44 Marry Another Man

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In the afternoon, after the banquet, Qiao Jinniang went to the Duchess.

The Duchess entertained guests for a day and was about to take a break in the afternoon. When she heard Qiao Jinniang come over, however, her sleepiness was immediately gone.

Qiao Jinniang saluted and said, "Mother, I've thought it over, and I don't think I should marry Cousin."

The Duchess immediately asked, "Jinniang, did the Li Family say something to you?"

Qiao Jinniang shook her head and said, "No, they're very good people. If I've never been married, I will definitely think Cousin is a good choice for me, but I had once been married, so I am afraid that marrying me may ruin his bright future."

The Duchess was surprised. "Why do you think so? They still need your father to help Li Yun in his career."

"Jinniang, His Royal Highness will choose his wife and concubines this June 28th. If nothing else happens, Ruoyi will probably marry into the East Palace.


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