becoming Dipper in Gravity falls isn’t So bad ,is it??

Synopsis: A human from Earth died after participating in a suspicious online survey. What will he do in the world of "Gravity Falls" as Dipper Pines with only Dr. Vegapunk's intelligence and scientific knowledge as weapons? author's note: gravity falls is not mine and this story is just for fun and the same goes for the cover image of this fanfic

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Chapter 4: Dipper vs the Lake "Monster"

Dipper's POV

"Let me guess, there's a gigantic creature behind me, isn't that right?" I asked, frowning.

Unfortunately or fortunately for me, Mabel and Soos slowly nodded their heads.

"You're going to slowly back up, and after I count to three, you'll run without looking back, okay?" I calmly asked the duo facing me.

Mabel and Soos nodded their heads to confirm they understood my instructions.

"1, 2... 3!" I yelled the number 3 loudly, which had the desired effect.

Mabel and Soos quickly ran away without looking back.

"It's just you and me, monster!" I said, taking out my lightsaber and activating it.

It emitted a blue glow that was strangely intimidating in this thick fog, and the light emitted by the eyes of the robot built by old McGucket made the scene appear from an outside perspective like the poster of a blockbuster movie.

*Grooooow* the robot growled, trying to imitate a monster by projecting debris from tree trunks towards Dipper, which he easily avoided.

I prefer to avoid many people knowing about my flashlight, and I really want to test this little toy in a real-life situation.

I couldn't help but have a satisfied smile as I divided a tree in two like butter with my lightsaber.

I rushed towards the monster, which seemed to want to move away from me. Old McGucket must have realized that the weapon in my hands could cause trouble for his machine.

Unfortunately for him, it was too late to create distance between us, since in trying to intimidate me with Mabel and Soos, he had gotten too close to me and too far from the lake.

*Ziiiiii* I used the lightsaber to cut the side of the machine.

It seemed effective, as it was emitting smoke and electrical sparks all over.

"Goffff gofff," an old man quickly came out of the back of the machine, coughing from the smoke.

"Quick, we have to flee, my engine has been damaged," he said, running with a clearly panicked expression.

"Wait!" I shouted after him, following him.


"Wow, Dipper, how you handled that monster was so cool!" Mabel declared, imitating the gestures I had made to cut the tree trunks that the monster was throwing at me with my lightsaber.

"The next time I say to run, obey. Imagine if you had gotten hit by a tree," I said in a reproachful tone towards Mabel.

"I'm sorry Dipper, but when Soos and I reached the boat, you weren't behind us, so we came back to help you," Mabel explained with a slightly sad tone.

"Don't be mad at Mabel, we just wanted to help you," Soos said, who was following us to find the McGucket who had fled from his now wrecked monster due to the engine explosion.

"Thank you guys for wanting to help me," I said in a grateful tone, because I didn't know anyone in my previous life who would have faced a monster for a friend or even his family.

After searching the entire island, we finally gave up on finding the old McGucket, who, I must admit, is difficult to catch.

Anyway, there's no rush, I can always keep an eye on his son later to meet him.

"Let's go back and see Uncle Stan, he must be bored all alone on his old raft," I proposed, already taking the path towards Soos's boat.

"Say Dipper, can you make me some things too?" Mabel asked, looking at me with a puppy dog face.

"I already told you, I'll make you two or three things, but right now I don't have anything really practical for you," I said, patting her head.

Surprisingly, my initiative didn't seem to bother her, unlike her usual dislike of Dipper acting like the older of the two.

It should be due to the admiration she's starting to feel for me after watching me fight a monster, I concluded.

After a few minutes of navigating with Soos, we were able to spot Uncle Stan, who seemed to be having trouble with the police.

"You'll never catch me, you damn government dog!" he yelled, paddling on his raft with a vigor that clearly didn't match his age.

"Are you sure we necessarily have to spend the rest of our afternoon with Uncle Stan?" Mabel asked me with a dubious look.

"Mabel, Uncle Stan must be feeling lonely, and he's the one who let us face a giant robot monster," I explained to convince her to spend time with old Stan.

Finally, we reached the boat where two law enforcement officers had managed to stop Stan Pines' raft.

"Excuse me, officer, but can you leave our grandfather alone?" I asked, taking on the most innocent look I could.

"Grandfather?" Stan muttered before displaying a comprehending expression.

As expected of an old scoundrel, he had immediately understood that I was trying to save him.

"Sorry kids, but your grandfather disturbed the peace of others on the lake, so he's going to be banned from the place ," the African-American officer explained.

"Just this once, please," Mabel insisted to support me.

I don't know why Soos was making a puppy dog face with us, but in the end, we were able to convince the law enforcement officers to release old Stan.

"Thanks, you traitors," he said in a sarcastic tone, but I could still see that he was grateful.

"Why did you come back to this boring 'grandfather'? The monster don't interests you ?" Stan asked, squinting his eyes at us.

"We've already found the monster, and Dipper took care of it," Soos declared before I could speak.

"Dipper? Beating a monster? Hahaha," Stan mocked before motioning for us to get on board.

"If you really want to spend time with me, just say it instead of spouting such huge absurdities," he said, trying to hold back from bursting out laughing again.

"Dipper was incredible," Mabel mumbled, pouting.

In the end, we spent the day at the lake fishing and causing mischief with the complicity of Stan, who, surprisingly, can be qualified as nice if you don't look at his greedy and swindling side.

"I'm surprised I had fun" I said as I entered the bedroom.

Since my arrival in this world, I realize that I'm stupidly putting pressure on myself to achieve my goals, when there's no rush.

For now, Gideon hasn't summoned Bill Cipher, so he can only observe this dimension without interfering, and I'll take care of Gideon soon to prevent that.

Unlike the old Dipper, I won't let "Gideon" go to prison entirely.

Those were my last thoughts before falling asleep under the moonlight through the window.

"Dipper, it's dinner time," Mabel yelled, entering the room with two cans of beans.

"Oh, he's sleeping," she thought, before shrugging and leaving.

"That's more for me," she said with a smile on her face.


Author's Note: Tell me your thoughts on the character interactions, as it's one of my main concerns in writing this fanfiction.