1 Chapter 1

Maybe it passed too fast. Maybe it happened in a second. Maybe I couldn't decipher the actions I performed in time. Or maybe it was all the hand of destiny. I'm not sure how it happened, or why. All I know is that at that moment my life changed.

I've never had a special relationship before. I didn't even believe in love. Being a teacher and, on top of that, a virgin, I didn't believe in love, because I never had a relationship. I was deeply amazed when my heart jumped the moment I saw him. His face is still clear to me. His blond hair, whose messy locks were standing naughty on his forehead, his bright hazel eyes, his olive skin, his pronounced jaw bone, and his full, pink lips.

I had melted when I first saw him at a downtown club. He was a little older than me. He sat at the bar and poured a glass of Tequila down his throat. From time to time he would put the glass down, glance at the people in the club with those bright eyes, then take another sip of alcohol. I couldn't help but analyze his face and every movement.

I noticed a gold ring on his finger, then I realized it was a wedding ring. I sighed sadly, still watching him. I knew it. I couldn't have been that lucky. The way he moved his hands and body amazed me. He was so graceful that I instantly thought about a swan.

The man took the glass to his mouth for the last time, then put it down. He hadn't finished drinking. He removed the wedding ring from his finger and let it sink into the glass. He turned on his heel and began to walk slowly out, slipping through the crowd. His blue pants were molded and his long legs stood out. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a worn leather jacket that was the same color as the T-shirt.

I hurried out, gaining some strange glances from my friends. When I got outside, I realized I had lost him. I sighed and leaned against a car, frustrated. I can say that I was completely surprised when the window came down and our eyes met. In his eyes, confusion and amazement led to a fierce battle, which earned short smile from me.

He was even more beautiful up close. I blinked and made sure I wasn't dreaming. Reaching for a conclusion after a few long seconds, after he smiled at me, after my heart pounded in my chest and after he looked me in the eye, I was happy to say that I was, clearly and for sure, not dreaming.