Because It's Our First Time Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Because It's Our First Time


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Hannee is a 22-year-old struggling millenials that are forced to comply to society's expectation of being successful. She works at a famous call center company that deals with credit cards and investment. Although it may seem like a normal job that pays well, but for Hannee, its a living hell. A constant stress and toxic working ethics that drove her on a verge of depression. There were times where she spend all her breaks looking into nothingness rethinking of how her life turned 180 degrees after she graduated. She knows that this is not what she dream growing up. However, life must goes on and she finally decided to quit her job. For the first time in her life, Hannee experience what it has to be living in a moment and experiencing so many firsts on her travel to finding her self and true love.