167 Their first date (1)

Xinyi looked at him in surprise at first. "Dinner?"

Zhiyuan nodded. "Yes. A dinner."

She beamed. "Oh! That's a great idea. Let's go back and pick up Siying too."


Zhiyuan coughed hard. He could hardly blame her for assuming it to be a family dinner. After all, he never went anywhere alone with her as a couple. He felt as if to hit himself hard with no mercy.

Zhiyuan quickly caught her wrist. "No!"

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She stopped and looked at him questioningly.

He stared at her beautiful irises and smiled. "...It will be just the two of us. Siying won't be there."

Xinyi rapidly blinked her eyes and went in a daze as she realized it.

O-only the two of us? But that... doesn't that mean a d-date?


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