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For people who just wanna know the plot: In this story, there's a suicidal girl, a mature zombie shota, a mute ghostie that loves emojis, a bald devil whose age is unknown, a temperamental ball of fluff-chick researcher... you'll see more as it goes. There's magic, there are fights, there's scheming, betrayal, all types of weird creatures and organisms, there are humans (there're always humans...), hidden organizations, ambitions, apples because of course! Finally, if I was to compare this to any story... well, I wouldn't be able to choose just one. This has elements from many stories I've read over the years, and my own personal additions. Well, I hope you enjoy! For theme-lovers who are bored: What are your wishes? The ones that can never come true? Like being able to fly, or living in a world of magic and dragons? Like cultivating to the highest realm, face-slapping any young master that gets in your way? Creating a harem, destroying the world, those desires count too. But those aren't going to be fulfilled, you know that. So does our main character. She's a wonderful character if I do say so myself. In the beginning, she's real fun with a side of annoying and depressing. And in the end, you'll wonder if she's the same character. Well, maybe. The world around her is huge, much huger than she had ever imagined, and could ever have hoped for. There'll be many setbacks. She's still immature and young, though she has moments of incredible maturity and levelheadedness. The characters around her are unique in their own ways, and don't think they'll just fade in and out of the story! In this world, the main character isn't the main-she's just one of the many extraordinary creations. This is both a dark and light story, one that’ll give you chills and make you feel better. I hope it’ll be great, but since everyone’s tastes are different, I can’t swear on it. I assure you though, it’s very interesting. There are some dark topics, like suicide, but they won’t drag on throughout the whole story. This is a feel-good story mostly, but it’s not intended to be all hugs. You’ll feel upset very often. But thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun with me on this journey with our main character and her enemies! *Disclaimer: the picture's not mine, the one on the cover. I got it from Unsplash.*


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