Becoming His Star Book

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Becoming His Star


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She slides down from the bed, picks up her shirt, and begins to get dressed. He did not expect that, not when he was so convinced he had done a remarkable job in bed. “Where are you going?’’ Christopher asked flabbergasted. “Back home, look this was okay, don't feel too bad for yourself, it’s just that..’’ she says with a look of pity. “I have had men who have done better, you were almost an average performance.’’ She leaves his presence without another word, a mischievous smile plastered on her face. Was he really feeling bad, this is exactly what he did to all other women. ................... A big misunderstanding, that is all it was. That is what started the rivalry. Christopher Smith was a multinational billionaire, born-and-bred to believe that he had the world and his fingertips, he became arrogant cruel and self-centered. He controls everything like the puppet master, working inside his father's company made him nothing but proud of the accomplishments that he genuinely has. No one can tell him what to do, not even his own father. Melanie Richards walked into the Smiths Industries looking for a job, She was hired on the spot by Christopher's father to become his son's personal assistant. She was the exact version of the woman who was not going to bow down at his feet and worship him. She stood against his orders on her first day of work, she made it clear to him that she wasn't like all the other secretaries that he had had and that he was not going to get rid of her that easily. The tables turn when Christopher makes a deal with his father to keep Melanie for two months and then he can fire her. he set a trap for her and she fell right into it. when she got fired and her reputation destroyed because of Smith Industries, secrets spewed. Traitors emerge, and she realizes that not everyone in her life is as they appear to be. She resurfaces back within a week, the girl who’s father owned the largest international oil company in the state. Christopher had been trying to get a deal with them for ages and now finally, he got a meeting with the new C.E.O. A new face of revenge, something sinister. Melanie Richards will not stop until she breaks him just like he did her. She is back for revenge and this time, she was not going down without a fight.


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