5 Roaming Dragon Movement Technique (1)

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After washing up.

Liu Jiang changed into a clean blue scholar's robe and walked to the bronze mirror to tidy his hair.

In the mirror was a slender young man about 17 or 18 years old. He was a little thin, had fair skin, and distinct facial contours. He looked very delicate and clean.

His eyes were bright, clear, and full of spirit.

"This appearance is not bad."

Liu Jiang muttered to himself before looking at the Treasure Tree.

Earlier, when he beat up Yang Bao, he had earned a lot of emotional support.

There was a lot of fear and joy from the onlookers.

Even now, the revenue of emotional powers is still increasing sporadically.

They must have been shocked.

He observed the fruits on the small tree carefully.

On the multicolored Myriad Treasure Tree.

Now there were five types of fruits.

Six of the epiphany fruits condensed by resentment had ripened. The seventh was still 5,980 points away from full maturity.

Two of the energy fruits that were condensed from joy had ripened, and the third was still 9,080 points short of joy.

The dreamscape fruit that was formed from regret was still 4,260 points away from ripening.

The spirit controlling fruit condensed from fear was 9,914,830 points away from maturing.

One of the madness fruits condensed from killing intent had ripened, and the second was still 8,550 points away from ripening.

Liu Jiang's eyes lit up.

Then he began to eat the fruit.

He would eat the energy fruit to increase his cultivation level first.

With a thought, a fruit on the small tree disappeared and appeared in his lower abdomen the next moment.

Three minutes later, he refined the second fruit.

The two fruits were completely refined. Liu Jiang's cultivation level had peaked at four-star Black Iron.

Next was the epiphany fruit.

There were a total of six epiphany fruits.

Without hesitation, he used it to gain insight into the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

Refining four fruits in a row took 12 minutes.

He had mastered the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

There were two epiphany fruits left. He should not be able to attain perfection in the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

Liu Jiang pondered slightly. It was better to use it to comprehend the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique.

He was prepared to perfect the Roaming Dragon Movement Technique first.

Then he would consider other things.

Six minutes later, Liu Jiang's Roaming Dragon Movement Technique became even more smooth and natural.

His figure moved quickly in the room like a shadow, exceptionally agile.

How powerful.

Next, I have to continue collecting the power of emotions!

The effects of the emotional fruits were so powerful that Liu Jiang was fascinated.

The energy fruit of joy could increase one's cultivation level.

The fruit of resentment could help one be enlightened.

The fruit of fear could control the soul.

The fruit of regret could allow one to enter dreams.

The fruit of killing intent could make one go berserk.

These are five types of fruits that the Treasure tree could condense now.

They were all very useful.

To him, the power of emotions was his cheat sheet for becoming an expert.

With the power of emotions, he could become stronger.

Without any delay, he left the house and walked to the street.

Ancient buildings and pedestrians in ancient clothes lined the street.

The unfamiliarity distracted Liu Jiang.

After an entire morning, Liu Jiang had sorted out the additional memories in his mind and had a direct understanding of this world.

The Great Xia Immortal Kingdom he was in was an exceptionally huge country.

Its spoken and written languages and style of dressing were very similar to those of ancient China, except that the kingdom was much bigger.

There were also all sorts of demons, ghosts, and cultivators.

He and Zhang Daliang were Immortal Cultivators.

Their master was from the Ethereal Immortal Sect, one of the biggest sects in Qingzhou Province.

However, the two of them had already been kicked out of the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

The difference was…

Zhang Daliang had been chased out of the sect because he had peeped at his junior sister taking a shower many times.

Liu Jiang was kicked out of the sect because he was still a two-star Black Iron after joining the sect for three years. His qualifications were too poor.

Three years ago, when Liu Jiang, who was 14 years old, was chased out of his sect, he did not have the face to go home. So he came to the Inspection Bureau in Black Clouds Town and sought refuge with his senior brother, Zhang Daliang.

Liu Jiang took a deep breath and composed himself.

After experiencing the initial confusion and fear, Liu Jiang gradually accepted his current situation.

He accepted the fact that his soul had come to this world where demons and ghosts roamed freely and began a new life with a new identity.

After all, in that world, without his parents, there was nothing worth remembering.

In this life, demons and ghosts ran rampant and dangers lurked.

But the Myriad Treasure Tree in his mind gave him the confidence to become an expert.

The fear in his heart dissipated by more than half.

Instead, he was full of anticipation.

In his previous life, he was just a small employee of a small company.

But nobodies like him had big dreams in their hearts. They were unwilling to live a life of mediocrity.

However, reality was too harsh and he could not realize his dream.

In this life, with the mysterious Treasure Tree, the dream that had been sealed in Liu Jiang's heart began to stir.

Of course, the most important thing now was to stay in the Inspection Bureau and slowly increase his cultivation level.

Then he would subdue demons and devils, and wield his sword to conquer the world.

When he became stronger in the future, he would make plans.

Liu Jiang walked in the direction of the Immortal Guest Residence.

On the way.

Liu Jiang looked around, looking for an opportunity to collect the power of emotions.

He realized that he had not collected any joy from the group of children who were laughing so hard that their mucus was flowing out.

He had not collected any power of resentment from the wailing children either.

After repeated research, Liu Jiang realized that only the power of emotions triggered by him would be absorbed by the Myriad Treasure Tree.


Collecting joy was making people happy.

Collecting fear was just scaring people.

Collecting resentment was making people angry or resentful.

Gathering killing intent was making people want to kill him.

After thinking this through, Liu Jiang had an idea.

Seeing a beggar, Liu Jiang walked over with a smile.

Without hesitation, he threw two copper coins into the broken bowl in front of the beggar.

"Thank you, thank you…"

The beggar was overjoyed and thanked him repeatedly.

One copper coin was enough to buy two hot buns. With two copper coins, he would not starve for a day.

Joy from Zhang Erdan, +666!

"I gave too much." As Liu Jiang spoke, he took back a copper coin from the bowl.

Resentment from Zhang Erdan, +888!

"After thinking carefully, I think I'll give it to you." Liu Jiang threw the copper coin into the bowl again and turned to leave.

Joy from Zhang Erdan, +666!

Resentment from Zhang Erdan, +760!

On the way to the Immortal Guest Residence, Liu Jiang gave money to beggars, helped old people cross the road, bought candied haws for little brats, and steamed buns for stray dogs.

After more than half an hour, he had collected more than 5,000 points of joy and more than 4,000 points of resentment.

This could not compare to the joy he collected from Yang Yue in just a short while.

But it was not bad.

Looking at the energy fruit that was about to ripen and the epiphany fruit, Liu Jiang was full of motivation.

He saw a stray dog from afar and immediately bought a few skewers of roasted meat. He beamed with joy and ran over.

"Come, have some delicious roasted meat…"

Joy from Big Head, +520, +212, +…

"Sigh, you can't eat it." Just as the puppy was about to eat the roasted meat, Liu Jiang quickly took it and ate it himself.

Resentment from Big Head, +620, +208, +…

"I'm lying to you. There's more. Eat, eat." Liu Jiang picked up the second skewer of roasted meat and handed it to the puppy.

Joy from Big Head, +…

"Sigh, You can't eat it again. Haha." When the puppy wanted to eat, Liu Jiang ate it in one bite.

Resentment from Big Head, +…

"Come on, come on. Eat, eat. I really won't lie to you this time." Liu Jiang handed the last string of meat to the puppy.

Joy from the puppy, +340, +225…

"Sigh, You can't eat it again." Liu Jiang picked up the meat.

Unexpectedly, the puppy actually exploded. It opened its mouth and bit at Liu Jiang's calf.

"F*ck, I was wrong. Don't bite me…" Liu Jiang's Dharma powers surged as he hurriedly dodged.

However, the puppy kept barking and throwing itself at Liu Jiang.

Liu Jiang pressed the puppy's head and brought the roasted meat to its mouth.

The puppy stuck out its tongue and licked the roasted meat.

His eyes widened instantly.

(*^ ω ^*)

Liu Jiang let go of the puppy's head.


The puppy grabbed the roasted meat and instantly ran away. As it ran, it looked back at Liu Jiang.

Joy from the puppy, +400, +390…

Resentment from the puppy, +400, +390, +…

"Liu Jiang, what are you doing?" A voice suddenly came from behind Liu Jiang.

Liu Jiang turned around and said happily, "Senior Brother."

Zhang Daliang looked at Liu Jiang, but his look turned into surprise. He said, "In less than an hour, why is your cultivation level already at the peak of four-star Black Iron?"

"My cultivation level is at four-star Black Iron. My meridians and spiritual source have all been consolidated, and I can withstand the medicinal effects of the Spiritfount Pill. I have taken three Spiritfount Pills." Liu Jiang chuckled and said casually.

"One Spiritfount Pill is worth 92 silver taels. You're really rich, kid," Zhang Daliang said in surprise.

They earned five taels of silver a month, which was equivalent to 5,000 copper coins. This was already considered a high salary.

However, Liu Jiang had casually eaten three Spiritfount Pills worth 270 taels of silver. It was simply insane.

He knew that Liu Jiang had a good family background and had quite a bit of money, but he did not expect him to be so rich.

Initially, he was afraid that Liu Jiang would not have a good life after he left the sect. Now, he felt much more relieved.

"I'm so-so." Liu Jiang chuckled.

His family was indeed quite rich. His family was an influential family in Qingzhou Province. Although his family was just a branch, they were doing well.

His convenience parents had opened an inn in Jinhua County in Qingzhou Province. They had some assets.

Every month, they would send a total of 20 taels of silver to him.

It was precisely because of this that the previous Liu Jiang could spend a lot of money on Yang Yue.

However, 20 taels of silver a month was not enough for the dead ghost Liu Jiang, that prodigal. He would squander them very quickly.

Now he only had two taels of silver on him.

How could he afford the Spiritfount Pill.

Speaking of his family, Liu Jiang thought of his convenient parents and felt a little complicated.

So, could they be considered his parents?

He had absorbed Liu Jiang's memories and inherited his feelings for his parents.

Moreover, this body belonged to the dead ghost Liu Jiang.

The Liu bloodline flowed in his veins.

In that case, they were really his parents.

He decided to write a letter later and ask them for some money.

He had two taels of silver on him.

It was completely insufficient.

Liu Jiang pondered slightly.

"What are you thinking about? Let's go have lunch." Zhang Daliang smiled and pulled Liu Jiang to the immortal Guest Residence not far away.

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