3 Chakra Classes

Iruka was pissed. No, that was an understatement. Iruka was absolutely livid. He remembered explicitly telling Naruto to go to the library and yet didn't remember seeing her there even once. And even worse, she had the audacity to show up late when he told her they would be starting chakra classes today! You would think that would have motivated Naruto enough to show up on time, glancing around to make sure that everyone else was excited, which they were, he knew that it was just her apparently who wasn't. He glanced up at the clock and saw the class was on the verge of starting, he was preparing to get on the podium to start the lesson, a course in chakra. Before they all went out and unlocked their chakra and started on basics chakra exercises. Or at least the civilians would, the clan kids would work on some of the harder chakra control exercises, like multiple leaves instead of one.

Suddenly, the door was slammed off its hinge and went flying to the other side of the room, skidding along the way. An orange blur flew into the room at speeds that would make even the fastest cheetah jealous. And before anyone could react, the orange blur was sitting in a seat. Everyone turned to see them and were about to sigh, before whipping their head back for another look. It was Naruto... but not Naruto? The old Naruto, even though he always put on his megawatt grin, radiated an aura of sadness and loneliness, on top of being a midget. This one radiated an aura of vitality and the sheer amount of it that radiated off of him seemed to light up the room. Iruka noticed that if he hung him up like a scarecrow, Konoha would have the greatest harvest in history, but that was just his opinion.

He also noted that Naruto's appearance was much more... feminine. Actually, now that he thought about it, he didn't even know if Naruto was a boy. He didn't actually know anything about Naruto, other than the fact that the whole village scorned him, himself included until recently. He decided to check this later with the Hokage, before shaking himself out of his stupor and getting class started.

"Alright everyone, calm down. I know your all excited to finally start chakra training, but first, we need to get some background knowledge. Can anyone explain what chakra is to me?" Iruka said, and instantly, the hands of all the clan heirs and a girl with bright pink hair shot up. Iruka pointed to the girl with pink hair and made a gesture for her to explain.

"Hai, chakra is the life energy that flows inside of all of us. It is a combination of our physical and spiritual energy. Everyone has chakra, even animals because it is required for us to live. After molding the chakra, we can use it to do actions such as ninjutsu, or enhancing one's muscles to do superhuman actions." The pink-haired child stated. Even some of the clan heirs were in awe of her knowledge.

"Correct like always, Sakura," Iruka said, Sakura blushed a little at this praise, "but you forgot a couple of things." Everyone groaned, this statement always means Iruka was going into monologue mode. "As Sakura said, chakra is the molded form of our physical and spiritual energies, produced by our bodies and minds. Hence, to get more chakra you can increase mental capacities, or work out. But they need to be done in tandem to steadily increase chakra reserves. A ninja must use almost all of their maximum storage, before letting it restore. Slowly stretching out the container limit they have on their chakra. Chakra is also spread through genetics, as such a Nara will have lower reserves compared to an Akimichi. While a male will also have more chakra than a female, but this is not always the case. But with more chakra comes the problem of controlling it. A ninja that has as much chakra as a Hokage, yet zero control, will lose to a ninja with as much chakra as a civilian, with perfect control. If they had the same body strength and combat knowledge. Now, a civilian will usually have a chakra source comparable to a puddle of chakra, an academy bathtub of chakra, a Genin will have a small pond of chakra, a Chunin will have a large pond of chakra, a Jonin will have a lake of chakra, and a Kage will have a sea of chakra. The large difference in chakra between Jonin and Chunin is also another reason why most ninja stop at the Chunin rank. Chakra control is increased through basic exercises, such as the leaf sticking exercise. Now, there is much more to learn about chakra, as shown by the years of research. But these are the basic of the basics, and all we will need for now. Who's ready to take their first step into the ninja life?" There were cheers around the room.

Everyone all lined up and went to the training field regularly used for physical activities, and soon to be used for sparring. The instructors only deemed it safe for children to spar after being able to use their chakra because they will be able to recover faster. Iruka had everyone separate into two groups, one who had unlocked their chakra, being the heirs of clans and civilians who had ninja parents, and the ones who didn't, civilian hopefuls and Naruto herself.

"Those of you who have chakra, we will be working on increasing on chakra control. Go pick a leaf up off the ground and attempt to push chakra through the tenketsu point in your hand to make it stick, from there do it on your forehead, and if you get that, try to do both at once. If you ever start to feel your chakra start running dry, stop immediately. I don't want a student dying of chakra exhaustion under my teaching degree." The students nodded, before setting off and grabbing a leaf. Most kids' leaves just fell off, while some had their leaves destroyed.

Iruka then turned to the group who had yet to unlock their chakra. "Alright, everyone starts in the lotus position and then concentrates near your stomach. This is where your chakra is stored and molded. Your chakra will feel like a small puddle most likely, draw a little out and then move it to your hands and feet. There will be a little bit of pain when unlocking the tenketsu in the hands and feet, but not much. It will also feel like something is wiggling under your skin the first time you use chakra, but that is just your body adjusting to the use of chakra veins. So it will go away with time. I'll be here in case anyone has problems.

All the kids nodded and sat down. The fastest one being Sakura, who unlocked it in half an hour with her insane chakra control. and from there a group of kids unlocked it every five or ten minutes. An hour later, as the class was all working on the leaf exercise, Naruto was still sitting there. She couldn't find her chakra, it was camouflaged inside of the natural chakra flowing throughout her body. Of course, no one else knew this, so they all scoffed and just called her an idiot, again. She grits her teeth, she was Naruto goddamn Uzumaki, she would find her chakra if it was the last thing she did! So the second she finally got a pull on her chakra, and not the natural chakra, she pulled. Even though Iruka said to only draw a little she was too angry to remember and just wanted to find her chakra. And the effect was instantaneous. Huge amounts of chakra flooded her body and chakra veins, she was lucky they were reinforced and largened by the natural energy earlier or she would have probably crippled herself with this action.

Her chakra exploded outward, leaving a crater where she was sitting and piercing the sky in a greenish-blue light that felt like it was connected to the earth itself. The sheer amount of chakra radiation from her body easily rivaled a Kage, but Iruka could tell she had no control. And with it exploding outwards, he had no way to reach his student in the middle of it.

The Hokage quickly arrived with an ANBU squad and was just as amazed seeing it up close. Her chakra potency easily rivaled the Shodaime himself, if not more. And he could easily tell this was her own chakra because the Bijuu sealed inside her had insidious, malice filled chakra, while this chakra was filled with vitality and hope. "Iruka, what happened?" The Hokage asked as he arrived on the scene.

"Hokage-Sama, I was teaching the students how to unlock their chakra, Uzumaki-San was taking much longer than other students, as I was about to go and help him, he suddenly released a huge amount of abnormal chakra," Iruka reported. The Hokage's brow slightly twitched when heard Iruka referring to Naruto with a male pronoun, he knew his surrogate-granddaughter didn't care, but you would think she would have enough pride as a woman to at least correct her teacher.

"ANBU, take a sample of Uzumaki's chakra and bring it to the lab, while I deal with the problem." The ANBU agent nervously approached Naruto. He knew that she was the Jinchuriki so he had no clue what might happen. But as he approached the chakra, it felt like all the burdens on his shoulder we lifted, and his body cleansed. He bathed in the feeling and almost forgot his mission, before shaking himself out of it and pulling out a special container to store chakra. He had to remember to add highly addictive to his reports. He quickly body flickered away to bring it to the researchers to find out more about the abnormal chakra.

The Hokage slowly approached Naruto, and the second he entered the range of the chakra, he too felt the effects, like he was back in his prime fighting in the second ninja war. He just barely shook it off before approaching Naruto. The first thing he noticed was her features, though. He hadn't seen her in a week, but he knew someone couldn't change this much in a week. He would have to talk about this with her later after this whole mess was cleaned up.

He gently shook her and watched as her chakra slowly stopped being expelled, being pulled back into her body, and her eyes blearily opened. It appeared the addictiveness of the chakra was just as much a problem for her like him. It appears that control is going to be a pain in the ass for her. She soon became fully awake and saw him. He saw recognition light up her face, before a blinding smile replaced it. One of her actual ones, not the ones she had walking around the village, or in front of kids her age.

"Hiya Jiji! What are you doing here? Oh! Guess what? I got my chakra! It was so cool Jiji!" She rapid fired while grinning at him. He just chuckled and patted her head with a grand-fatherly gaze.

"Now now, Naruto, it appears your chakra has caused quite a commotion," The Hokage said, and Naruto looked around to see everyone looking at her. She blushed and put her head down, the Hokage laughed at this action. "How about you go home for today, I'll discuss with Iruka what to do with you and you can come back tomorrow and we'll have this problem fixed." He gave her another head pat before shooing her off. Still blushing, Naruto scurried away under the gazes of all her classmates and Iruka.

"Alright Iruka, I'll have some Genin repair this field as a D-rank mission, I and you need to head to the research lab so we can fully understand what happened. If I had to guess, I would say it was a type of chakra mutation or Kekkei Genkai." Iruka nodded along.

"You're all free to go home, we'll continue this tomorrow. Remember, working with chakra without a teacher is dangerous, so don't do it!" Iruka yelled and all the kids nodded before going back to the building to pack up and head home. Iruka just trailed behind the Hokage as they headed to the research lab. "Are you sure they're done researching it already?" Iruka couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, since I sent it in, they'll know it is a high priority. And just finding the nature of a chakra isn't as hard as you may think. Of course, I'll have them do a more thorough scan, but for now, we just need the surface." Iruka nodded and they soon arrived in front of the lab. The guards nodded to them and greeting, and a huge sign that said 'Welcome to the Ninja Research Centre' told Iruka they were there.

They walked through the hallway before arriving at a door with 'Chakra Research and Development' above it. Entering, they found a large rectangular room, and in the center of it was a wisp of the greenish-blue chakra that naruto emitted. With all kinds of advanced technology that wasn't yet released to the public surrounding it.

"Hokage-Sama, we have the report of the initial scan." A man called out, they both turned to reveal a man in a white coat with baggy black pants and black ninja sandals, with a blue turtle neck. He had a sharp face with round glasses and piercing brown eyes, along with slicked-back brown hair that had a single strand hanging in front of his forehead.

"Itsuki, always a pleasure working with you, what are the results?" The Hokage asked, and Itsuki pulled up what appeared to be a portable computer, much to Iruka's amazement. Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed access to all the technology as he worked in the combat-oriented branch of Konoha's Ninja Force.

"We have made several observations about the chakra and have speculations, we would need a higher concentration to test any of them. The first thing noted is the high addictiveness of the chakra. It is comparable to a refreshing breeze, or a drink of water after a week in a desert. This may be a problem for Uzumaki's future teammates unless you have them work alone, as cooperation will be difficult. The second speculation is the potentness of the chakra, where a clone jutsu for a normal ninja might take a cup of chakra, using this chakra it would only take a shot glass. Making control even more important for Uzumaki-San. The third was the vitality found in it. We took a small part of the sample we were given and injected it into the ANBU who brought it here. It amazed us it actually replenished his chakra. It also appears that it greatly speeds up the cells, increasing the regenerative factor of the patient. Not that I'm recommending it, but if we had Uzumaki produce chakra for our forces inside a secure location we could greatly bolster our forces combat power." Itsuki immediately felt two very angry gazes on him and quickly waved off his suggestion before moving on.

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"Now for speculations, the first is that this is not a Kekkei Genkai like we originally thought, but a special mutation inside of Uzumaki-San that makes them fuse a third element into their chakra, giving it the greenish tint. This also means that if Uzumaki-San has a child, it will not reoccur in them. We need to do a more in-depth search of this though. Our final initial speculation has to lead us to believe there is something significantly different in Uzumaki's body compared to ours." The Hokage's and Iruka's eyes narrowed at this. "Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. What I'm saying is that if a normal person had this chakra, they would've crippled themselves the second they started to let it flow through their body. Their chakra veins would burst and their tenketsu points explode, as the chakra is too thick and potent for a normal human. We can only assume Uzumaki is safe due to the Yondaime's seal naturally flowing purified Bijuu chakra through her veins to strengthen them and be able to withstand this chakra." He wasn't far off from the truth, as Naruto would've been in much more pain and it would've taken a lot longer without her already strengthened chakra veins and tenketsu before using the natural energy to unlock them, but they didn't know this. The Hokage just sighed, wishing he had his pipe on him. 'I'm gonna take one from the Naras, how troublesome. It appears me and you have a very long conversation ahead of us, Naruto.' The Hokage thought while sighing.

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