4 Chapter 3: Blue or Black

P.O.V Caitlin

"You're thirty minutes late. Bring your ugly ass here as soon as possible or else you'll regret it." Leo sent Darren a voice message because Darren wasn't picking up the call.

"Seriously? How will you make him regret?" I asked Leo, amused by his stupid carefulness.

"You shouldn't worry about that. Where the hell is he?" Leo almost yelled in a frustrated tone.

"Hey, Leo. Take a chill pill. He's not a kid. He might be enjoying himself." I was sitting on the sofa, filing my nails.

"He is the most irresponsible guy I've ever seen. When I said seven, then it means sharp at seven." He was anxious and his anxiousness was kind of annoying me.

"It's okay, Leo. You're exaggerating things." I again tried to calm him.

"Exaggerating things? Look, he's my only brother, my only family and I've never left him alone like that." And my whole 'calm him down' was again ruined.

"Okay, don't fight with me. I didn't ask you to leave him alone there." I threw my hands up in defeat.

"Yeah, I was..." He was preparing to counterattack when his phone started ringing.

"You stupid moron! Where are you? Do you have any idea how much worried I am?" After saying that, Leo stopped talking and listened carefully. He listened for some good 5 minutes, making me curious to know too because, with every passing second, his expressions stiffened. He looked even more concerned.

At last, he spoke, "Hello! Hey! Hello, who's there? Are you listening? Darren?" And the call dropped.

He looked at his phone with an unreadable expression, and then at me.

"What happened?" I was also worried now.

"I...I don't know." He looked nervous. "I think Darren is like... kidnapped or something."

"What? How? Where is he now?" Now, it was my turn to become annoyingly anxious. This wasn't something good, because Darren didn't have any powers to protect himself.

"Yeah, as if he called me to give explanations, right?" He questioned my stressed state.

"Will he be okay?" I asked gently. I was really worried about him. Raking my brain, I thought about who could do that?

"I hope," He said in a little softer tone, though he was more worried about him than me. After all, they were together for their whole lives, and I just met them around two weeks ago.

"So, what should we do now?"

Suddenly, his face darkened. "I need to get myself teleported!"


P.O.V Darren

"I said don't even try to move, or else I'll shoot!" He said, angrily pushing the gun hard in her neck. The room was getting darker and colder with every passing second.

"Oh yeah, do you think that I...will...obey...your...orders." She spoke the last line while struggling to get out of his masculine hold. And let me say, she wasn't a weak girl who could easily give up.

"Leo, control yourself, the room is getting colder... And, I seriously don't want to die with your hands," I said to Leo. I knew him well and I knew what could he do.

He sighed and saw the fog coming out of his mouth. Leo threw her across the floor with a dull thud and relaxed while dropping the gun on the floor. She turned around angrily while her hair and eyes started becoming red. Leo was a little taken aback, but he was still filled with rage. After all, she kidnapped me, now the consequences were in front of her.

Leo moved towards her, the tips of his greyish brown hair becoming blue. Blue floated back and forth on his hair. He again stepped forward, but this time, she stumbled back in horror. She was scared as if she had never seen someone else with these powers.

Suddenly, the gun started flying slowly and came back to Leo's hand. She was watching this whole drama until Leo shot something beside her head. A short scream left her mouth.

"What the hell on earth are you trying to do, Leo," I yelled at him. 'Did he forget that we needed her?'

Leo ignored me completely. "You better not touch my brother again 'pumpkin head', or it may go the wrong way." He growled in a lowered tone.

"Leo, you know that we were looking for her. We found her after the struggle of two weeks! Why are you scaring her?" I was tensed by the way he was reacting.

With a swift move of his head, Leo looked at me with a do-you-think-I-don't-know-that expression.

"Uh...h...Sorry!" This was the second time I felt myself in the middle of something and apologized again.

She looked at both of us like a Deaf, not understanding the situation.

"No more funny business pumpkin, or you won't like it," Leo said after calming himself a little. There was silence for some good irritating 5 minutes while they both stared at each other.

"Uh... Leo? Are you going to untie me, or am I supposed to stay here for the whole night?" I broke their staring competition.

"Fine." He quiffed his hair which was coming back to its original brown color. While coming behind and untying me, his eyes never left that redhead.

"Ouch!" I felt a twinge in my wrists when my hands were set free.

"Does it hurts?" Leo came towards me and...


She took the chance and dashed out of the room, leaving an empty door behind for Leo and me to see.

"That son..." Leo bit his tongue not to speak further. Anger radiated throughout his body.

"She will be the daughter of a dog, not a son of a bitch." I corrected Leo's unspoken sentence. Glaring at me, he slapped my arm. He then ran towards the door.

"I'm going after her. Meet me at the quarry beside the big ground and..." He pointed towards her bed. "She left your phone there."

And he was out.

I walked towards the bed and grabbed my mobile. Looking around that suspicious room of hers, I smiled mischievously, "It's going to be fun!"


P.O.V Redhead

I kept on running not even bothering to look behind me, whether they were following me or not. For a moment, I zoned out so much that I didn't know why was I running, and what was I running from exactly. So, I stopped at this thought.

'I'm running from those weirdos because... oh, goodness. They have powers!' I started running again in fright. 'This couldn't be true, right?'

After running for nearly 5 more minutes, I moved towards an alley, trying to dodge them, and hid there. Leaning against the wall of the alley, I closed my eyes as soon as I moved inside. I was panting frantically.

"Don't ever run away again!"

"Oh, shit!" I opened my eyes as much wide as I could, and looked at the figure in front of me.

"Hh... How did you come here? Wh... at... What do you want from me?" My voice wasn't supporting me, maybe because of running that much, or maybe because I was afraid. All that my frightened state could do was to try to dissolve me in the brick wall behind me, but we sadly weren't in 'Harry Potter'.

He trudged towards me and closed the distance between us. I looked at him. I was scared and my body betrayed me, showing my frightened state clearly to him.

He put his hands on both sides of me and leaned forward a bit. "You!" I didn't get this at first, but when I understood that it was the answer to my previously asked question, I became furious, and also a bit more afraid.

"Get lost, you asshole!" I tried to push him away, but he caught both my wrists and put them behind my back.

"You play it my way, or else, I'll make you play it my way." He snickered in my ear. "I'm good either way." His gorgeous blue eyes became dark, like really dark. After a flicker, they became dead black. Why? How? I didn't know. Maybe, it was his power. But it did make me remember my past, that someone, who had all Black.

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He put something inside my pocket and said in a low robotic growl, "The address is written on it. Be there on time!"

'What is happening to him?' "O... Okay. Stop it, now!" My voice trembled. and his dark eyes took some time and flickering again, they came back to their original bright blue color.

He seemed lost for a moment and stared at me like he didn't know who I was. After contemplating for a while, he instantly backed off. Something definitely happened to him. I was sure of it. He looked at me for a moment or so, and I felt him coming back to his senses. "Be there on time," He ordered in his own voice and left me in that alley all alone.

"Yeah, as if I will," I muttered a curse, watching him leave.

After he was gone, I gathered myself and walked out, thinking about his powers. I was curious that what kind of power it was which made him a robot. I looked at the piece of paper he put inside my pocket. There were an address and time written on it. "They messed with the wrong person." I chuckled dryly.

It took me almost fifteen minutes to get back to my apartment because of those dumbos.

"Did an earthquake hit my apartment?!" I freaked out soon as I entered because my closet was opened, drawers were out of their place and my things were scattered.

I quickly looked for my personal stuff, my diaries, notes, etc. They were all gone.

"Arghhhhh...... I'm so gonna kill them!!!" I yelled as much loudly as I could.

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