14 Playing Dirty

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Wu Geng was carried out of the martial arts arena.

Immediately after, Luo Caiyun appeared. Her opponent was a six-star Black Iron martial artist. Without exception, she defeated her opponent in one move.

It attracted the attention of all the inspectors.

In the following three rounds, the cultivation levels of the warriors were not too different, but the fighting was quite intense. All of them tried their best to perform, hoping to gain the Inspector's approval.

So the battle was quite exciting. From time to time, there would be cheers.

During this period, Liu Jiang suppressed his aura and refined the energy fruit.

After refining the fourth energy fruit, Liu Jiang quietly advanced to a seven-star Black Iron.

His spiritual source had expanded by 30% and his Dharma power had become even more resilient.

He looked at the Treasure Tree.

There were still four energy fruits on the treasure tree.

In the battle with Wu Geng just now, Zhang Daliang, Zhao Laoxiu, and the rest contributed more than 20 thousand points to him. He condensed two energy fruits.


He continued refining.

Liu Jiang suppressed his aura and quietly refined the energy fruit.

The second round of the competition ended quickly.

As the third round of the competition began, the atmosphere on the stage gradually became lively and fiery.

Six basic-level inspectors drew their lots. Chen Yifan announced the start of another round of the competition.

A patroller named Wang Jiangyuan was the first to go on stage. Liu Jiang, who had drawn No. 6, strode to the martial arts arena.

Liu Jiang walked to the center of the martial arts arena and smiled politely.

However, when Wang Jiangyuan saw Liu Jiang's warm smile, his expression stiffened. Then he shivered.

He recalled the previous two rounds of battle. Liu Jiang had smiled like this to Yang Bao and Wu Geng. He looked gentle and amiable.

However, the two of them were immediately beaten up.

Each was more miserable than the other.

"I concede," Wang Jiangyuan quickly shouted. He was afraid that Chen Yifan could not hear him. He emphasized again, "I concede!"

Fear from Wang Jiangyuan, +1460 ,+…

Am I that cruel?

Liu Jiang was a little puzzled, but then…

Fear from Wu Geng, +1450…

Envy from Li Jun, +1120…

Jealousy from Yang Cheng, +999…

In an instant, he received a lot of different emotions.

Liu Jiang was overjoyed.

Immediately after, the second match was between Yang Wen and Luo Caiyun.

This piqued the interest of all the inspectors. Yang Wen and Luo Caiyun were the two most powerful people among the basic-level inspectors.

If nothing unexpected happened, after the assessment, the two of them would be the leaders of the first and third inspection teams.

"Sister Caiyun, please show mercy," Yang Wen looked at Luo Caiyun and said half-jokingly.

"Even if I don't show mercy, I might not be able to beat you." A heavy expression appeared in Luo Caiyun's eyes. She was rather afraid of the powerful Yang Wen.

Yang Wen smiled.

Then spiritual energy exploded from their bodies as they instantly pounced on each other.

An intense battle ensued.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"




Three minutes later.

Luo Caiyun was panting, her hair was disheveled, and she was drenched in sweat.

Yang Wen's hair was disheveled, and his expression was dispirited. His face was weak, and his legs were weak.

Luo Caiyun was actually much more powerful than Yang Wen had expected.

His explosive power was not bad, but it did not last long.

If this continued, he would definitely lose.

Yang Wen suppressed his weakness and said shamelessly, "How about we call it a draw in this round?"

"Alright." Luo Caiyun secretly looked down on Yang Wen, but she nodded in agreement.

She knew that Yang Wen was very weak. If she was given another three minutes, she would definitely be able to defeat him.

However, there was still Liu Jiang behind her. She was afraid that if she met Liu Jiang, she would be dragged to death by him.

Even if this round was a draw, they would both be in first place and would be team leaders. There was nothing to fight about.

No. 3 and No. 4 went on stage to compete. A minute later, a six-star peak Black Iron patroller named Yang Cheng won.

Liu Jiang, Yang Wen, Luo Caiyun, and Yang Cheng advanced.

After the first round of drawing lots, the fourth round of the competition began.

The first to go on stage were Luo Caiyun and Yang Cheng.

The outcome of the match was not unexpected. Under Luo Caiyun's full-power attack, Yang Cheng was quickly defeated.

Next were Liu Jiang and Yang Wen.

Before it even began, the atmosphere in the venue quietly rose.

Everyone knew that the conflict between Liu Jiang and Yang Wen had intensified.

"Liu Jiang, just admit defeat. He's already 23 years old, and you're only 17. It's not embarrassing to admit defeat." Li Jun reminded solemnly, "Otherwise, you'll be beaten up by him."

Zhang Hu added, "Li Jun is right."

"I know. I'll admit defeat if the situation isn't right." Liu Jiang chuckled and strode forward.

After his cultivation level advanced to a seven-star black iron, he had already refined three energy fruits.

Now, his cultivation level was already at the intermediate-stage of the Black Iron Seven Star.

His cultivation was already on par with Yang Wen's.

With the Perfected Roaming Dragon Movement Technique, his chances of victory were extremely high.

Of course, if he really could not win, he would naturally admit defeat.

Li Jun was vexed. "What a stubborn donkey."

Sometimes, as long as one was defeated, one would not even have the chance to admit defeat.

It would be strange if he did not beat him to death.

The Wu Geng just now was an example.

Zhang Hu also looked vexed. "That's right."

When they saw Liu Jiang go on stage, the crowd immediately started whispering.

Zhang Daliang frowned but did not say anything.

With the Chief and Supervisor around, Yang Wen absolutely did not dare to kill anyone. At most, he would severely injure him.

It would be fine if he did not die.

Sometimes, being injured or provoked was not entirely a bad thing.

He was about to leave and could no longer protect Liu Jiang.

Perhaps suffering a loss could make Liu Jiangxin more mature.

The patrolling officers were also whispering.

"I wonder how long Liu Jiang can last."

"I think it will last a while."

"After all, the perfected Roaming Dragon Movement Technique is no joke."

"I'm looking forward to it!"

"Liu Jiang, you're not bad. You actually reached this step." Yang Wen said calmly. At this time, he had already regained his composure.

Of course, although he would not kill Liu Jiang, it would not be too much of a problem to inflict large-scale superficial wounds on him.

He had already thought it through. He just needed to beat Yang Bao up until her injuries were ten times worse.

Resentment from Yang Wen, +1520, +…

Liu Jiang smiled and said gently, "Come here, kneel on the ground and call me daddy. I'll let you off…"

His calm and gentle tone was unusually arrogant.

There was an uproar outside the venue.

Liu Jiang was too arrogant.

Si Yiyan's lips twitched as he felt a headache coming on. "He's not f*cking easy to deal with."

Beside him, Zhu Xiaozhu almost choked.

Resentment from Zhao Laoxiu, +1420, +…

"Resentment from Zhu Xiaozhu, +10…


In just a few words, he had gathered more than 10,000 resentment.

Not bad.

Yang Wen, on the other hand, exploded instantly. The anger that he had suppressed was instantly unleashed.

"You're courting death."

Spiritual energy surged from Yang Wen as he charged towards Liu Jiang.

"You really have a bad temper."

Liu Jiang said calmly. At the same time, his spiritual energy at the intermediate seven-star Black Iron erupted.

His entire person transformed into a dragon shadow and easily avoided Yang Wen. Then he punched heavily at Yang Wen's waist.


Yang Wen instantly retreated six steps before stopping abruptly.

Resentment from Yang Wen, +1520, +…

Yang Wen looked at Liu Jiang, but his expression became particularly grave.

Liu Jiang was actually at the Intermediate-stage of a seven-star Black Iron.

He was a seven-star peak Black Iron.

Although Liu Jiang's cultivation level was slightly lower than his, his Roaming Dragon Movement Technique was only at the peak of the Small Success Stage. He had only touched the barrier of Major Success Stage, but Liu Jiang's Roaming Dragon Movement Technique had already reached perfection.

Fortunately, Liu Jiang had a weakness—his attack power was very weak.

His own attack power was very strong. He was fine after Liu Jiang hit him a few times. He could make Liu Jiang unable to get up in an instant.

As long as he found an opportunity, he would be able to end the battle with one strike.

At the thought of this, Yang Wen focused his attention on Liu Jiang and charged over.

Liu Jiang's lips curled up slightly. He knew his advantages and his shortcomings.

He did not bother fighting with Yang Wen at all.

He activated his movement technique and instantly moved forward. After succeeding in one strike, he did not attack a second time and instantly retreated.

Resentment from Yang Wen, +1520, +…

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