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"Knock, knock, knock…"

When he heard the knock on the door, Liu Jiang got out of bed and opened the door.

Looking at the ancient streets outside and the pedestrians in ancient clothes, Liu Jiang's thoughts were inevitably a little chaotic and confused.

When he woke up early in the morning, he found that his bed had changed. Even his entire world had changed.

He had also transformed from a junior employee who had just joined the industry to a junior inspector of the Inspection Bureau.

In reality, he was just a junior constable. Other than arresting bad people, he was also in charge of capturing all sorts of monsters and demons.

"Liu Jiang, what have you been doing these past few days? I missed you."

A 17-year-old girl stood at the door. She had a fair and exquisite face, long eyelashes, bright eyes, a thin waist, a full chest, and a slender figure.

The girl's name was Yang Yue. A colleague of Liu Jiang, she was an inspector from the Inspection Bureau of Black Clouds Town.

She was also the object of Liu Jiang's adoration.

As soon as he arrived in Back Clouds Town, Liu Jiang fell in love with Yang Yue at first sight.

In order to win the goddess's heart, he had been caring for her meticulously for the past three years.

Because she wanted a spirit sword, Liu Jiang scrimped and saved for three months just to win a smile from the beauty.

Whatever good things there were—talismans, pills, spirit fruits… they would be given to Yang Yue.

In order to pursue Yang Yue, the dead ghost Liu Jiang had given everything and put in all his effort.

In order to please her, he even pretended not to see Yang Yue having affairs with other guys.

However, no matter how Liu Jiang pursued her, Yang Yue neither accepted nor rejected him.

The dead ghost Liu Jiang was disheartened and wanted to give up.

Then Yang Yue took the initiative to show concern for Liu Jiang, implying that if he worked a little harder, he would be able to woo her.

Just like that, she had the dead ghost Liu Jiang wrapped around her little finger. If Liu Jiang took a step forward, Yang Yue would take a step back. If Liu Jiang took a step back, Yang Yue would take a step forward.

Just like that, Liu Jiang was hung up on her.

He became a complete bootlicker to Yang Yue.

He was becoming more and more inferior.

Three days ago, the dead ghost Liu Jiang went to the Southern Mountain Cemetery to kill a big-headed ghost in order to collect enough Yin beads to please Yang Yue.

In the end, he encountered a dark spirit. Although he killed it with all his might, his soul was attacked by the dark spirit.

After he got home, he died in his sleep.

Liu Jiang sized Yang Yue up a few times and realized that she was really beautiful. No wonder the dead ghost Liu Jiang was so crazy in love with her.

However, he did not have a good impression of such a scheming woman.

Moreover, if Liu Jiang had not died, he would not have transmigrated to this dangerous world.

At the thought of this, Liu Jiang hated this woman even more.

"Why would I miss you? Get lost."

After saying this glumly, Liu Jiang closed the door with a bang.

Back in the house, Liu Jiang sighed in frustration.

God, can you let me transmigrate back to my own world?

In the past, when he read online novels, he had fantasized about traversing worlds through time travel.

However, when he really came to this unfamiliar world and had to face the unknown, Liu Jiang instinctively felt anxious, fearful, and at a loss for what to do.

He missed his previous life.

He was just an employee of a small company in his previous life.

He was just a single man without a car, a house, or savings.

But his life was secure.

In this world, there were no safeguards.

Perhaps one day he would be killed by demons and ghosts.

He pondered about this world.

There were demons wreaking havoc everywhere.

There were ghosts that brought about disasters.

There were destructive demon beasts.

He could not help but feel a little afraid.


Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out in Liu Jiang's mind. His head suddenly hurt, as if something had split open.

Then the pain gradually disappeared. Liu Jiang could clearly sense that a multicolored, mystical treasure tree had appeared in his mind.

The tree was about 1.5 meters tall, and the entire tree was glowing faintly.

Looking at the little tree in his mind, Liu Jiang was a little stunned.

He was very familiar with this tree.

A few days ago, when he was shopping at a stall with a friend, he bought a small glass sphere. In the small glass sphere was a small tree of all sorts of colors. It was identical to the small tree in his mind.

Why would the little tree in the glass sphere appear in my head?

Could it be that this small tree caused me to transmigrate?

Liu Jiang was puzzled.

He rubbed his temples and face.

He sensed carefully and realized that the little tree in his mind was exceptionally distinct and familiar. It was like a part of him.

His spiritual will touched the small tree and a message appeared in his mind.

The small tree was called the Bodhi Myriad Treasure Tree.

It could absorb the power of emotions to condense the Holy Fruit.

By absorbing the power of different emotions, one could condense different fruits.

At this moment, Liu Jiang clearly sensed that the sapling had absorbed Yang Yue's resentment.

It was a very special emotional power.

A hint of satisfaction came from the little tree. Then a small black flower bud quietly appeared on a black branch.

Liu Jiang touched the flower bud with his spiritual force and a message instantly surfaced in his heart.

Epiphany fruit.

After eating it, one could enter a state of epiphany for three minutes when practicing martial arts and spells.

He still needed 9,025 points of resentment and anger. Then the epiphany fruit would ripen.

Epiphany fruit.

Entering a state of epiphany?


Liu Jiang's eyes widened instantly.

Enlightenment was the cultivation state that cultivators dreamed of.

When practicing martial arts or spells, one would enter a state of epiphany and one's comprehension of martial arts would increase greatly. In a short period of time, one's level of martial arts or spells would rise greatly.

"Peng, peng, peng…"

There was violent knocking on the door.

Yang Yue opened the door.

Resentment from Yang Yue, +856, +759, +…

She did not expect that Liu Jiang would dare to scold her. This made her feel that her dignity had been severely challenged, making her extremely angry.

Liu Jiang was usually quite amiable and polite to everyone. Her wish was his command.

If she asked him to go east, Liu Jiang would not dare to go west. If she asked him to hit a dog, Liu Jiang would not dare to chase a chicken.

Today, he actually dared to scold her. She was about to explode from anger.

There was obvious anger in her eyes.

Although Yang Yue was very angry, she did not flare up.

Although Liu Jiang had ordinary talent and average looks, his family background was not bad. He also listened to her.

Although Liu Jiang was not the richest man she knew, he was the most generous to her.

She only needed to give Liu Jiang some benefit and he would give her medicinal pills, gold, and silver.

She felt a little regretful. She should have given Liu Jiang more benefits. If Liu Jiang left her, she would not have so many resources to cultivate and enjoy.

Regret from Yang Yue, +450, +330, +110, +…

Liu Jiang touched his chin and thought about how to trigger more resentment.

However, he sensed that the sapling had absorbed a completely different emotional power.

Upon closer inspection, a green bud quietly appeared on the green branch of the treasure tree in his mind.

Liu Jiang extended his spiritual force to the flower bud and a message surfaced in his heart.

The fruit condensed from the power of regret. After eating it, it could draw people into a cultivation dreamscape for two hours.

The dreamscape fruit needed another 9,085 regrets to mature.

Draw people into a dreamscape for cultivation?

What the hell is this?

Yang Yue felt that Liu Jiang was ignoring her.

She forced a smile, and decided to redeem Liu Jiang and let him continue to provide her with cultivation resources and money as her lackey.

She pondered for a moment and changed to a concerned tone. "I heard that you're injured. Are you alright now?"

As she spoke, she held Liu Jiang's hand and asked worriedly.

"My head hurts and I'm a little absent-minded." Liu Jiang casually found an excuse and pretended to apologize. "I'm sorry. My head was dizzy just now. I thought it was Yang Bao. I'm really sorry."

"Ha, it's fine." Yang Yue waved her hand and smiled happily.

Liu Jiang was still that Liu Jiang, her little fawning dog.

She instantly regained her confidence.

Joy from Yang Yue, +666, +555, +…

A red bud quietly appeared on a red branch on the small tree.

A message quietly appeared in Liu Jiang's mind.

The fruit condensed from the power of joy and gratitude contained pure energy that could be directly absorbed. After eating it, one's cultivation level would increase.

The energy fruit needed 8,400 points of joy and gratitude to mature.

Increase my cultivation. This is amazing.

Liu Jiang's mouth fell open slightly.

He was looking forward to it.

"Oh right, my birthday is in two days." Yang Yue blinked and walked forward to hold Liu Jiang's hand naturally. "You must come when the time comes. I'll be sad without you."

Liu Jiang smiled and said gently, "I know. I've already prepared a gift for you. I guarantee you'll be surprised."

Joy from Yang Yue, +368, +320, +…

Yang Yue was delighted. Then she asked happily, "Wu Geng said that he prepared a top-notch spirit sword for me. What did you prepare for me?"

That idiot, Wu Geng, is really putting in a lot of effort. This is not bidding… Liu Jiang mocked in his heart.

If it was the previous Liu Jiang, perhaps he would have gone all out to get a top-notch spirit sword to save face and not let his love rival compete with him.

However, the current Liu Jiang would not even give her a strand of hair.

And he was prepared to rip her off.

"A top-notch spirit sword is nothing." Liu Jiang narrowed his eyes and rubbed his head disdainfully. He said calmly, "What I've prepared for you is a second-grade spirit sword."

"What, a second-grade spirit sword?" Yang Yue's eyes instantly widened in surprise.

A second-grade spirit sword was extremely valuable. Among the 29 inspectors of Black Clouds Town, only six of them possessed a second-grade spirit sword.

She had thought for a long time about a second-grade spirit sword. She never dreamed that Liu Jiang would actually be willing to give it to her.

She was so happy.

Joy from Yang Yue, +820, +760, +…

Receiving almost 2,000 points of joyous emotions in one go, Liu Jiang was stunned. Then he happily began to fabricate the story of the spirit sword. "I spent a lot of money on it. It's very beautiful. The sword is three feet and six inches long and an inch and eight inches wide. It's made of obsidian purple iron…"

When Yang Yue heard Liu Jiang's words, she was very excited.

She was beaming with joy.

She could not wait to receive that gift.

Joy from Yang Yue, +820, +610, +521…

He watched the waves of emotional power being accumulated.

Liu Jiang's heart was burning, but he pretended to be unusually vexed. He sighed and said, "But I went out for a while yesterday and that sword disappeared."

"Ah…" Yang Yue's mouth fell open like a duck that had its neck pinched. She wanted to say," What were you doing, trash? You actually lost my second-grade spirit sword. "

Resentment from Yang Yue, +1230, +940, +250, +…

Liu Jiang was delighted and changed the topic. "Fortunately, Captain Zhang caught that detestable thief."

Yang Yue patted her chest and smiled again.

After absorbing another 2,000 points of joy, Liu Jiang looked at Yang Yue and shook his head regretfully. "But the thief was robbed."

Resentment from Yang Yue, +910, +…

"But the thief had hidden the sword. It was not stolen."

Joy from Yang Yue, +653, +435, +…


"But the sword in the thief's house was not mine."

"No? Then where is the sword?" Yang Yue asked resentfully.

"Then I remembered that I had hidden the sword. The thief did not steal it."

"That's good, that's good." Yang Yue took a long breath in relief, but her head was a little dizzy.

Great joy and great sorrow were the most damaging to the soul.

Yang Yue had just been tossed and turned by Liu Jiang seven or eight times.

She felt her legs becoming weak.

She was unusually tired, as if her body had been emptied.

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