171 Yunru's decision

Xinyi was stunned to hear this sudden news. "E-engagement? Yunru and Zizi?"

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"Yes!" Soo Enlai's face brightened akin to the most shining star in the sky. "Hehe, I waited so long for this day and now, I can finally see my son getting settled too in his life."

She rapidly blinked her eyes and so was Zhiyuan shocked similarly.

Didn't Yunru say that he has a girlfriend? 

Xinyi asked, "This... have you talked to them?"

"It's a surprise for them!" He laughed. "Zizi isn't at home now. Elder Han and I decided to surprise her with this news as soon as she is back."

Zhiyuan slowly said, "But Dad, Yunru said that he has a girlfriend."

Soo Enlai widened his eyes and gasped. "That idiot lied to you too?"

"Lied?" Zhiyuan frowned.

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