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"Sister Yang Yue, is Liu Jiang bothering you again?" A young man walked over and looked at Liu Jiang with an unfriendly expression.

The young man's name was Wu Geng, and he was from the Inspection Bureau of Black Clouds Town. He was the most talented genius.

At just 17 years old, he had reached the peak of the six-star Black Iron cultivation. He could break through to the seven-star Black Iron level at any time. He had also grasped the basics of the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

With such talent, he would be able to break through to the Bronze level in a few years. He might even become a Silver-ranked expert in the future.

Therefore, Yang Yue's attitude towards Wu Geng was completely different from her attitude towards Liu Jiang and Yang Bao. She was even more eager to throw herself at him.

Wu Geng did not particularly care about Yang Yue.

She was just a toy to him.

However, only he could play with the toy. He would be unhappy if others played with her.

"Yes." Yang Yue nodded helplessly and explained, "I've already very clearly rejected him many times, but he keeps pestering me. He's really annoying."

Liu Jiang was stunned.


How manipulative and coquettish.

"He came to me this morning."

After Yang Yue finished speaking, she was a little nervous. She was afraid that Liu Jiang would expose her and ruin her plans.

"You're so beautiful. There will definitely be wild bees and butterflies around you," Wu Geng said gently. Then he looked at Liu Jiang arrogantly. "Liu Jiang, let me tell you now. Yang Yue is my woman. I won't allow you to harass her in the future. Otherwise, I won't be polite to you. Understand?"

He was prepared to teach Liu Jiang a lesson that he would not forget.

At the same time, he wanted to show Yang Yue how capable he was.

And he wanted to show what trash Liu Jiang was.

"Understood, understood." Liu Jiang nodded repeatedly and said obsequiously, "If I knew that Senior Sister Yang Yue is your woman, I wouldn't dare to pursue her even if you beat me to death."

Liu Jiang's answer stunned Wu Geng. He did not expect Liu Jiang to be so cowardly. However, Liu Jiang had given in to him decisively. This satisfied his vanity greatly and made him feel exceptionally good.

Joy from Wu Geng, +1650, +1540, +…

Liu Jiang was also pleasantly surprised.

Instantly, he had over 3000 emotional powers.

Not bad, not bad!

However, why is his emotional power so strong?

Could it be that the higher the cultivation level, the higher the emotional power provided?

Liu Jiang guessed inwardly.

Seeing that Liu Jiang did not spout nonsense, Yang Yue heaved a sigh of relief.

Joy from Yang Yue, +1320, +1250, +…

Seeing that Liu Jiang was so afraid of him, Wu Geng was exceptionally smug. However, he had a cool expression on his face. He looked up and glanced at Liu Jiang coldly. "Get lost."

Liu Jiang replied, "Alright!"

With that, he left quickly.

Joy from Wu Geng, +1520, +1320, +…

Wu Geng felt so good.

Liu Jiang's behavior simply gave him too much face.

He was just a 17-year-old teenager who was at the age of exploding with vanity.

Liu Jiang's behavior simply satisfied his petty vanity completely.

It felt so good.

He was flying.

Into the sky.

Joy from Wu Geng, +1650, +1540, +…

He said proudly, "Sister Yang Yue, don't worry. Liu Jiang won't dare to pester you again."

"Thank you so much for today, Brother Wu Geng. You're amazing," Yang Yue said with admiration.

As she spoke, she glanced at Liu Jiang in disdain. Compared to Wu Geng, Liu Jiang was really too inferior. He was like a dog.

"Haha, so-so." Wu Geng waved his hand smugly. Then he said seriously, "Sister Yang Yue, if you meet such a person in the future, just tell him my name. There's no need to be nice to him."

Joy from Wu Geng, +1620, +1420, +…

Yang Yue said passionately, "Brother Wu Geng, do you want to eat something? I'll help you to look around."

"Thank you for the trouble, Sister Yang Yue." Wu Geng smiled gently.

"It's no trouble. I'm very willing," Yang Yue said shyly.

Looking at Yang Yue's shy expression, Wu Geng was agitated.

How enticing!

If not for the fact that his family forbade him from lusting after beauty and expending his energy, he would have brought her back and be done with it.

However, he would take her for now. When his cultivation level was higher…


He would not kill her…

"Oh right, Chief said this morning that he will organize an assessment tomorrow. How's your preparation going?" Yang Yue asked curiously.

"I plan to take the position of vice-captain for now," Wu Geng said calmly.

Other than Yang Wen, who was a seven-star Black Iron, and Luo Caiyun, who was an eight-star Black Iron, no one was his match.

He was certain of attaining the position of vice-captain.

"Wow, amazing!" Yang Yue exclaimed with admiration.

A 17-year-old vice-captain was amazing.

"It's just a vice-captain position. It's a temporary transition. I want to be the captain within a year," Wu Geng said calmly.


Yang Yue was really intoxicated.

Wu Geng looked so confident.

"You have to perform well too. Even if you can't enter the top 10, as long as you're outstanding enough, you will have a chance to gain the Inspector's attention and get a chance to be nurtured," Wu Geng said calmly.

A year ago, he had received the Inspector's attention and the opportunity to be nurtured. His cultivation resources were several times that of others.

"I'll do my best…" Yang Yue nodded obediently, looking forward to the assessment.

The Immortal Kingdom's Inspection Department had a lot of people, but their cultivation resources were rather limited.

Only those who performed excellently would be given the opportunity to focus on nurturing and be supported with cultivation resources.

Liu Jiang walked on the streets and looked at the joyous emotions being refreshed time and time again. He felt great.

Within a few minutes, Yang Yue and Wu Geng had provided him with more than 20,000 joyous feelings.

What good people, Liu Jiang thought.


Liu Jiang returned to his small courtyard and closed the door. Then he looked at the Treasure Tree with a passionate expression.

On the Treasure Tree, a few red branches were full of alluring red energy fruits.

When he counted carefully, there were 12 of them. The 13th was just short of 6,450 points of joy.

He began to refine them.

With a thought, an energy fruit appeared in his lower abdomen and transformed into rich and pure energy that spread out.

Liu Jiang circulated his cultivation technique and directed the rich and pure energy into his Dantian, frantically attacking the narrow spiritual source.

With a thought from Liu Jiang, a second energy fruit appeared in his lower abdomen, surging with a vast amount of pure magical power.

The torrents of energy that attacked the spiritual source instantly became thick and large.

One after another, they attacked the small and narrow spiritual source.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

A rhythmic impact sounded in his body…

Three minutes later…


With a crisp crack in his body, Liu Jiang felt a membrane in his body being violently pierced.

He had become a five-star Black Iron.

The further he progressed, the more energy he needed to increase his cultivation level and break the barrier.

From the peak of a three-star Black Iron to a four-star Black Iron, he only used an energy fruit.

From a four-star to the peak of a four-star Black Iron, he used two energy fruits.

From the peak of a four-star to a five-star Black Iron, he used two energy fruits.

He continued refining.

At the level of a five-star Black Iron, he used one more energy fruit than at the four-star Black Iron.

He had to use three energy fruits to raise his cultivation level to the peak of a five-star Black Iron.

He then used three energy fruits to advance to a six-star Black Iron.

At the six-star Black Iron level, he used an additional energy fruit.

Liu Jiang refined the remaining four energy fruits and raised his cultivation level to the peak of a six-star Black Iron.

Feeling the surging magic power in his Dantian, Liu Jiang felt lofty sentiments.

He had reached the peak of a six-star Black Iron. His cultivation level was no lower than Wu Geng's.

After his Dantian's spiritual source stabilized, Liu Jiang looked at the Myriad Treasure Tree again.

Other than feeling happy today, he had also gathered a lot of resentment.

Just that handsome young man alone had provided him with more than 20,000 points.

Moreover, they would refresh from time to time.

On the black branch of the treasure tree, a total of nine epiphany fruits condensed from resentment had ripened. The 10th fruit was still 4,520 points away from maturity.

"Nine epiphany fruits." Liu Jiang rubbed his hands excitedly.

He continued to improve his Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

Liu Jiang moved quickly around the room.

As his cultivation level increased, Liu Jiang's speed was much faster than before.

His figure became a blur in the room.

After eating the fruit, Liu Jiang instantly entered a state of epiphany.

Countless sparks exploded in Liu Jiang's mind and his head spun rapidly like a crystal ball.

His speed increased, and his movement techniques became more agile.

One, two, three, four!

The further he progressed, the harder it was to increase the level of martial techniques. The number of epiphanies he needed also increased.

One epiphany fruit would allow him to gain basic mastery of the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

With two fruits, he had achieved initial success.

With four fruits, he mastered the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

To attain Major Accomplishment level, he had used two fruits and now another four. He had not reached perfection level yet.

He continued to refine the fruit and practiced his movement technique in a state of epiphany.

The fifth, the sixth.


After using the sixth epiphany fruit, Liu Jiang's speed suddenly increased several times. His movement was so fast that it was almost impossible to capture with the naked eye.

His afterimage was like an azure dragon circling the room.

A low dragon's roar could be heard.

Roaming Dragon Movement Technique—Great Perfection.

To achieve Perfection, I actually used a total of eight epiphany fruits.

Fortunately, after the great perfection of the martial skill, my power is several times stronger than when I first mastered it.

How amazing.

Feeling the powerful movement technique, Liu Jiang was filled with lofty sentiments.

After that, he used two epiphany fruits to raise the rudimentary Thunderbolt Saber Technique to the small success stage.

He used the last epiphany fruit and raised his Pyroblast Skill to basic level.

Now, my cultivation is at the peak of a six-star Black Iron. My Roaming Dragon Movement Technique is at the perfected stage, my Thunderbolt Saber Technique is at the small success stage, and my Pyroblast Technique is at the entry level.

His combat ability was more than ten times stronger than before.

He shouldn't have too much of a problem dealing with Wu Geng.

I wonder if I can beat Yang Wen and Luo Caiyun.

Liu Jiang was looking forward to the competition.

Suddenly, he felt that the Treasure Tree had absorbed another surge of emotions.

Resentment from Zhu Xiaozhu, +550, +280.

How vengeful…

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