1 An attack

In the space, not so far from a beautiful planet called earth, there was a satellite floating in the vast darkness.

It was really a beautiful sight, with the earth in one direction, the moon is in another, and the sun was shining brightly from another.

It would be very beautiful to the people inside the satellite if not for an attack to happen and the space ship next to them.

*Wa* *Wa*

Inside, the alarm sounds resounded all across the satellite. Red rays of light spread all over inside, to show it's an emergency situation and alarm all of the people inside that something bad is happening.

*Agh* *Wa*

One can hear screams of peoples and very weird sounds that happened just to be heard before they scream.

*Pew* *Pew*

"What's going on."

A tall 6ft3 (190), athletic, tanned man with short black hair asked as he ran toward the leading room in the satellite.

James knew that he would find the answer once he reaches that room. Finding answers in such situation was his job.

As soon as he stood in front of one room, the white steel thick door opened automatically and he stepped inside.

"What is going on," James asked, sweat dripping from his head as he looked at the man in front of him.

Something bad, which source wasn't some small meteors, was the last thing he expected to ruin his peaceful day.

The room was vast and white. Facing James with his back was a man sitting on a big chair. In front of him was a big panel with buttons all over. But the most important thing here was the big screen that displayed everything inside and outside this satellite through cameras.

From his position, James could tell that some cameras aren't recording, as they seemed to be broken for a reason god knows.

"T– Te– eam Lea–der."

The man who was sitting in front of the screen couldn't say his words properly after hearing James's voice.

"What's happened," asked James as he ran forward, not daring to walk and take his time.

"Y-ou- you shou—ld see- this."

The man said, shaking. Very soon, he reached his pocket, taking some ten of religious symbols and crests.

Holding each one of them in his hands, he lowered his head and started praying, "Dear God, whatever religi-on it is, I beg you to save me. I'll be a good person and I won't cheat on my girl or steal from the shop, or I would… Whatever you desire I'll do, Just save me..."

James felt his heart pound faster as he continued walking forward.


He heard an explosion sound, but he didn't stop walking until he stopped next to the panel.

Standing in front of the screen, ignoring the guarding man who was praying, James's eyes swept across the screen and he could see what is there.

His jaw dropped a bit, feeling shocked as well.

"Oh dear lord," James said.

He, the guardian team captain, who was trained by Delta Military Researches company, couldn't help but gasp in shock in confusion.

On the screen, he could see them.

Exceptionally tall humanoid creatures calved in a weird set of metallic armor. James would have thought they are humans if not for their huge size. Each one seemed to be close to the roof with its heads. They seemed to be 8-10 ft tall

They walked around. Whenever they pass on a man or a woman, who were wearing white lab clothes, they would kill them.

James looked into another screen that displayed what is happening in the corner. Cruel scenes. The aliens are using some kind of advanced weapons that allow them to shoot beams from their wrists.

He gulped his saliva as his eyes were taken by the sight of the floating object next to the satellite.

There was it, like a ship and a submarine, a very big one that it seems to be able to host a city.

James was shocked, a spaceship in the space, and it seems to be able to move freely around.

The praying man next to him started to raise his voice.

"Lord, I know that it was wrong to come to this place.

"This place, which was where they are trying to develop an experiment that purpose's to break the boundary you put on us. It's wrong. I admit. Please, I beg forgiveness"

The young man was regretting the day he ever decided to come here. He should have become a teacher or a priest as his mom told him. But he followed his selfish desire of making more money and came here to space in order to be a part of a secret operation that would put anyone who does it in Earth to jail.

In this satellite, the company which owns this place is developing forbidden experiments. The experiment that allows men to surpass humanity was banned due to the results. If the subjects, animal tests, didn't die, they would turn into bloodthirsty beasts.

After a couple of failings, this type of scientific research became forbidden due to security measures.

Since it was forbidden on the Earth, some company decided to continue it in the space.

James, who was the guards' team leader, clenched his teeth and slammed with his fist on the keyboard.

"The fu***, they should have said this in the contract."

He thought that his job was to stop some scientists from going to some rooms or stop some fights while enjoying a high salary.

But now this, huge aliens running and shooting beams, killing the scientists and the other guards.

He was feeling heat, pain; he knew it was not a dream.

What made things worse was the nonstop praying of the man next to him.

"Praying won't save you, kid," James turned to him and said with a harsh tone, as the wining of this man-made the situation scarier. James continued, "it didn't save people from nuclear bombs, let alone this."

Panic wouldn't help them, it would freeze them instead.

"We have to move." James cursed the company that didn't allow him to have a gun, a real one that would help him in such a situation.

But again, no one would give him a gun to deal with scientists who are weak physically and were known to suffer from bullies in their youth.

And if he had asked that company to give him a gun, they would mock them and would tell him to try to convince the aliens. How ironic.


"We—are – D—D—dead."

The young man fell from his chair to the ground.

He hugged his knees to his chest and started to breathe heavily before singing a song, "One little monkey's jumping on the bed, one fell off…"

'Great, he lost his mind due to the shock.' James cursed his luck; he knew he has to act fast. '****'

He lifted the relatively shorter man on his back and started making his way in the room.

Instead of going to the door, he went to the right wall.

Reaching there, he extended his hand and placed his palm there. A red light line appeared on the wall and started to dance around his palm.

"Listen, Roy, we will find a way out," James said, not liking the fact that his shoulders are getting wet, "So stop sobbing. You know, I watched some movies of people who faced this. Most of the people, who are in our situation, died for two reasons."

"Two reasons!!!" Roy calmed and listened carefully. James just hoped that his back won't turn wet.

"Yes," James said as a door was opened in the wall. This was a secret passage that allows him to reach the other rooms faster, and it was accessible to him and the leader of the scientist unit.

He started to walk inside a narrow passage, after making the door behind is closed, and started to speak.

"The first reason, they talked a lot, making the bad guys hearing them. The second reason, they didn't shut their phones that rang in the wrong moment and attracted the attention of the bad guys."

"But phones don't work here."

"Exactly, so shut the fu** up."

Upon hearing James remark, Roy shut his mouth up and stopped crying. In fact, his breaths became very low that it was hard to hear them.

James gave a satisfied nod upon the appreciated silence and walked forward while thinking of where to go. The most dangerous room is the most dangerous room. So the safest was the direction.

James knew it as the room where the last result of the experiment was kept. A serum that is under development, which allows people to surpass the boundaries of their DNA, and allows them to climb the food chain. Unfortunately, it's still under development.

Well, that doesn't matter. Since it was held as the room that serum is, it would be very protected since the responsible company always feared spies from other companies.

Taking Roy, James made his way there, through a narrow passage, and placed his hand on another wall, letting a secrete door open in the middle of the secured room.

This room, specifically, was made of the hardest metals, clean, and has some leaser traps here.

In the middle, red liquid injections were kept inside a glass box.

James lifted his head and nodded. Placing Roy on the ground, he silently made his steps in.

"Jiju, kolonako, mistarana," said a voice, in a creepy language, yet it was very close to the sound of a human.

James took a step back and looked to the edge of this room, standing next to the thick stainless steel gate, which seemed to have melted to the ground.

*Dum* *Dum*

Subconsciously, James placed his hand on his chest feeling that his heart beating loudly like a drum. He held his breath and let his eyes scan the room.

There, there was an alien, one of those who had invaded his place and came from that spaceship. Just looking at their huge shape, he could tell they were different from human.

From the outline of its body, James could guess it was 8 or 9 feet tall at least.

The alien was having its wrist close to its mouth, talking in an unknown language.

Its voice seemed to be close to the human, and a feminine above that.

It reached its helmet and put it down, revealing a long black hair that fell to its waist, light green skin, and seemed almost like a white person with a touch of green makeup. The shape of the armoured of the body was more like human's, with wide hips, slender long legs, and thin waist. On the chest area, there was a bulge.

It seems like a female, a curvy one above that, James thought.

The creature turned its eyes, seems like she sensed something.

As it seems, it looked like a woman, with red lips, a nose, ears like his, and black pupils.

She was like a human, except that the skin was a green light, and she seemed to be toned.

James already had taken steps silently, hiding behind a pillar while holding his breath, before the creature could notice his figure. The fact that she had eyes gave him hope to rely on blind spots here.

"Jingaro, monaka illa moto," said the alien.

'What the...'

Upon hearing her voice in that awkward language, James cursed in his heart as he tried his best to hold his breaths.

Biting his lower lip, his eyes swept around, looking for something to help him in this situation.

'come on, something,'

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