1 When he entered her life...

Lee Mia was a cheerful girl in her early teen years.

She was the oldest child in her family having a younger sister.

Has always been a responsible and well mannered girl, having a beautiful smile on her face all the time. She was everyone's favourite.

Every parent in their society would think that, she is the perfect child. Her mother and father were proud of her.

She loved going school. Every teacher would praise her to her parents whenever they meet them. Her life was as peaceful as her.



One day, at school, it was the music period when the homeroom teacher, Mrs. Jang entered the classroom with a boy on her side.

A boy, who wasn't wearing a uniform of the school.

He was a round faced boy with beautiful brown eyes. His cheeks were chubby and he was smiling.

The teacher told him to introduce himself.

He stood confidently. And without any hesitation, looking into everyone's eyes, he said, "Hello everyone. I am Kim Ray. I know I am transferred to this school in between the terms but I hope that we all get along well." And saying this he smiled brightly.

He looked everywhere in the classroom and suddenly smiled when he looked at Mia.

Mia startled. 'Huh?'

She had never seen him before, so why...why he was smiling at her.

Then he waved at her cheerfully, making everyone look behind and stare at her with puzzled expressions.

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