1 A New Begin

A boy who just turned 16. It's his birthday. The moment he blew out the candles everything went dark. He woke up in a crib too weak to open his eyes and too weak to talk, just making moaning sounds like a baby. At that moment he heard the voice of an old woman.

???: Oh deer, Mark, what woke you up at this hour? Did you pee yourself again?

Thoughts: Mark?, Pee!, AGAIN! Just what is going on,

At this moment ¨Mark¨ was breathing heavily and the old woman could see this so she picked him up gently.

???: don't worry, I'll change your diaper.


Thoughts: I need to relax, Think this through and look at the facts, what do I remember last. It was my birthday, my sixteenth one to be exact and I was about to blow out the candles and then ...  I don't remember anything after that, but when I came back to consciousness I was laying on something soft and couldn't move my body properly, not even open my eyes. I couldn't speak properly then an old woman came into the room and started talking about how I peed myself. I get the feeling she was talking to me like I'm an idiot. In conclusion, I am a baby, now the new question is how is it possible? What's more important is to slowly assess the situation, fit in so as not to seem suspicious, and finally find a way to get back to my normal life. 

???: there! all done now, just gotta put you back to sleep.

The old woman started rocking Mark back and started singing a nursery rhyme he didn't know.

Thoughts: I'm starting to feel tired. I'll just rest my eyes for a bit.

???: oh? It looks like he has already fallen asleep, good night deer.

The next day Mark was woken up by a gentle feeling, the old woman was holding him in her arms she was holding a bottle of milk to his mouth; so without question, he took the tit of the bottle and began drinking the milk.

Thoughts: what is this,  it's not good … oh that's right all that jazz, guess I fell asleep, what should I do now. Never mind I can't do much right now, I'm kinda just along for the ride.

???: Ok honey now that you're done I have to go do something for a bit. I'll put you in your crib with some toys.

Thoughts: is it ok to leave a baby all alone, well I can't complain … literally.

The old woman laid Markdown with some toys, kissed the top of his head, and walked out of the room.

Thoughts: well guess this is my life now, time to lay back and enjoy my life as a baby while it lasts.

Laying on this crib not thinking of anything, not moving almost like meditating he felt something strange, a sort of energy or strength in his body. It was weak, oh so very weak that you would never notice it from doing your normal routine of waking up and 18 hours later going to bed.

Thoughts: hmmm? What's this?

Mark was amused by this strange feeling, he tried focusing on this feeling and ever so slightly he could feel it better. Thinking it was something natural like your leg falling asleep or not being able to stand up because your brain didn't get enough oxygen he tried many things to interact with it. It took some trial and error but it seemed that using his mind to probe it was an efficient way to interact with it.

"Well, this is interesting." was what Mark thought he said the actuality was baby talk. Mark continued to play with this new feeling, after all, he didn't enjoy playing with baby toys. Mark with much trouble moved the energy around his body, it made him feel mentally and physically exhausted. Before he stopped completely he made sure to burn the feelings he had experienced into his mind, after that he could no longer hold on and fainted. All in all the entire process only was around five seconds even so it took everything out of Mark, he was only a baby, after all, two hours later the old woman came back, at that time Mark was still asleep in his crib when the old woman saw him she smiled and went to a comfortable rocking chair and sat down and doze off. Three hours later Mark woke up feeling hungry, looking around, seeing the old woman asleep.

Thoughts: it seems that the old woman is back … I'm feeling kind of hungry, I need to wake her up but how …, what a pain.


???: OH MY! Mark what is wrong, why are you crying, did you make a mess in your diaper again.

Thoughts: the hell woman I am hungry, I did no- … no, it can't be I've, soiled myself, but I don't remember needing to go to- .. ah I get it, as a baby I have weak bowels, and I fainted for who knows how long, my body isn't trained to not do such things when I'm asleep, how humiliating.

???: Oh don't worry dear, old Jenny's gonna clean you, then I'll give you a bottle of milk, after that why don't we go on a nice little stroll downtown.

Thoughts: please just end me.

Grandma Jenny: Annnnnd did, now let me go get you a warm bottle of milk and a nice baby blue outfit. You'll look so cute.  

Twenty minutes later Grandma Jenny and Mark left the house with Mark in a cute sailor outfit. 

Thoughts: please just kill me now. End me.

Mark was living in a big town from what he could see; his caretaker was fairly well off, but not specifically rich. Jenny's house was around the center of town, from what he could see the technology level indicates that the time was around 1980 to early 2000s While pushings Mark's stroller around town Jenny was saying hi to many people and showing Mark to all of them, from what Mark could gather the old woman was well-liked by everyone they met. After about an hour of taking detours to talk to every person, he could find she brought Mark to a cozy-looking house in front of it was a woman, maybe around her late twenties to early thirties, who shared a resemblance to the old woman.

???: Oh mother you came to visit, what a surprise!

Grandma Jenny: Well you rarely come to visit Ely, and an old woman like me starts to feel lonely sometimes.

Ely: Isn't that why you adopted a little one? When I gave birth to my child you were all over him, always asking to take care of him.

Grandma Jenny: Oh you know how I am with children, anyway I've brought Mark here to watch him play with your son.

Thoughts: I see, so the old woman saw her daughter with a child of her own and it reminded her of how much she loved taking care of her. I suspected that the old woman was taking care of me for someone or she adopted me since she couldn't have given birth considering her age. Also since this old woman is my adoptive mother I would be considered that other woman's brother, nevermind I don't care.

Ely: I bet I know why you chose that little one to adopt, it's because he's so cute, oh aren't you a cutie.

Grandma Jenny: Well that's one of the reasons why but no the main reason was so that he and your son could grow up together being something like brothers or best friends.

Ely: Well that's a nice thought but let's get inside to talk more, I'll make you a nice cup of coffee.

Both women entered the house with Jenny pushing Mark´s stroller inside the house.

Ely: Sylph is in my room playing in his crib, you can place him there and let them play,

Jenny picked up Mark from the stroller and sat him down next to Sylph. Sylph had light blond short hair with emerald green eyes; he was wearing a green shirt with matching pants and socks.

Thoughts: What could be more boring than being left with someone not even close to my age … well mentally that is. I should understand what made me faint, I was playing with … that's right I was playing with a strange feeling then after moving it around a bit I tired myself out and fainted, the logical conclusion is that what I was messing with was something akin to mp like in video games or qi of a specific anime.  so using it is good but exhausting it might cause my death… ¨sight¨ guess I gotta be extra careful when trying to understand how this energy works.

Carefully but diligently Mark remembered the feeling and concentrated: let's see, the energy seems to be spread out inside my body, none it is outside so I wonder, what if … Nah I'll try it when my body is stronger.


Thoughts: I don't believe it, this little gremlin slapped me, you shall fear the wrath of the almighty MAR-


Sylph: ehhhh Ahhhg brrrrrrrrr!

Thoughts: Right this is a baby, it doesn't know better… It still hurts though! Just wait until you get older, I'm going to bully you into oblivion! Now leave me alone for a bit, I'm training.

After meeting his new friend Sylph, Mark goes back to his goal of understanding the energy in his body. After an unbearable amount of time, the old woman finally thought it was late enough to go, Sylph had fallen asleep and Mark was feeling extremely tired. He was at the point of falling over, the moment the old woman laid him on the stroller he fell asleep.

Ely: Oh look at him, he's so cute.

Grandma Jenny: Well, of course, he's been playing with Sylph all afternoon. It's a miracle he didn't fall asleep as Sylph did.

Ely: ok, well I'll make sure to come to visit more. Sylph looked like he had fun playing with Mark.

Grandma Jenny: Alright I'm going home to put Mark in his crib and to go to bed myself.  

Ely: Alright mom, see you later.

Grandma Jenny: Bye deary!

Jenny pushed Mark's stroller back to her home and placed Mark on his crib, kissing him on the head and saying good night. And so 5 months passed with Mark training his energy when he could, and learning all he could to the best of his abilities, he understood that he should take advantage of his fast learning brain for as long as possible. He was able to control his energy for longer than 20 seconds, reaching a whopping 72 seconds and being able to access the energy without needing to concentrate much. Since he recently gained the ability to crawl he could hide somewhere and experiment without being noticed by the old woman. Mark was using an old room with nothing inside it as a place to experiment and train. Today was the day he would try moving the energy outside his body, a light blue aura dimly outlined Mark´s body feeling him with energy enough to allow him to stand after. Mark looked at his hands examining them and he understood that the energy was enhancing the physical properties of his body.

Thoughts: This is amazing, it feels like adrenaline is constantly coursing through me, no this is different, I can't quite describe it, this feeling is something you would only understand if you experienced it yourself.

Mark with his tiny baby body began running or at least moving as fast as a child could on two feet and throwing mediocre punches at nothing. After a few seconds, Mark started to feel light-headed so he sucked the energy back into his body and plowed down.

Thoughts: man, I feel light-headed, well at least I made a new inquiry and learned something useful… but for what? Since I got here I learned that I didn't just travel back in time 40 something years. This is a whole new world similar but different from my own, for example, the continents, there are only 5 and look very different than the ones I know. I am currently located on a huge island called Cosano Skerry two thousand kilometers off the shore of a continent to the northwest called Abath (Aba-th), I've looked at a couple of dozen books and there is nothing even comparable to the energy I've been using the past month. That leads me to believe that either I'm the only person that can use it or there is a secret group of people controlling the spread of information about it. I'm a little biased towards believing in the ladder option because there are mythical beasts in this world, or at least books are telling of mythical beasts though I haven't seen any. But that doesn't answer the question of why I'm doing this. With my knowledge I could probably become wealthy or maybe even influential, so why … Oh! I know now, I want to live an interesting life! What I want is to experience extraordinary things that no one has ever experienced. I want to spend every day of my life living without having to bend to others' wills and just have fun. Yeah, that sounds like a great goal, something worth striving for. But I'll need strength to do that. I need to become strong enough to be able to overwhelm even the strongest of groups by myself. But also it will be an extraordinary journey to accomplish this goal of mine. I might die… ¨sigh¨ WELP! I've already made up my mind, there's no going back now.

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