4 One Punch After Another, Unable to Stop (1)

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"You have so much resentment against me.

And killing intent."

Liu Jiang sensed a special emotional power.

He looked at the Treasure Tree.

A fruit condensed from killing intent could allow one's Dharma powers and strength to increase 10 times for 10 minutes.

The madness fruit required 8,500 points of killing intent to mature.

Liu Jiang's heart burned.

Resentment could allow the sapling to bear epiphany fruits.

Killing intent could make the Treasure Tree bear madness fruits.

The more resentment and killing intent, the better.

Liu Jiang went forward and grabbed Yang Bao's arm, pressing him to the ground. Then he straddled him.

He clenched his fists and faced Yang Bao.

He started punching him.



Resentment from Yang Bao, +1109, +1085, +…



Resentment from Yang Bao, +…

Liu Jiang threw punches at Yang Bao like raindrops.

Yang Bao's screams were endless.

"Were you just joking when you said that you wanted to kill me?" Liu Jiang punched Yang Bao's face again and asked calmly.

Liu Jiang's calm voice sounded like he was chatting about ordinary daily life.

For some reason, Yang Bao felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

He felt his hair stand on end.

He shivered.

Yang Bao admitted defeat decisively. "I was joking. I was joking."

"Then… I'll beat you half dead," Liu Jiang said calmly and punched.


"Stop, please."

Resentment from Yang Bao, +1203, +1086, +…

Killing intent from Yang Bao, +1206, +1015, +…



Liu Jiang pinned Yang Bao to the ground.

He rained one punch after another on him.

Of course, he knew his limits.

He just wanted to collect the power of emotions and avenge the dead ghost Liu Jiang. He did not want to beat someone to death in broad daylight.

However, although he knew his limits, he did not hold back at all in order to collect the power of emotions.

Soon, Yang Bao was covered in blood.

After Liu Jiang had beat him up for a while, he realized that the power of emotions he was collecting was gradually decreasing.

And his fists hurt badly.

Looking around, he picked up a rock in the corner and smashed it at Yang Bao's face.

Blood splattered everywhere.

He looked exceptionally miserable.



Yang Bao screamed miserably. The pain was like a stab to his heart, driving him crazy. It was as if he had no strength left in him.

Wave after wave of pain washed over his face, causing his head to start shaking violently. He only hated himself for having such a good face…

His entire body trembled violently as tears welled up in his eyes.

He was afraid.

Liu Jiang was too ruthless today.

He could not understand why this young man, who he often bullied, was so ruthless.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that he would be beaten to death.

Yang Bao: "No…"

Liu Jiang punched Yang Bao in the mouth and broke his teeth, cutting off his words.

He had not accumulated enough resentment. How could he stop?

"Ah, so free. I'm bored.

Gosh, it's so itchy."

Yang Bao was completely afraid.

He quickly begged for mercy.

He said that he did not love Yang Yue anymore and could give her to Liu Jiang.

However, Liu Jiang was unmoved.

Liu Jiang looked at the epiphany fruits that kept condensing on the small tree and was looking forward to using them.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

Resentment from Yang Bao, +1103, +980, +…

Fear from Yang Bao, +1100, +920, +…

Feelings of regret from Yang Bao, +1003, +950, +…

He had absorbed another strange emotional power.

A fruit condensed from fear could completely control the souls of demons and cultivators, making them Liu Jiang's soul slaves.

The soul controlling fruit still required 9,999,806 points of fear to mature.

I can actually control souls?

How domineering.

It's just that it really required a lot of fears. It actually needs another 9.9 million points.

Liu Jiang's heart was burning with anticipation. He was increasing his collecting power.

In no time, a large group of onlookers had gathered on the streets.

"Inspector fights are brutal."

"There's internal strife in the Inspection Bureau."

"Oh my god, this is too ruthless. If this goes on, their brains will be out."

"It looks so exciting and satisfying."

"How scary, how scary."

"Hurry up and call the Inspection Bureau. Someone's about to die."

"But they're inspectors."

How refreshing…

Fear from Zhang Erzhu, +230, +215, +…

Joy from Yin Chengqi, +520, +420, +360, +…

Unexpectedly, the fear of the onlookers was gathered.

There was also a lot of joy.

Why is there joy? Liu Jiang wondered.

As the number of people increased, the power of these two emotions was gradually increasing.

Liu Jiang felt very good.

He fought even harder.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

"Ah, so savage."

"How scary."

"Bang, bang, bang, bang…"

Liu Jiang continued to smash Yang Bao and collect the emotional power from him and the onlookers.

Then he pondered for a moment.

He found the right angle and splattered blood all over his face.

Five minutes later.

From the corner of his eye, Liu Jiang saw a team of inspectors approaching. When he saw the big-mouthed man in the lead, Liu Jiang felt relieved and put down the rock in his hand.

After gathering his emotions, he pretended to be very sad. When the inspector team's big-mouthed captain approached, he wailed, "Captain, you have to uphold justice for me now.

Yang Bao hit me again. If not for the fact that I made a breakthrough and swore to resist him, I might have been beaten to death by him this time."

Liu Jiang screamed miserably.

It was heartbreaking.

Listening to Liu Jiang made the onlookers teary.

Coupled with the fact that his head was covered in blood, he looked exceptionally miserable.

The onlookers were stunned.

"Ah, bastard…"


When Yang Bao heard Liu Jiang's words, his mind exploded. He cursed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then his eyes darkened and he fainted.

Zhang Daliang went forward to check on Yang Bao's injuries and found that they were all superficial wounds. There was nothing serious.

With that, he waved to his two team members behind him. "Send Yang Bao to the medical center and get someone to take care of him."

Inspectors often fought demons and ghosts. Injuries were common, and injuries that were more serious than this were common.

This injury was nothing. It was not worth making a fuss about.

It was just that two inspectors were fighting on the streets. He was angry at the negative impact of this matter.

He was exceptionally angry.

Especially with Yang Bao.

He bullied his little junior brother, Liu Jiang, at every turn.

It was getting out of hand.

It seemed like he had to find an opportunity to teach him a lesson in the future.

The two inspectors nodded respectfully before lifting Yang Bao roughly and leaving.

Zhang Daliang helped the 'weak' Liu Jiang to his courtyard.

He closed the courtyard door.

Zhang Daliang asked with concern, "Little Junior Brother, you didn't lose out, right?"

"No. If I had known that it was you who came, I wouldn't have covered my face with blood." Liu Jiang revealed his white teeth and chuckled.

The team leader, Zhang Daliang, was not only Liu Jiang's superior, but also Liu Jiang's senior brother.

He was the kind of senior brother who shared the same master. Usually, he took good care of Liu Jiang.

Zhang Daliang looked at Liu Jiang, whose face was covered in dirty blood but was clearly uninjured. He broke into a happy smile. He said happily, "You're finally a four-star Black Iron. And your performance was not bad."

In the past, Liu Jiang was too kind and cowardly.

Today, Liu Jiang had changed from his usual cowardly self to being ruthless and heartless. Zhang Daliang was very satisfied.

In this era where demons and ghosts wreaked havoc, mercy was not an option.

"I'm so-so." Liu Jiang chuckled.

"Have you had lunch?" Zhang Daliang asked casually.

"Not yet."

"Then go wash up. I have something to attend to. I'll go back first. We'll meet at the Immortal Guest Residence in an hour. I'll treat you to a meal. I have something to tell you." Zhang Daliang glanced at Liu Jiang, whose head was covered in blood.

"Alright." Liu Jiang nodded.

"Then I'll get going first."

Zhang Daliang waved his hand and turned to leave chicly.

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