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Because You Are My World


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You will not find lots of mystery or very perfect characters here. This story is all about some ordinary highschool students with extraordinary family background. But who cares for family when all you want is to be a simple teenager. Alina Collins, daughter of the richest business tycoon– Charles Collins. So technically, a girl who is born with silver spoon. But life spares no one and Alina was no exception. She had a step mom who turned out to be very manipulative. But the girl wasn't a cindrella to bear with the evil step-mom. Her father who ruled the business world, seemed to be insanely fool to fall for the lies her step mom created. Now what? To hell with them! She don't need her father's money. Neither she need the revenge from her step mom, for all the mistreatment she had done with her. Because the world is big with full of opportunities. Her new journey started when she left her home to reside in an unknown city. Where she met lots of people, along with Max Smith, who became her world. Alina was cold-blooded and strict while Max was fun loving and Rule-breaker. If you have heard, Opposite attracts! Author's note:- English is not my first language, but that won't be my excuse for the mistakes I'll do in future. I can't guarantee for error-free read, but I promise I'll minimise my mistakes as much as I can. In this journey, my dear readers are free to give me any constructive criticisms. Happy Reading!


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