Before it all Started Book

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Before it all Started


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"I'll leave this to you, Let-Rae." The only vivid memory that she can remember, the last time she saw my brother and the beginning of this trouble as he handed her a very dark cube like dice where light doesn't even hit. The world's in mess a long time ago, and it's not surprising that many people dissapeared one by one. Leaving many questions to everyone's mind, but sadly she ain't one of them. The fact that I do know about the truth, she was also given with this "important task". This is why she have to use this truth she know to fix it all. Lettuce Rail Mercado is her name, even if she have to grow up fast, be strong for the safety of others and knowing she can't do this all alone she have to save everyone. With the tool that her brother gave, she can travel any time, any era, or any place anywhere and she have to find the people she needed to succeed. To where she found her first comrade a two young men who she knew they're older than they seem to be, her uncle and a familiar man that she or may not knew. Lettuce knows that everything has limits, will she be able to finish what she have to do? Will she be able to find the people she needed? Does she have to sacrifice something in order for her to do what is meant to be done? Or will she be able to survive? Disclaimer: The characters and some events depicted in this novel are fictitious, any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Inspired by historical events, books and characters.


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