40 ~°~Chapter Forty~°~

After a considerable while of sobbing, the tears dry out and I'm left sniffling and shuddering with the force of my crying fit. I wipe my face on the edge of my shirt and compose myself.

I would have to take a cab back home because walking was out of the question, I'm too exhausted anyway, the crying had taken its toll on me. 

The taxi ride was short and uneventful which was just fine for my present mood, I get down and pay the cab driver and walk up to the white picket fence with an equally white gate.

The front yard was filled with synthetic grasses and flowers while back was literally a forest, a natural one.

I walk straight to the clay vase beside the door and dip a hand inside, there was always a spare key there in case Shana or Virgil came over when there was no one home.

The thought of Virgil's name made my heart constrict, it wasn't a nice feeling.

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