61 Doing Odd Jobs As A Newb!?

Hey, Shun here!

I found out that newbs do need to do odd jobs in order to rank up and take more adventurer-like jobs.

I can't wait to get to that point. I don't want to stay as a newbie adventurer, after all.


(Shun's POV)

While looking at the bulletin board, the quests I found were as follows:


Type: Miscellaneous


Clean a bathroom.

Reward(s): Eight copper coins.

Rank: G-rank and above.

Requirement(s): One or more people.



Type: Gathering


Gather five tufts of an herb called the 'Healing Herb'.

Reward(s): Five copper coins.

Rank: G-rank and above.

Requirement(s): One or more people.



Type: Miscellaneous


Find the missing pet of the village chief's beloved wife.

Reward(s): Twenty copper coins.

Rank: G-rank and above.

Requirement(s): One or more people.



Type: Miscellaneous


Deliver ten goods.

Reward(s): Ten copper coins.

Rank: G-rank and above.

Requirement(s): One or more people.



Type: Hunting


Hunt rabbits.

Reward(s): At most, ten copper coins per rabbit.

Rank: G-rank and above.

Requirement(s): One or more people.

Note(s): Minimum of three rabbits, maximum of ten. Must be hunted during the same day.


There are some other quests but basically, they all look the same as these ones. I figured that G-rank wouldn't enable you to accept quests that are too farfetched and dangerous but I didn't think it would be like this.

I guess I should do my best to rank up fast. Well, anyway, I guess I should take up the delivery quest and the cleaning the bathroom quest.

Why? Because I could pretty much complete these two with much ease.

With the help of the Map function, I could navigate myself through this town while also looking at the town's various locations with my own eyes. My speed is also one of the factors why I wanted to take up this quest.

As for the cleaning the bathroom quest, I just took it because it's one of the more lucrative quests. My [Purification] magic could pretty much clean them all in one go.

I tried using it on a goblin's loincloth and it worked wonders on it. Like, seriously, it became really clean that you wouldn't think it's a cloth that's been worn by a goblin.

As for the rabbit hunting quest, I'll take it after submitting the completion of the delivery quest.

"Alright. These are just perfect…"

I took the slips and headed straight for the counter. But wait… I'm curious. Shouldn't [Purification] take care of this? Did they not think of that solution?

Curious, I asked the receptionist. Uh… right. It's the same Ms. Receptionist as earlier. I just noticed that now.

"This quest was sent to us because the mess was too intense for the client to clean himself with just [Purification]. Are you interested?"

"I'll need a second to think."

Hmm… I wonder just how friggin' dirty it's gonna be? Well, since my [Purification] could more or less clean any dirt according to my experiments the last time, I guess I'll take this quest.

If my [Purification] was the normal one, though, I wouldn't take this quest. I just took it since it's easy money for me.

Visualization really is important with magic. I didn't expect that the modern people of Earth who knew nothing about magic would find out about this.

"I would like to take this quest. I'll take this delivery quest as well."

"Will delivery quests not be too much for you? You've only just arrived in town. I cannot recommend it."

"I won't have any problems as long as you tell me exactly where I need to go to fetch the goods."

"You do know that I won't be able to physically guide you there myself, yes?" Miss, I'll be fine as long as you tell me where to go, I thought to myself.

The receptionist furrowed her brows even further after looking at the second slip I had with me.

"And you're going to take this miscellaneous quest as well? Are you sure you aren't being reckless?"

"Reckless?" I tilted my head slightly as I looked at the Ms. Receptionist with a questioning gaze.

"Yes. I'm not sure whether or not you can finish these two quests all by yourself. These two quests require some time for you to finish them, after all. Remember, if you get a low evaluation score, the pay will also lower as a result."

I get it. However, with my [Purification] and speed, I'm confident I could finish these two in a jiffy. I need to get to an appropriate rank so that I could dive inside other dungeons, after all.

If a time were to come when my and Rokuko's dungeon were to be classified as a high level dungeon, I wouldn't want to be barred from entering it. Being barred from entering your own dungeon would suck, after all.

"…I believe I mentioned this when making your guild card, but failure to complete a request results in a fine and a punishment. Do you still wish to go through with this?"

"Yep, absolutely." I completely understand where you're coming from Ms. Receptionist. However, I know I can do all of these quests with relative ease. Trust me.

"…Very well, application registered. The guild accepts your services. The client is the blacksmith located in the west industrial district. Take care not to get lost. Here is the quest slip you should show to the client. Be certain to receive his signature after completing the job."

It looks like she finally relented.

"…Oh, and regarding the delivery quest, please go behind the Guild Building. The staff member in charge of delivery quests will tell you more about the deliveries there."


This Ms. Receptionist — was kind of a very prickly person and have a pretty cold demeanour at times — she did her job and she always gave relevant, helpful advice. She's really good at her job.

I'm glad she's always so upfront about things.

My services was accepted, so I immediately went on my way to the quest. I could check on either a real map or on the Menu map, so there wasn't much chance of me getting lost in this town.

Under normal circumstances, other people couldn't see me using the Menu without my permission, but I decided it would probably be best not to use it in public too much. I'd look suspicious if I started staring into space for too long.

I looked at the location of where I would do my quests and decided on starting the cleaning quest first. I bet the owner will check up on me after an hour or so.

During that time frame, I'll go do my delivery quest.

With all of that decided, I showed the quest slip to the client to settle things as fast as possible. The client was a surly-looking, somewhat aged man who did in fact look like a craftsman.

"Excuse me, I'm from the Adventurer's Guild. I'm here to clean your toilet."

"…An adventurer, huh? You tellin' me that you're gonna clean my place with such a gaudy lookin' armor on your body? You look too damn well dressed for this sort of job…" Did I forget to mention that he kinda have a pretty gruff demeanor as well?

"I'll take a look at it first. I'm a beginner so I have no choice but to take this quest."

"…Alright. It's over here."

I peeked into the toilet and was immediately hit with the distinctive smells of feces and urine.

Not gonna lie. This strong smell is really quite vomit inducing. I nearly thew up.

"Throw up if you want, but clean your own puke up too. I hired you to clean, not to make it more dirty."


"Tell me when you're done. I'll check up on you after an hour…"

The client left without sticking around at all. Guess he couldn't stand the smell as well?

"This smell is bothering me a lot so let's clean it up first before I go anywhere else."

I shook my head before casting [Purification].


Once I muttered those words, bubbles spread out and covered the entire bathroom. The filth and grime covering the bathroom's walls, floors, and toilet got absorbed into the bubbles, which then disappeared.

Left behind was a completely clean bathroom, smelling slightly of citrus and lavender. It was as if I had scrubbed the place clean myself while using some nice smelling soap and detergent.

Amazing… I thought the toilet was just brown, but it's actually white porcelain. Not to mention, it looks just like the kind we have back at home.

"Where did they learn this kind of architectural technique, I wonder?"

Right. I just remembered that the God of Light literally summons dudes and girls from Earth to act as heroes. I guess they learned this from those guys.

But seriously… I'm already done cleaning, huh. I bet I could make use of this magic of mine alone to get famous.

"I don't feel like I'd like to be famous by doing these stuffs… Alright. Anyhow, I'll go do the delivery quest. I think it wouldn't take me one hour to finish that."

And so, I left the bathroom and stealthily made my way outside. It's time to do my other quest.

Hmm… Let's see here, it looks like my first destination will be the shopping district and then the residential district. After confirming my destination, I began to do my work.

I don't want to use our Dungeon Points again to get some money. Let's earn a lot of them while I'm here by doing quests.

Thus, I walked towards the adventurer's guild first to pick up the goods I'm supposed to be delivering. This is gonna be quite the long and fruitful day.


※~To be continued~※

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