"Hey, what was it just now? Why does everyone give him the way?"

"What? Don't you know about the famous slumdog royal of the city?. Can't you guys can't even see the royal emblem on the medal?"

"It is said to be given to his parents for saving royal blood, and 4 years ago his parents went missing. There are even rumors, that he killed his parents to get his hands on the royal medal."

"That trash used the medal to attend the awakening ceremony but did not awaken any bloodline and this was his last opportunity if he missed this then he will dwell around the city as a slumdog noble."

The city lord Martin who saw the incoming of the young man had a complicated expression on his face. Because he knows how hardworking Lin Feng was after the disappearance of his parents. He believed that as long as Lin Feng awakened his bloodline he will become a genius that can be compared with the genius from the capital.

Lin Feng saw the city lord and quickly bowed his head with respect. City lord saw this and nodded his head and took out the bloodline crystal.

The blood crystal is a red color crystal that can resonate with any bloodline. It is a naturally formed ore that is used to improve the purity of the bloodline. As long as one drops their blood on the crystal, it resonates with the blood and awakens the bloodline hidden in the blood of the user.

He looked towards Lin Feng and asked "This is your last chance, I hope you can succeed."

Hearing the words of the city lord, Lin Feng nodded his head and muttered to himself.

[ I must succeed. This is my last opportunity. To meet my parents, I have to get stronger.]

Lin Feng came in front of the bloodline crystal, slit his finger, and dipped few drops of blood on the crystal. Few seconds passed still there was no reaction, this could only mean that he has no bloodline.

The city lord who saw this scene shook his head in disappointment.

Lin Feng's heart missed a beat for a second, his face became pale in despair, and finally, a single line of tears fell through his cheek. He held his head down and strides out of the hall.

As he went out many people laughed at him with mockery.


A loud voice from the city lord instantly silenced the entire hall.

"Do you think this is a place to laugh like idiots? After awakening bloodline, everyone here will embark on the path of cultivation. Do you people know how many ranks are there in cultivation?"

Suddenly one girl stood and said, "the ranks of cultivation start from the warrior rank, Master rank, Grandmaster rank, Martial king, each rank is divided into 1-9, we have no idea of the ranks that come after the martial king."

The city lord replied "Correct, but do you know that to become a warrior you should have the mind of a warrior, to become a master you should attain the mindset of a master, and to become a martial king you guys should have a mind of a king."

"Do you think people who like to laugh at other people can attain the mind of a king? Don't forget cultivation is not only for strength but also mind and those who failed to see that always gets stuck in lower ranks just like me and your family elders."

When the children of different families heard this they quickly lowered their heads in shame. They realized how weak their mindset compared to the powerhouse.


Lin Feng returned to his small house and took a sheet from the bed, there was only one line written in it "Don't look for us".

When he saw this he had a complicated expression. Although he is young he knows that his parents don't want him to be in danger and that is why they sent a letter before leaving.

"Dad, Mom did you guys already know that your son won't be able to awaken any bloodline. Is that why you don't want me to search for you because I won't have any strength to search for you."

Soon he had a resolute expression on his face.

"So what if I don't have a bloodline, as long as I got a bloodline inheritance stone, I can still change my fate.

Soon he went out of the house along with a royal medal and his destination was the sky chamber of commerce.

Sky Chamber of commerce

Seeing Lin Feng entering the chamber the maids instantly welcomed him

"Welcome young master, what can I do for you?"

"I am looking for bloodline inheritance stone, do you have them?"

"Sorry young master this is not something we can handle, we will go and inform the Manager"

After getting his approval the maid walked inside the hall, soon a fat man wearing full of ornaments from his head to toe appeared, he had baby skin and a chubby face.

"Dear sir, I am the manager of the shop. What can I do for you "

"I am here to buy bloodline inheritance stone," Lin Feng said and took out his royal medal and placed it in front of them.

Seeing the gold medal the eyes of the manager filled with greed. He quickly said "Bloodline inheritance crystals are extremely rare even in the capital but the young master is lucky because just a few days back we found a bloodline inheritance crystal from the bandits. We originally planned to send the crystal back to the capital tomorrow if young master late by a day you may not get it."

"The only problem is the bloodline inheritance crystal we found is only at the master rank, so we are just afraid that the quality of the bloodline may be poor and we don't know if the inheritance will match the young master."

Bloodline inheritance crystals also have ranks. The ranks of the crystal are defined by the rank of the cultivator. Creating a bloodline inheritance crystal requires the sacrifice of the cultivator. A cultivator has to burn his blood, soul, and cultivation to create an inheritance.

Still, bloodline inheritance crystal is hard to find because the success rate extremely low, only one in a million sacrifices can successfully create a crystal. So only a few people who are at the end of their life will try to pass their bloodline.

Every inheritance crystal will have its requirements for the inheritors. If a person who does not have the required requirements uses the inheritance crystal and fails to get the bloodline then the inheritance will be wasted.

Higher the rank of bloodline crystal, the higher their requirements for the inheritors. Even so many geniuses try to attain such bloodline inheritance crystals.

To create inheritance, the higher the realm of the cultivator higher the chances of condensing the inheritance crystal. So people below grandmaster rank are nearly impossible to create a bloodline inheritance crystal.

"Master rank bloodline inheritance crystal ." Lin Feng is struggling to make a decision. After thinking for a minute he said " It's ok, I will take the crystal."

When the manager heated the answer his face bloomed like thousand flowers and he immediately said "Wait for a minute young master."

Soon the manager came with a wooden box and placed it in front of Lin Feng

"The inheritance crystal is inside young master."

After checking the box Lin Feng took the box and gave the royal gold medal to the manager and went out.

After Lin Feng went out a servant came close to the manager and asked "Manager that inheritance crystal was won by our young master Sky Alex in a stone gamble. Since that bloodline inheritance crystal is found from the fossil there is a chance for it being an ancient inheritance. If it is true then isn't a great loss for our commerce.

The manager looked at the servant and said " If you think that ancient inheritance is priceless then you are a fool. In today's time master ranks are trash and in the ancient eras the king level itself trash. In such era the master rank is worse than trash, what's the use of such inheritance."

"Getting the royal medal in exchange for the inheritance crystal is worth a lot. Now that the slumdog lost its noble halo many people won't hold back anymore."

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